8 English idioms to say you are happy


In English, almost all phraseological units can be divided into categories: idioms with flowers, animals, numbers, phrases about food, work, etc. Such a classification can be found on most sites about learning English. However, phraseological units about feelings and emotions are not so common on educational resources. Why? There are few of them, and it is always easier to choose specific words than to try to express yourself descriptively. We decided to correct this situation. Here are 8 English idioms that will help you express happiness and joy.

Table. Expressions in English about happiness



Have a whale of a time - have fun, enjoy your time

I had a whale of a time shopping on 5th Avenue! - I had a great time shopping on 5th Avenue.

On cloud nine - in seventh heaven

I thought I was going to fail my English test, but I got an A! I'm on cloud 9 today. - I thought I would fail my English exam, but I got an "excellent"! Today I'm in seventh heaven!

On top of the world - in seventh heaven

Cameron just got a scholarship to study English for six months in London. He's really on top of the world! - Cameron recently received a scholarship to study English for 6 months in London. He is really beside himself with happiness!

Tickled pink - delighted, in seventh heaven

I'm tickled pink that you remembered that today is my birthday! - I'm so pleased that you remember that today is my birthday!

Over the moon - in seventh heaven

We would be over the moon if we won the lottery. - We would be in seventh heaven if we won the lottery.

In seventh heaven - in the seventh heaven

Jenna is always in seventh heaven when she eats good chocolate ice cream. - Jenna is always on top of bliss when there is delicious chocolate cream.

Happy as a clam - happy as a gopher

Look at that big smile on your face, you look as happy as a clam ! Just look at the big smile on your face! You look happy as a gopher!

Buzzing - on the rise, in high spirits

He's been buzzing ever since he passed the TOEFL exam. - He's been beside himself with happiness ever since he passed the TOEFL.