Business English Email-Body


Learn about the body in the general structure of business emails written in English.

The general structure of business emails written in English is Salutation, Greeting, Body, and Conclusion and Closing.

QUIZMr. Aoyama will write an email to ABC Corporation in English. This is the first time we have sent an e-mail to ABC Corporation, and we will send it to the e-mail address of the inquiry window posted on the homepage.
Which is the most appropriate text for greetings and greetings?

  • THE. We saw your homepage and are interested in learning more about your software solutions and services. Could you please send us some information on your software packages E-Learning Power and E-Learning Super?
  • B.Regarding our next meeting, I would like to change the time from 1:00 to 2:00. If this is possible, could you please let me know?
  • C.I want some info. Send it to me.
  • D.I am writing to remind everyone working in the East Building to park their cars in the public parking garage located on East Street. Please do not park on the street.

Correct answer A

Generally, when contacting the company for the first time in business, the body of the email describes the requirements after stating the reason for sending the email.
In this option, the reason for sending an e-mail is "I was interested in seeing your product on the homepage" and then "I want to know more about software and services, so please send me that information". I am making a request.

Explanation of other options

B: It is unlikely that you would give the content "I want to change the meeting schedule" to someone I don't know, so it is not suitable in this case.

C: The expression is direct and lacks politeness when used in the business scene. Also, what kind of information you want to send is ambiguous, and it is not appropriate content.

D: Not suitable for this situation due to reminders about parking lots.

Let's Practice! Let's combine to complete the main sentence

Please select the requirement from a to e that best suits the reason and background (1 to 5) of sending the email.

  • 1. I saw your advertisement in the newspaper. I am interested in business-class flights to New York in July.
  • two. We need to make new company pamphlets and business cards.
  • 3. We saw your homepage and are interested in your cleaning products.
  • 4. We are looking for an office space interior designer.
  • 5. We are thinking about ordering some office supplies.
  • a. Could we please arrange a meeting with your design team to discuss our needs?
  • b. Could you please send us an estimate for 100 units of ABC Super Cleaner and 50 units of ABC-100?
  • c. Could you please send us a 2010 office supplies catalog?
  • d. Could you please tell us your prices for printing both?
  • e. Could I please receive some information on dates and prices for business-class tickets?
1-e, 2-d, 3-b, 4-a, 5-c