Information on Business English Pronunciation Correction Program


Some people who want to master English pronunciation may be in a situation where they have to use English in business.

Many of our students also need English for their work.

Discovering Sounds has been receiving requests for some time,

We have prepared a "Business English Pronunciation Correction Program" where you can take pronunciation lessons specialized in Business English!

In this article, I will explain why Business English requires pronunciation correction
and introduce this "Business English Pronunciation Correction Program"!

About the importance of pronunciation in Business English

It is easy to think that what is necessary for business English is the construction of the vocabulary required in the business scene, but that alone will not improve business English.

Of course, it is important to remember the words that are often used in business.
However, in the business scene, communication skills are required anyway.

No matter how much you remember a word, if you can't hear and understand the other person's request or suggestion accurately, the negotiation and presentation will not go smoothly.
Pronunciation correction is indispensable for the smooth progress of the most important "communication".

Here, I will explain the reason why it is necessary to correct pronunciation in the business scene by dividing it into three points.

(1) Express your opinion accurately in the business environment!

When giving presentations and business negotiations in English, the most important thing is to "reliably convey what you want to convey to the other party."

The first thing you need to do this is English conversation skills.
If you can't compose a sentence and let the other person hear it, nothing will start.

However, if you cannot pronounce the correct English, even if you say the correct English sentence, the other party may not be able to hear the sentence.
If this happens, it will greatly affect the outcome of important presentations and business negotiations.

Speaking English with a transmitted pronunciation will increase the trust of the other party.

(2) It is easier to convey by using the inflection peculiar to English!

Of the many languages, Japanese has no particular intonation and is flat, but English is the exact opposite.

When speaking English, native speakers speak with a strong sense of what they want to convey and emphasize.
If you're a master of native-level pronunciation, you'll know how to add English-like inflections.
Therefore, even if you read the same content aloud, the way it is conveyed is completely different.

The advantage of correcting English pronunciation is that it makes it easier for your opinion to be communicated and stabbed
in the business environment.

Imagine a job for the purpose of selling or contracting a product or service.
Even if you explain endlessly flatly without intonation, customers will not be motivated to buy.

How dramatically you make your presentation will have a big impact on your sales performance.

(3) Improve your listening skills by correcting pronunciation

Business English does more than just memorize a lot of business English-specific phrases.

In business, it is very important to be able to understand what the other person says smoothly.
If you can't do this, you'll have to ask the other person to repeat the same content over and over again, and it's hard to talk about it.

One of the benefits of pronunciation correction is the improvement of listening comprehension, which is very significant in business.

You will be able to smoothly and efficiently understand the opinions of the other party during discussions and then convey your opinions.

When proposing products that meet the needs of clients, it is essential to accurately understand the needs of clients.
By improving your listening skills, you can improve your overall business skills.

Pronunciation lessons specializing in business English! Information on "Business English Pronunciation Correction Program"

Here, we have joined the Discovery Sounds pronunciation correction program since last year.

I would like to explain about the "Business English Pronunciation Correction Program".

In the "Business English Pronunciation Correction Program".

As with any course, start with a "native muscle exercise" that trains the muscles around the mouth to speak English.

How to pronounce consonants and vowels, how to take accents and intonation, how to pronounce smoothly in sentences.

In addition, you will learn emotional expressions.

With training in emotional expression, you will be able to freely change the way you speak and the tone of your voice.

You will be able to make "more expressive presentations" in the business environment.

As a result, you can be sure and more effectively convey what you want to convey to the other party.

Here, I would like to explain the characteristics of the Business English Pronunciation Correction Program by dividing it into three points.

① Improve your TOEIC score and business English skills at the same time!

There are many overlaps between the frequently-used English words in Business English and the frequently-used English words in TOEIC.

The Business English Pronunciation Correction Course focuses on business English words and business English expressions that often appear in the TOEIC, so it is expected to be highly effective for those who aim to improve their TOEIC scores.

Of course, not only the TOEIC score but also many expressions that are useful in the actual business scene can be acquired, so in that sense it is a curriculum that can be said to be two birds with one stone.

② Supervised by a native professional writer!

A native professional writer supervises the example sentences of the text.

In other words, it is characterized by a curriculum that reproduces realistic situations, incorporating abundantly "actually usable phrases" recognized by native speakers.

As a result, pronunciation training will be conducted using phrases that are common in the actual business scene, rather than "phrases that Japanese businessmen often stumble upon, but that they haven't had the chance to actually use."

③ Practical lessons that are easy to apply!

Even with pronunciation correction, if the chances of using the word or phrase are too few, the frequency of use in practice will be significantly reduced, and it will not lead to further improvement in English proficiency.

Therefore, the Business English Pronunciation Correction Course focuses on TOEIC and Business English English words and expressions that are easy to apply.

By practicing pronunciation repeatedly, you can put it into yourself, and when you actually go to business, you can immediately apply it and make use of it.

At the end of the curriculum, you will have a complete copy of the native presentation speech to complete the business English pronunciation, including emotional expression.


In business, communication is often restricted due to poor English pronunciation.

If you can improve your pronunciation, you will improve not only your speaking ability but also your listening ability.

And as a result, it leads to the improvement of communication ability.
Even if you continue to learn business English conversation, it is difficult to improve your pronunciation naturally.

Discovering Sounds

"I really want to correct my English pronunciation!"

"I want to make use of it in business!"

We have launched a Business English Pronunciation Correction Program for those who want to.