Teaching and learning materials for the English language!


"I want to study English, but what kind of teaching materials should I use?" "I don't know which one suits me because there are too many teaching materials." I think there are many people who have troubles.

In this article, we will introduce 36 recommended teaching materials that can solve such questions and worries. Not only reference books, but also apps, movies, and music are available in a wide range of genres! Choose the material that suits you best and learn English efficiently and enjoyably.

How to choose teaching materials for learning English

There are various types of English teaching materials. The ones that immediately come to mind are reference books and problem books. Many of them have been long-selling products for many years, and are characterized by their tightly packed essence of learning English. However, it is also true that the number of teaching materials other than paper-based materials is increasing. In particular, it is known that there are a wide variety of apps that specialize in learning English.

The advantage is that you can download the app to your smartphone and study anywhere. Many of them are free as well as paid versions, so you can save on teaching materials. As I will introduce in this article, movies, overseas dramas, Western music, etc. will be effective teaching materials for learning real English.

[Reference book] This teaching material is recommended for learning English!

First of all, I will introduce recommended reference books for each purpose, which skill you want to improve in English.

Recommended books for English words

It is important to improve your vocabulary when learning English. First, let's look at the recommended teaching materials for learning English words.

Efficiently learn words that are frequently asked in "order of appearance"!

A compact handy type, " English word target 1900 " that is perfect for learning travel time. The feature of this book is that the entrance exam questions are thoroughly analyzed and arranged in the order of appearance (question frequency order). In addition, for each word, one central meaning that is frequently asked in the entrance examination is posted in a large size, "one word one meaning" principle! It is recommended for people who want to learn words efficiently because it is not necessary to memorize many meanings at once.

In addition, it also features example sentences that include phrases and collocations related to headwords. By remembering these together, not only will you deepen your understanding of the headwords, but it will also be useful for English composition and long reading comprehension.

Recommended level Beginner-advanced
author Target editorial department
the publisher Obunsha
Price (tax included) 1,210 yen

You can get points in college entrance exams! Let's memorize words while imagining

The vocabulary " English word Stock4500 " that Masao Seki, who is famous as an English teacher, proposes "I can really remember" and "It will lead to points in college entrance exams ". We carefully select headwords by thoroughly analyzing the latest entrance examination trends as well as past entrance examination data. In addition to the basic 1645 words, there are 310 notable trend words and 200 latest trend words.

It is not just a memorization of words, but a focus on "how will the questions be asked?" In the actual entrance examination. It is divided into "grammar x words", "reading x words", and "4 skills x words", so you will be able to improve your overall English proficiency. In addition, all headwords have the author's comment "Memory Booster" to make it easier to remember. It has a reputation for being able to imagine words and being easy to remember.

Recommended level Beginner-advanced
author Masao Seki
the publisher Wen Ying Tang
Price (tax included) 1,100 yen

An introduction to the popular Kikutan series! Recommended for university entrance exam preparation

An introductory edition of the English word learning "Kikutan" series " Revised Kikutan [Entry] ". From 2000 basic English words, we carefully select and introduce 520 words that you want to keep as the basis for preparing for university entrance exams. This book is designed so that you can firmly acquire words by "writing". The retention rate is different from learning just by looking at it. The daily task is only 8 words, so you will be able to learn at a reasonable pace. Even if you proceed at this pace, you can complete one book in 13 weeks (65 days).

You can also check the native pronunciation on rhythmic music by using the included CD or voice download. Listening to the sound source is also perfect for learning travel time.

Recommended level Beginner to Intermediate
author ALC
the publisher ALC
Price (tax included) 1,540 yen

Recommended books for English grammar

English grammar is an important element required for all "reading," "writing," "speaking," and "listening." Here, we will introduce a reference book that will help you learn English grammar.

Learn English grammar firmly in 9 minutes of study time a day!

" Kiku English Grammar " is perfect for those who want to strengthen their English grammar for university entrance exams. This is a book that thoroughly analyzes the past questions of the 100 major universities and center exams and narrows down the questions to be asked in the actual exams. It is said that there are about 212 English grammars that are essential for university entrance exams, but it is said that you can study the contents reasonably in 7 weeks. The maximum study time per day is 9 minutes, and the shortest is 3 minutes.

It is recommended for people who do not have a lot of study time every day. In addition, this book is attractive not only for university entrance exams, but also for acquiring basic English skills that can be used when studying abroad or finding employment. Two CDs are included, so please use it for your listening and speaking practice.

Recommended level Beginner-advanced
author Takeshi Ichisugi
the publisher ALC
Price (tax included) 1,760 yen

This is a must-see for anyone who wants to take the entrance exam for a difficult university!

" Perspective view of English reading comprehension " is recommended for those who take the entrance exams for difficult universities such as the University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, MARCH, and Soukei. This book contains only the questions that were actually asked at these universities! Therefore, although the words, grammar, and English sentences that appear are very difficult, they have a good reputation for being easy to understand because they have detailed explanations.

There is a separate volume "Reintroduction to English Reading Comprehension", which briefly explains the structure of English such as SVOC. Learning the basics together will make it easier to understand. We deal with themes such as inversion, omission, and comparison that students are not good at, so if you overcome them, you can make a difference with other examinees.

Recommended level superior
author Shigeaki Shinoda, All Tamaki, Satoru Nakao
the publisher Kenkyusha
Price (tax included) 1,540 yen

One book that can master English grammar from junior high school to high school

As you can see in the title of the book, the reference book for English grammar that you want to pick up first is " Oiwa's First English Grammar [Super Basic Grammar] ". This is a book that allows you to study English grammar from junior high school level to high school basic level. It is explained in easy-to-understand words, so it is recommended for people who want to understand "why does it happen?" As well as solve the problem.

This book consists of example sentences, explanations, and questions at the end of the chapter. The number of questions is not so large, so it is a good idea to use it in combination with other questions. After solving a problem, not only confirming the correct answer, but also carefully reviewing why it is the answer will deepen your understanding. It is also recommended to read it to the extent that you can translate it into Japanese just by looking at the example sentences.

Recommended level primary
author Hideki Oiwa
the publisher Nagase
Price (tax included) 1,100 yen

Recommended books for reading

Especially in tests such as TOEIC and Eiken, reading that requires speed. Here are some recommended reference books to improve your reading skills.

From center exams to mid-career private university measures!

" Masao Seki's English Long Polaris (1 standard level) " that I definitely want to use for university entrance exams. This book is recommended for everything from center exams to mid-career private university measures. This book is written by Masao Seki, who is popular in the English world, and contains 12 carefully selected questions from entrance exam questions nationwide. Since all the example sentences are given at the forefront of the entrance exam, it will be able to handle a wide range of exams at any university.

All long sentences are accompanied by Dr. Seki's comment explaining "Why this English sentence is good". It also comes with a parsing that explains each sentence carefully, so you can practice reading carefully! It should be a strong ally for people who are not good at long sentences. In addition, you will learn frequently-used words that are unique to long reading comprehension, which are not listed in general vocabulary books.

Recommended level Intermediate to advanced
author Masao Seki
the publisher KADOKAWA
Price (tax included) 1,320 yen

Carefully explain the reading comprehension process! One book that understands "why"

Since its publication in 1993, " Pole Pole English Reading Comprehension Process 50 " is still a popular reference book. This book is suitable for those who aim for Soukei or MARCH. The examples that appear are a little difficult, so it is recommended that you learn basic words, grammar, and reading comprehension before working on them. As a guide, you should be able to read the long sentences of the center test without any problems.

This book contains 50 examples, each of which carefully explains "what process should be used for Japanese translation". First, translate the English text into Japanese on your own, and read and understand the commentary carefully. In addition, you can learn the tips of how to solve by reading the example sentences.

Recommended level Intermediate to advanced
author Kyoji Nishi
the publisher Yoyogi Library
Price (tax included) 833 yen

Get the ability to read accurately and quickly with slash reading

" University Entrance Examination English Long Text Hyper Training Level 1 Super Basic Edition " that carefully selected questions from past questions of high school entrance exams and easy private university entrance exams. It is a long-selling teaching material that has been popular with examinees for many years. It is attractive to be able to learn all the words, grammar, syntax, speed reading, careful reading, question solving methods, etc. necessary for long sentence measures in one book! It also explains how to read paragraphs so that you can read long sentences efficiently.

Each English sentence comes with a "syntax illustration" that allows you to visually understand the structure of the sentence. It is also recommended for people who cannot understand the English structure because it is difficult to understand. Also, by practicing slash reading, you will be able to understand English sentences in chunks. It will also be a training for careful reading and speed reading, and you will acquire the ability to read accurately and quickly.

Recommended level Beginner to Intermediate
author Tetsuya Yasukouchi
the publisher Kirihara Bookstore
Price (tax included) 1,485 yen

Recommended books for listening

Let's take a look at recommended teaching materials that even people who are not good at listening to English can continue.

The sound source is perfect for listening while traveling!

Since the first edition was published, it has been a long-selling book for nearly 20 years. Compared to the time when the first edition was published, the Internet and smartphones have become widespread, and the environment for learning English has changed significantly. This revised 3rd edition responds to such changes.

You can learn useful for the present age by introducing useful videos that can be used on the Internet and incorporating voice recognition by AI. However, the sound source of the "revised / new CD version", which has been well received so far, remains the same. The sound source can also be downloaded from the designated site, so please use your smartphone to listen to your travel time.

Recommended level Beginner-advanced
author Matsuzawa's preference
the publisher KADOKAWA
Price (tax included) 1,760 yen

Focus on sound in easy and slow English!

For those who are not good at listening, " Ultimate English Listening Vol.1 10,000 words at 1000 words level ". Only the first 1000 words of Standard Vocabulary List 1 are used in this book. These are also considered to be basic words in English, and only words at a level that even beginners in English know. There are many simple words, so you should be able to concentrate on listening.

In addition, the voice is slow speed of about 100 WPM (100 words per minute), so it is easy to hear. As you get used to it, you can speed it up and listen at a natural speed of 180 WPM or higher. English sentences of various scenes from daily conversation to travel English conversation are recorded, and it is also attractive that you can enjoy learning without getting tired.

Recommended level Beginner to Intermediate
author ALC English Publishing Editorial Department
the publisher ALC
Price (tax included) 1,870 yen

Get closer to the native ear with real English

" Listening Difficulty A + " that allows you to improve your listening skills by listening to native English. It is composed based on the sound source recorded in restaurants and parks near Seattle, USA. It is a sound source that interviews 38 Americans on the street, and it is characterized by being able to hear the speaking speed, accent, habit, etc. of each as it is.

Get used to your ears in real English, not in English designed for teaching materials. Since one interview is as short as 1 to 2 minutes, it is also an advantage to listen to it using the gap time. The sound source has a "quick back" function that allows you to go back 3 seconds, making it ideal for re-listening to parts that you couldn't hear. As your ears get used to it, try shadowing and dictation.

Recommended level superior
author Eve Rosen Bloom
the publisher Lint
Price (tax included) 1,650 yen

Recommended books for speaking

Speaking is difficult to improve, but I want to be able to speak in public without being shy. Here are some recommended reference books for improving your speaking ability.

English comes out of my mouth! ?? "Momentary English composition"

For those who have difficulty speaking English, "Momentary English Composition Training for Speaking More and More" is recommended. Momentary English composition is an instant English composition using simple English at the junior high school level. By training using this book, he says, "I can make an English circuit in my head." No matter how many English expressions you know, it doesn't make sense unless you can actually use them.

In this teaching material, you will practice making English sentences for each English sentence pattern. First, check Japanese, and immediately speak English without thinking about difficult things. At this time, it's OK to speak in English, which seems too easy. Speed and quantity are important. Unlike learning to memorize example sentences, you should be able to acquire the speaking ability to speak English in any situation.

Recommended level Beginner-advanced
author Yosuke Morisawa
the publisher Beret Publishing
Price (tax included) 1,980 yen

Acquire 180 phrases essential in the business scene

Recommended for those who want to improve their business English conversation, " The most frequently used English conversation in business ". Contains 180 phrases that are essential in the business scene. It is easy to use because it is composed of short dialogs so that even beginners of business English can easily understand it! If you learn the phrases in this book, you will be able to handle any business situation.

In addition, the dialog also introduces commonly used expressions other than key phrases. If you master them together, you will be able to have more in-depth conversations. In business, it is important to convey your opinion to the other party. It will be an option for those who want to acquire practical English.

Recommended level Beginner-advanced
author Kozue Matsui
the publisher J Research Publishing
Price (tax included) 1,760 yen

Speaking materials that you can enjoy learning with 4-panel comics

" Capture with 4-frame manga! English speaking " to acquire the ability to explain in English. It is a teaching material that greatly improves the ability to explain situations and depictions that Japanese people are not good at. You can train all 100 episodes with 4-panel comics, so it is also attractive to have fun while learning. Real episodes of daily life such as "trouble", "misunderstanding", and "failure story" are taken up, and you can acquire speaking ability that can be used in practice.

Includes example sentences that hold down the acupoints, with expressions and proverbs that are unfamiliar to Japanese people. It is also perfect for preparing for the Eiken secondary exam and the TOEIC speaking exam.

Recommended level Beginner-advanced
author Hideo Mori
the publisher DHC
Price (tax included) 2,200 yen

Recommended books for writing

Even if you can read English, many people will find it difficult to write. Practice is required to improve your writing skills! Here, we will introduce the recommended teaching materials for writing.

Improve your writing skills by learning natural English expressions!

Recommended for those who want to write "English-like sentences", " English" I see! "Writing " is a book that holds down the weak points of writing that Japanese people tend to fall into. This book consists of three parts: "Sentence assembly", "English-like expressions", and "Cohesive sentences". We carefully selected 15 points that you get lost in writing, and carefully explain each one. Ambiguous expressions that are often seen in Japanese will be able to be converted into English that seems to be English.

In this book, it is stated that Clear (being clear), Concrete (being concrete), and Confident (being confident) are necessary for the transmitted English text. By focusing on the points and practicing, you can improve your writing skills efficiently.

Recommended level Beginner to Intermediate
author Kazuko Toda, Deborah Iwabuchi
the publisher Kodansha International
Price (tax included) 1,980 yen

Recommended for those who want to write English sentences with accurate grammar

" Illustrated Japanese-English translation textbook " that states that "you will be able to write natural English sentences ." Recommended for those who have basic English proficiency, want to be able to write and speak with more accurate grammar, and want to acquire natural expressiveness. The feature of this book is that you can learn how to use grammar and vocabulary accurately. In addition, we mainly introduce colloquial expressions that can be used in conversation, not written words.

It is a nice point to be able to use it in practice immediately because you can learn the expressions that natives use on a daily basis. In addition, it is also attractive to explain how to use American English and British English properly. Please use it for Eiken and TOEIC measures.

Recommended level Intermediate to advanced
author Hiroshi Ogura
the publisher Place
Price (tax included) 1,980 yen

Detailed explanation is attractive! Easy to understand with interactive teaching materials

" [Mandatory] English Writing Training " published by Z-kai, which is famous for correspondence correction. This is a reference book composed by making use of abundant examples of incorrect answers in correspondence education. This book uses the style of correcting student answers. Contains 100 examples and explains important points in English composition. The tips for Japanese-English translation are summarized in 50 rules.

It is a dialogue format between students and teachers, and it is attractive that it explains "why it happens" in detail and carefully. Let's study while understanding each item firmly. The point is that it is explained from the perspective of both American and British instructors. All the example sentences can be downloaded, so it is also recommended for listening comprehension.

Recommended level Beginner to Intermediate
author Z Club Editing Department
the publisher Z will
Price (tax included) 1,320 yen

[App] This teaching material is recommended for learning English!

There are so many types of apps that specialize in learning English. If you don't know which one to choose, please refer to it.

An app that allows children to learn to learn their native language

"Duolingo" trains the four English skills of "reading," "listening," "writing," and "speaking." All the contents can be used for free, and it is attractive to learn while having fun like a game. This app uses an approach called "implicit learning". The feature is that children can learn to learn their mother tongue naturally.

Another advantage is that you can take personalized lessons by carefully analyzing millions of data. You will be able to study as if you were taking one-on-one lessons. With the "Story" function, you will learn English expressions that you can actually use through native daily conversation. Let's challenge not only speaking but also listening comprehension, reading comprehension, English composition, etc. to improve your English proficiency comprehensively.

"Duolingo-Listening and Practicing Words in English / Korean" Apple Store
"Learning English with Duolingo-Language Learning App for Learning Listening and Conversation Like a Game" Google Play

An app that allows you to learn 15,000 words for different purposes

"Mikan" is an English word app that allows you to learn 15,000 words for free. The point is that you can learn words according to purpose, such as TOEIC, business English, junior high school English, and university entrance exams. The usage is very simple, just select the Japanese that matches the English words. There are 4 answers. All recorded words have native pronunciation. Please use it for listening measures.

Also, what you want to pay attention to in this app is a convenient review function. You can classify the words you have learned once into "perfect", "almost remembered", "remembered", and "not good", and you can check how much you have learned during the review. The free version is also substantial, but the paid version "mikan PRO" with more convenient functions is also recommended. You can also graph your learning history, which is useful for motivating you to study.

"English word app mikan" Apple Store
"English word app mikan-learning English like a game! Preparation for entrance exams and TOEIC" Google Play

You can practice practical English conversation with AI!

"TerraTalk" is an application that AI analyzes the areas that users are not good at. It is a popular app that is also used in schools and cram schools nationwide. We practice conversation with AI, so it is recommended for people who are embarrassed to speak English in public! Even if you make a mistake, you can practice without worrying about being an AI partner. In particular, the curriculum focuses on "speaking" and "listening", so it is well-known for its practical English conversation skills.

TerraTalk is also attractive because it has more than 60 rich courses. You can choose the level that suits you, so you can study efficiently and reasonably. This app is charged, but there is also a free plan that you can use for free for 31 days. If you want to check the contents of the app first, we recommend starting the free plan.

You can adjust the voice speed according to your level!

"Listening Hacker Pro" is a power-up version of "Listening Hacker" released in 2015. The previous version had 90 questions, but the Pro version has increased to 210 questions. It is a mechanism to train "six rules of voice change" by utilizing both "basic mode" and "test mode".

After solving the drill-type problem in basic mode and understanding the pattern, let's check the listening in the subsequent test mode. All example sentences have Japanese translations and explanations. The voice speed can also be adjusted, so it is attractive to be able to study according to your level.

Even if you can't hear native conversations on a daily basis, it's an app that can improve your listening skills efficiently in a short period of time.

An app that allows you to listen to NHK's language courses "whole"

"NHK Gogaku Language Course" provided by the NHK language program portal site "NHK Gogaku". Even if you can't watch a radio program that has a fixed time, it's nice to be able to continue without difficulty. You can listen to all the language courses being broadcast on NHK Radio 2.

There are two quizzes, a basic quiz and an applied quiz, for the "word master" that is also recommended for gap time. Exercises are accompanied by explanations, so you can study without memorizing. Let's also try the weekly test and monthly test that you can challenge like a game.

There is also a gradebook where you can check the study time and study status, and you can get badges according to the grades of quizzes and tests. It is full of ideas to keep your learning motivation.

[Movies / Dramas] This teaching material is recommended for learning English!

For those who want to learn real conversations in everyday life, we recommend movies and dramas where you can learn live English! Here, we will introduce 5 carefully selected works.

Inspired by the struggle of the English-speaking hero

"The Terminal" is an American movie screened in 2004. Directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Hanks. The hero who doesn't speak English decides to live there at the airport in New York. It is a drama that deepens exchanges with people at the airport.

In the movie, the main character cannot speak English, so there are scenes where very simple phrases are used in the dialogue. If you have some basic English proficiency, there will be some lines that you can hear along the way.

Also, the recommended point of this movie is that the main character will be able to speak English, so he will try various things. Actively talk to people in the airport, get books and study English until midnight. You will be able to speak English more and more, so you will surely be inspired.

Enjoy learning English with good-tempo conversations with toys!

"Toy Story" is a Disney work released in 1995. The fun story development with unique toys is attractive, and there are also moving scenes such as encounters and farewells. It's a movie that not only children but also adults can enjoy.

There are many words and phrases that appear in this work that can be used in everyday conversation, and it is a nice point to be able to acquire native everyday expressions that are not learned at school. It's fun to interact with characters like humans, and you can enjoy learning English.

One of the highlights is that there are many conversations using junior high school level phrases and many jokes come out! You'll want to use it right away in a hands-on conversation.

A lot of conversations that can be used in daily life even though it is a science fiction movie!

"Back to the Future" directed by Steven Spielberg is a movie released in 1985. A science fiction story about a high school student who goes back to the past with a doctor who invented the time machine. Generally, science fiction works are not for beginners in English because many specialized terms appear, but this work is characterized by many daily conversations of the main character.

Most of the conversations are with family and friends, so it's relatively easy to hear. However, the English of the doctor who develops the time machine may be difficult to hear due to the unique intonation. It is a rare movie where you can learn everyday conversation while enjoying the science fiction world.

It is also recommended to watch it together with "Back to the Future PART2" released in 1989 and "Back to the Future PART3" released in 1990.

Work in love! Improve your English with real everyday conversations!

The popular drama "Friends", which depicts the communal life of six men and women living in Manhattan. A comedy work that covers familiar topics such as romance and work. The reason why Friends are good at learning English is that they have a lot of everyday conversation phrases. Real English used by Americans will fly around, so you will learn a lot of phrases in each situation.

There are many stories that complete one episode, and it is also an advantage that each episode is as short as about 20 minutes. It's difficult to maintain concentration for a long time, but it seems that you can continue for about 20 minutes. If you download it to your smartphone using the video distribution service, you can watch it during your travel time.

It is also recommended that you can experience American culture such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and weddings.

Understand the background of diverse English and American culture

"Modern Family" is a comedy human drama depicting various family images such as gay couples, yearly marriages and adoptions. While focusing on the issues of each family, you will enjoy learning with a comedy-like, fast-paced storyline.

Like Friends, this drama is also characterized by a short episode of about 20 minutes. The advantage is that you can easily watch it when you think of it. There are many conversation scenes, especially daily conversations. The characters are of various ages and nationalities, and you can listen to various English such as Spanish accents.

In actual English conversation, you don't always come into contact with clean standard English. By touching on English that is a little quirky, you will be able to handle a variety of English.

[Music] This teaching material is recommended for learning English!

If it's the music of your favorite artist, you'll be more motivated to learn English! Let's incorporate Western music into learning English.

"The Beatles" with many songs using simple phrases

The world-famous British 4-member band "The Beatles". After making his debut in 1962, he has enthusiastic fans all over the world and has had a great influence on many people. The reason Beatles songs are good for learning English is that they only have simple words.

If you know middle school level words and phrases, you will understand most songs. The lyrics have many universal contents such as a view of life and a view of love, and they have a charm that will not fade in any age. Another feature is that the time per song is short. Perfect for listening over and over again.

Recommended songs for learning English
・ Hello, Goodbye
・ Penny Lane
・ I Want to Hold Your Hand
・ Help! Such

Easy-to-understand English is perfect for learning! "Taylor Swift"

America's leading diva "Taylor Swift". She is a talented person who has won many Grammy Awards and Best Album Awards. She has a lot of enthusiastic fans in Japan because of her emotional melody and lyrics, and her cute looks. Generally speaking, English lyrics are hard to hear when it comes to songs, but her English is easy to hear, so she is perfect for learning English!

As you listen to it over and over again, you will naturally hum. Many of her songs have a love theme, and many women in particular should be able to sympathize with them. It is recommended to choose a song that sings a sad heartbreak or a song that actively approaches the boys you care about, depending on your mood.

Recommended songs for learning English
・ You Belong With Me
・ Mine
・ We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
・ Shake It Off etc.

"Bruno Mars" with simple phrases and beautiful pronunciation

Hawaiian singer-songwriter "Bruno Mars" made his debut at the age of 25. Her album is known as her talented singer, having reached the top of the charts and won a Grammy Award. Her songs, which incorporate various genres of music, have a reputation for the beauty of the melody, and will catch the hearts of her fans all over the world.

The characteristic of his song is that the lyrics are very simple. I can understand enough in junior high school level English. Since it is simple English, it is easy to pay attention to changes in English sounds such as liaison. Many songs have a slow tempo and are suitable for beginners learning English. In addition, the pronunciation is beautiful, so it is easy to hear, and the tempo at which the body naturally begins to dance is also attractive.

Recommended songs for learning English
・ Just The Way You Are
・ Grenade
・ The Lazy Song etc.

Motivate yourself with cute songs that tickle the hearts of women! "Katy Perry"

Originally from California, Katy Perry is a singer-songwriter who made her debut in 2001. In her childhood, her music, which was her starting point, was gospel, but she then turned to pop music. Her music is of course attracting attention as a fashion icon with her outstanding taste.

Her songs are characterized by a very cute melody. Many of the lyrics are something that women can sympathize with, and all of them are songs that you just want to imitate and sing. The advantage of incorporating her music into learning English is that you can acquire pronunciation and intonation.

As you imitate the singing style of your favorite singer, you will naturally acquire the rhythm of English. Another advantage is that if you like a song, you will be more motivated.

Recommended songs for learning English
, Roar
, Dark horse
, Part of me, etc.

"Justin Bieber" for those who want to learn slang and real English

"Justin Bieber" is a Canadian pop musician and singer-songwriter. He is also active as an actor and has a multi-talented talent. He was unearthed while doing music on You Tube and made his big debut.

Difficult words are not often used in his songs, so even middle school level English can understand the lyrics. However, listening to the sound and visually understanding the English text are different. First of all, it will be easier to hear if you check the lyrics and then listen to the song.

The lyrics also include slang that is used in everyday conversation. It is also recommended for those who want to learn real English for the younger generation.

Recommended songs for learning English
・ Love Yourself
・ What do you mean?
・ Sorry etc.

What kind of teaching materials are recommended for children?

If you start learning English as a young child, it will be easier for you to learn more natural English. Here, let's take a look at recommended teaching materials that children can enjoy learning.

Popular teaching materials that can be used habitually for a long time from infants to elementary school students

English teaching materials that can be used for a long time from infants to elementary school students "Pen talks! Eigo Ejiten Premium Set ”. It is a gorgeous set of "Baby & Kids Eigo Ejiten 500 & 22 SONGS 3rd Edition" and "Shogaku Eigo Ejiten 800 3rd Edition". Even small children can enjoy learning English words and pronunciations by singing. There is also a workbook that supports elementary school English, so it is ideal as a gift for admission and admission.

You can learn English intuitively, so you can enjoy learning as if you were playing a game. This teaching material is supervised by two experts who have been involved in English education for many years, and it is a nice point to hold down the points of learning English. Choose the item you want to use according to your child's age, English level, and interests.

Learn English naturally with fun stories and songs!

"Goomies and Pinkfong DVD Volume 4 Set" is a teaching material that allows you to learn English with cute characters. Four DVDs are now available as a set and can be purchased at a great price. Children are also curious about the teaching materials composed of animations and songs! As you enjoy watching and imitating, you will naturally acquire English. One episode is as short as about 3 minutes, so it's perfect for small children who don't have the ability to concentrate.

Contains 15 world-famous stories such as Snow White, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, and Pinocchio
. It is a device that does not get tired of developing the story and the song at the same time. In addition, 56 English songs that "Phonics (rules of English pronunciation)" can be learned naturally are recorded. While singing, you will enjoy learning pronunciation rules. The total video time is 315 minutes, which is a very satisfying volume.

Develop the ability to "listen" with audio flow and online lessons

"Palkids Preschooler" for infants to first graders. This teaching material consists of English audio "flowing" and "online lessons". Just play English voice for 90 minutes a day. It is the role of the dad and mom to switch on the sound source, so it is an advantage that it is easy to continue every day even if you are busy. It can be used as a substitute for BGM at breakfast, dinner, and when children are playing alone.

Also, online lessons are only 3 minutes a day. The short lesson time allows children to learn without getting bored. The lesson is designed so that you can touch the screen with your finger and it's easy to work on. The study period is two years, but no lessons are the same during that period. It is a long-selling teaching material that has been loved for over 30 years.


You learned that you can study with various types of teaching materials in addition to the conventional reference books and problem books. First of all, set the purpose of learning English firmly and choose the material that suits your level. If it's too difficult, you'll be frustrated, and if it's too easy, it won't help you improve your English.

It is also important to choose the one that is easy for you to use, not to mention the content. Choose materials that you feel are easy to use so that you can continue learning.