Required TOEIC score: working for a foreign-affiliated company


Many people are considering taking the TOEIC test because they are aiming to get a job or change jobs at a foreign-affiliated company. To work as a force at a foreign-affiliated company, you need more English than is required by a general company.

In this article, I will explain the possibility and difficulty of TOEIC for foreign-affiliated companies who want to know the score criteria that will appeal to them. We will also tell you what to do if your TOEIC score is low, so please refer to it as well.

Foreign-affiliated companies seeking English proficiency may cut off with TOEIC

Foreign-affiliated companies that require high English proficiency may be cut off by the TOEIC score at the time of document screening. This is because it is not uncommon for foreign-affiliated companies to have workplaces where their bosses and colleagues are not Japanese and all daily communication and exchange of materials are conducted in English. If everyone's level is high, the need for an outside interpreter at the meeting will not be considered.

In foreign-affiliated companies, English is not only used by some people involved in international business, but is a MUST requirement for all employees. Please note that some companies have a score that can be used as a guideline for cutting off, such as "○○ points or higher" in the application guidelines, while others do not.

TOEIC score you want to get when working for a foreign-affiliated company

What is the minimum score required to work for a foreign-affiliated company? Also, will it be appealing if it is more than a difficult point? Here, I will explain the TOEIC score you want to get when you work for a foreign-affiliated company.

700 points is the lowest line

If you want to work for a foreign-affiliated company, 700 points is the minimum line. The TOEIC score of 700 points corresponds to the quasi 1st grade level in Eiken. For the difficulty level, the score results of the examinees published by TOEIC will be helpful.

In the 279th test (average score 618.8 points) conducted in October 2021, 34.5% of the total scored 695 points or higher. It is a little higher than the average, and more than 30% of all examinees have achieved it, so even if you are not originally good at English, you can say that it is a score that you can aim for enough if you take measures.

In practice, if it is a routine work with a certain procedure, it is a level that can be handled without problems even in English. For general companies, if you have a TOEIC score of 700, you can hope for work in the international sector, but for foreign-affiliated companies, this is the lowest line.

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800-900 points are appealing points

If you have a score of about 800 to 900 points, it will appeal to foreign-affiliated companies. In Eiken, it corresponds to Eiken Level 1 to Level 1. In the 279th test, the percentage of those who got 795 points or more was 16.5%, and the percentage of those who got 845 points or more was 9.6%. It is necessary to take measures with enthusiasm to break into the top 10% of TOEIC test takers. Except for returnees, it can be said that it is quite difficult to achieve by yourself.

In practice, it is a level where you can communicate in English without any problems in internal and external communication regarding the work you are in charge of. In general, even foreign-affiliated companies have almost no fear of being cut off if they have 800 TOEIC scores. However, in a workplace where English is fully used, 800 to 900 points is a normal level, and in many cases it will not be a strength.

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Become a strength with 900 points or more

Foreign-affiliated companies have strengths of over 900 points. It corresponds to the most difficult level 1 in Eiken. Even in the 279th test, only 4.5% of the test takers got 895 points or more. However, foreign-affiliated companies will not be able to pay attention to the acquisition score until they reach this level.

In practice, it is a level that enables stable communication in English in all environments, including agenda items and developments of events that are not in charge. You can clearly express your intentions in English and perform advanced tasks such as strategy planning and decision making. In a foreign-affiliated company, it is necessary to have 900 points or more in order to be considered as "a person who is fluent in English" by any person.

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It is absolutely NG to lie with the TOEIC score!

No matter how much you want to accept it, never lie with your TOEIC score. Language lies are likely to be revealed and will cause deep damage to you. Know why lies in English are easy to find and the risks in that case.

Reason for barre

・ There is a contradiction in the interview
・ The score of the English test after joining the company is low
・ I can't use English in practice

At foreign-affiliated companies, it is highly likely that the interviewer is not Japanese, or that an in-house TOEIC test will be conducted after joining the company for the purpose of deciding the assignment. At that time, if you do not speak English or your score is significantly low, there will be a contradiction with the submitted score. Also, if you can't communicate in English in practice, people around you will ask you.

Risk when it gets caught

・ Cancellation of unofficial offer
, salary reduction, dismissal
, loss of trust

The application documents for the company are public and only the facts can be written. Entering a false score is considered a career fraud and may result in your offer being canceled, reduced or dismissed. Even if there is no personnel punishment, there is no doubt that you will lose the trust of those around you.

How to appeal when the TOEIC score is low

If you do not reach your target score even after trying, try to appeal by other means than the score. Specifically, there are three methods:

Write about work experience using English

In job hunting, in some cases, work experience is more important than the score. Especially in the workplace where immediate work force is required, the appeal of work experience using English is effective. For example, the point is to write as concretely as possible, including the content, such as communicating with English-speaking people and exchanging emails on a daily basis as a part-time job, and translating presentation materials.

You can also use your private experience. If you belong to an international exchange circle at a university and support international students in English, study abroad for a short period of time while you are still in school, or attend an English conversation class, let's appeal. However, private experience is less persuasive than work experience, so be sure to include how much English you have gained as a result.

Actively describe other skills

Proactively stating other skills required of working adults can be noticeable to interviewers. Skills that are useful in the business scene can be easily organized by dividing them into three categories: "technical skills" and "human skills" and "conceptual skills".

Technical skills are specialized knowledge and abilities that can be used in business. In addition to language skills, there are computer skills and legal knowledge, and information gathering skills on the Internet are also applicable. Human skills are interpersonal skills that enable you to build smooth relationships with others, such as communication skills, bargaining skills, and leadership. Conceptual skills are the ability to discern the essence of things, and refer to the logical thinking ability, problem-solving ability, multifaceted perspective, and applied ability that are required mainly by managers and above in an organization.

In either case, the point is to write in a concise and easy-to-understand manner. At that time, if you show the results using specific numerical values, it will be more persuasive.

Appeal that you are motivated to learn English

As long as you work for a foreign-affiliated company, you will not be able to avoid English. Even if you haven't reached your target score now, it's important to convey that you are motivated to learn English and that you are making efforts to do so, and to emphasize your future "growth".

For example, "I am currently learning English twice a week, and I am studying for XX hours every day to achieve a TOEIC score of XX." For those who are cross-legged on the ability of 800 points and those who are currently striving to get 900 points even if they have only 700 points, some interviewers may want to hire the latter not.