What is the importance of pronunciation for beginners?


I think there are many people who are super beginners in English and want to learn English conversation. To acquire English conversation, it is necessary to strengthen vocabulary, acquire grammatical knowledge, memorize conversational expressions, and acquire pronunciation.

Since there are many things to do, many people may be confused because they don't know what to start with. If you are new to English, what should you start with to become an English conversation master?

In this article, I will explain the importance of pronunciation in English conversation while touching on that point.

Learn pronunciation with online English conversation!

I will get into the main subject immediately, but if you are a super beginner in English, let's aim to learn pronunciation first. I will explain why it is recommended to start with pronunciation.

You can train your listening skills

The reason why it is recommended to start with pronunciation is that you can also improve your listening skills. Since English conversation is a catch ball of words with the other party, you must be able to hear what the other party is saying.

Many words that look the same in katakana have slightly different pronunciations in English. For example, bus and bath. If these are made into katakana, the Japanese will pronounce them in the same way, but the pronunciation of both words will be slightly different.

Moreover, the meanings of the words are completely different, so it is important to be able to clearly understand the difference in pronunciation between the two. The significance of learning pronunciation is that you must listen to what the other person is saying and pronounce it accurately so that the other person does not misunderstand it.

You can study vocabulary efficiently

The next possible reason is that you can study vocabulary efficiently. When studying vocabulary, you have to learn not only the spelling but also the pronunciation of the word.

At this time, if you remember the pronunciation of katakana reading, you will need to correct the pronunciation method later, which will be troublesome twice. Therefore, it is effective to learn the correct pronunciation at the same time as you increase your vocabulary.

English sounds more than Japanese

Another reason is that English sounds more than Japanese. As I explained earlier, there are many words that have the same pronunciation in katakana but have completely different pronunciations in English-speaking countries.

Behind this is the abundance of English sounds. For example, while there are only five vowels in Japanese, "a e i o u", in English there are four pronunciations for "a" alone. Compared to Japanese, the pronunciation is more detailed, so you have to learn these pronunciations well in order to master English conversation.

How to learn pronunciation

As you can see, pronunciation plays a very important role in English conversation, but how do you learn pronunciation? An effective way to learn pronunciation is to pronounce it under the guidance of a teacher and receive corrections.

Taking online English conversation is one of the easiest ways to receive it. Another effective method is to use Discovering Sounds.

In Discovering Sounds, not only the rules regarding pronunciation such as phonetic symbols, but also the pronunciation of each student is checked by the instructor and corrected to the correct pronunciation. If you want to learn English pronunciation, please consider using Discovering Sounds.

Summary: English super beginners are recommended to learn pronunciation through online English conversation! What is the importance of pronunciation?

How was it? The points of this article are:
・ It is important for beginners of English to aim to learn pronunciation first
・ You can train your listening skills by learning pronunciation
・ English sounds are much more than Japanese and must be learned・ It was
important to correct pronunciation under the guidance of an instructor through online English conversation
. If you want to learn English pronunciation well, please try the Discovering Sounds trial lesson first.