Record your own voice and English conversation lessons


Have you ever recorded your own English? You may find it embarrassing to hear your own voice. However, listening to the recorded voice has various merits, such as being able to listen to your own English objectively and correcting pronunciation. Therefore, this time we will introduce a recording app that is useful for learning English. The second half of the article also explains how to use the recording app for online English conversation, so please refer to it!

Benefits of recording your own voice with the app

What are the benefits of recording your own voice? Let's look at the following two benefits.

You can objectively evaluate your English

When speaking English, do various things in your head, such as "Is this the word?", "Because the subject is She, you have to add the S of the triad", "Is the tense the past tense? The present perfect tense?" thinking about. Therefore, I cannot calmly evaluate my English. In order to improve your English conversation skills, you need to constantly look back on your English and continue to improve. You can find your improvement by recording what you are speaking English.

You should be able to see a lot of improvements that you wouldn't notice unless you recorded, such as "I can't pronounce L and R", "I'm separated in strange places", and "I get nervous when I'm nervous". You can become a better English speaker by solving these problems one by one.

Can force pronunciation

Ideally, you should have a native teacher teach you how to pronounce it, but you don't have the money or time to do it! There should be many people who say that. It is recommended to use the app to force pronunciation for such people. With the app, you can force pronunciation without spending money and without being bound by time or place.

Recent apps have a function to automatically record the user's voice, a function to check whether the pronunciation is accurate, and a function to measure the accuracy of intonation. You can also compare your pronunciation with the pronunciation of the model with one tap. Practice repeatedly until your pronunciation is the same as the model. You can aim for native pronunciation with just the app.

English learning app with recording function

From here, we will introduce 6 English learning apps that have a recording function. Choose the app that suits you!

Study Supplement ENGLISH (New Daily English Conversation Course)

In Study Supplement ENGLISH (New Daily English Conversation Course), you will learn English using drama-style lessons. The most recommended function is "Lead & Lookup". Lead & Lookup is a training in which you read an English phrase and then take your eyes off the phrase and read it aloud. The read voice is automatically recorded, and it is judged as "Nice try", "Good", "Excellent", etc. according to the accuracy of pronunciation. You can also compare the pronunciation of the model with your own pronunciation.

By doing this training, you will acquire the ability to speak English and correct pronunciation on a sentence-by-sentence basis. The study supplement ENGLISH (New Daily English Conversation Course) is equipped with many other functions to improve your English conversation skills, such as commentary videos and word checks.

Real English conversation

Real English Conversation is recommended for those who want to learn English phrases often used by native speakers. This app contains over 3000 English phrases by situation. The feature is that there are many casual phrases that are used by friends, rather than the rigid phrases that appear in textbooks.

After learning a phrase to some extent, you can check the degree of mastery of the phrase in Speaking PRO on the Learning tab. Let's translate the Japanese that appears at the top of the screen into English and speak out. Then, it will check if you can pronounce it correctly. Try again and again until you can pronounce it correctly. It is a recommended app that you can train your pronunciation while learning English phrases.

Dr. Pronunciation

Dr. Pronunciation is an app that allows you to practice pronunciation. It's simple to use and very easy to use. First, select the word you want to practice pronunciation. When selected, a model voice will be played and phonetic symbols will be displayed. Press the start button and try to pronounce it like a model. When you pronounce it, the app will judge the accuracy of the pronunciation. Scores such as 40 points, 80 points, 100 points, etc. are displayed at the bottom left of the screen.

Also, since your pronunciation is displayed as a phonetic symbol, there is an advantage that you can check in detail which sound was wrong. Some features are free to use, but you will have to pay to use all of them.

ELSA Speak

ELSA Speak is a pronunciation-specific app developed in San Francisco, USA. It is a very popular app not only in Japan but all over the world, and it is said that it has about 7 million users.

In this app, you will first take an evaluation test. Based on the test results, the app will suggest a learning plan that suits you. It is possible to practice pronunciation not only for each word but also for each phrase. By practicing pronunciation in phrase units, you can also practice intonation and linking when words are connected.

Another advantage of ELSA Speak is that you can get detailed feedback on pronunciation.

Say it! English Pronunciation

Say it! English Pronunciation is a recommended app for those who want to learn English pronunciation. Many apps use American pronunciation, but in this app the model pronunciation is British pronunciation.

It's simple to use, just select the word you want to learn pronunciation and pronounce it. The pronunciation of the model and your own pronunciation are displayed in wavelength, and the accent part is covered with a yellow band. Also, by tracing the wavelength with your finger, the sound is played back at a low speed, which has the advantage of being easy to review.


Otter is an application that converts English voice into characters. The accuracy of voice recognition is high, and when you give a speech such as TED, it will read almost all words accurately. Therefore, it is possible to create scripts for podcasts and YouTube videos without scripts.

As long as you have a script, you can do various training such as careful reading and shadowing. In addition, the playback speed of the recorded audio can be adjusted in 8 steps, so if you cannot hear it, you can reduce the playback speed.

Take advantage of the recording app for online English conversation

The recording app is also useful when taking online English lessons. From here, I will explain the advantages of using the recording app and how to use it.

Benefits of using a recording app for online English conversation

Have you ever wondered, "Did you say a teacher at that time?" After taking an online English lesson? Even if you can understand what the teacher said, it is difficult to hear each word. If you record the content of the lesson, you can review the phrases and expressions used by the teacher after the lesson.

Also, since I can calmly review what I said later, I should have said more, let's try using a different expression this time, there were too many fillers (connecting words), etc. Should come out. In fact, many of the students who have realized the effects of EnglishPhonetics record the audio of the lesson with the permission of the teacher and use it for review.

How to record lessons in online English conversation

From here, I will explain in detail how to record lessons and use them for review. The app to use is the app called Otter introduced earlier. If you use this app, you can record and convert what the teacher said and what you said. When you take a lesson, you can understand what the teacher is saying, but sometimes you don't understand it perfectly. In such a case, use Otter to translate the conversation content into text, and read it slowly later to review it.

You can also check if you are pronouncing English correctly. If the English you speak is correctly transcribed, you are speaking with the correct pronunciation. If the voice is not recognized correctly, it means that the pronunciation is incorrect. Otter has an app version and a web version, so if you want to have online English conversation with the app, use the web version of Otter, and if you want to have online English conversation with the web, use the app version of Otter to record.