How can I improve my English listening?


You can say, "The best way to improve your English listening is to study pronunciation!"

"I'm watching Western movies and dramas, but it doesn't grow easily."

I think many people are studying because it is a Western movie or an English drama in order to improve listening.

However, even if I look at it, "I can't understand what I'm saying at all" "I don't understand, so I don't feel like growing"

There are many people who are worried.

So, in this article, I would like to introduce "How can I improve my English listening?"

"Does watching Western movies and dramas improve your listening?"

The question is, but it is difficult for beginners to make Western movies suddenly.

If you are an intermediate person, if you concentrate on listening for a certain period of time every day, it will grow to some extent.

You can't just listen and look at it.

Try to "concentrate to hear the sound and write down the words and sentences you hear."

Then, you will be able to hear what you wrote down and remembered from the next time.

I think you will lose your concentration in about 30 minutes, so don't spend too much time and decide how long you can continue every day.

The sentences and words you write down are not always the correct answers. Some of the sounds are changing and you can hear them connected.

In such a case, try to " look up the dictionary from one end". In such cases, it is not an online dictionary, but

Traditional paper dictionaries are useful. For example, there is an idiom "as a matter of fact".

This sounded like "Azamatara Fark" when I heard it when I was a beginner.

It was a time when I didn't know anything about the sounds that were omitted yet. At this time, only matter was confident, so

I searched all the idioms of matter. I found it in the dictionary right away, but this is no matter how many years have passed since then.

It's something I'll never forget. It's a steady process, but just watching and listening doesn't improve your listening comprehension.

At first, "the work of focusing on what you can see and writing down what you can hear" is necessary.

The drama I would like to recommend is the American soap opera. Speaking of daytime melody in Japan

The story is very simple. It consists of conversations that you use every day.

Moreover, American soap opera is easier to understand than TV dramas in my experience.

Unfortunately, I can't watch the daytime melody I would like to recommend in Japan.

My recommended title is "The Bold and the Beautiful".

It's a drama about love and business that is really muddy, and common stories such as betrayal continue endlessly.

Next to the daytime melody, the easiest to hear is a TV drama with a story about love or everyday life.

The classics are "Friends" and "Big Bang Theory".

Movies have fast conversations and are difficult to hear at first. It would be better not to enter from the movie, but to enter from the TV drama.

I'm often asked, "I'm more interested in your favorite theme or genre, so maybe I'll continue?"

If it doesn't suit your level of English, you won't be able to continue even if you look at it.

"Is it possible to improve listening by focusing on watching TV dramas, writing down, and doing that?"

Suppose you've been watching a TV drama all the time, using the method I introduced earlier.

I think you will be able to hear it to some extent, but that alone will never improve.

When it comes to sentences in English, sound abbreviations occur.

As a result, it comes into your ears with a sound different from the words you know, causing inaudible phenomena.

I think that the students who took up to the second grade of our school have improved their listening considerably because they study this abbreviation.

Then you will be asked the question, " How do you study abbreviation?"

If you are a student of our school, I can tell you that you can study if you can do up to the second grade.

However, some people do not plan to take the second grade, and some are not students of our school.

Then, how to study is "to study the rules such as linking reduction first".

With this information, you can search online, and there are various books. If you don't know this basic pronunciation rule,

I can't pronounce it myself, and I can't hear it.

If you study the basic pronunciation rules, you will be able to hear them more than ever.

Linking reduction is not the only pronunciation rule.

There are also "assimilation" and "abbreviation", and it is also necessary to study changes in sounds such as short vowels and weakly read articles in sentences.

In other words, if you don't study various pronunciations at the same time, you can't improve your whole listening.

If you are a beginner, let's start with the pronunciation rules. After wearing the rules firmly,

It's a good idea to start studying by watching a drama.

Another thing I would like to recommend is an app called "Red Kiwi".

This app dictates by watching videos excerpted for about 1 minute from various dramas, etc.

It has a function to pronounce in the same way and record and listen to your own voice.

It takes about 1 to 2 minutes, but you can select the video that suits your level, so start with the basic video.

How about trying it for the first time? You will be able to train both listening and speaking.

In this article, I introduced the question, " How can I improve my English listening?"