English terms in science


Science is a very exciting business. However, it requires a huge investment and time and effort. You may be surprised, but in everyday English there are many scientific terms. And vice versa: many modern realities are described precisely in scientific terms, which are useful for you and me to know. Let's study the most "running". To illustrate their use, we have selected texts from newspapers, magazines and websites of scientific organizations.


Hi-tech: something that uses or contains the latest technology. This word is used both as a noun and as an adjective.


A high resolution. Hi is short for high. Conduct an experiment: type in this expression, for example, in google. And you will see: the search results will be links with the words high definition.


A suffix that is used to describe technologies that use computer technology, in particular the Internet. For example, cyberspace - cyberspace, cybersquatting - happersvo, cybersquatting (registration of a domain name with the name of a well-known trademark, with the aim of subsequent sale to the owner of this brand for a large amount), cyberattack - cyberattack.


Emissions, exhaust gases and liquids.

Emission standards have changed.

a test tube

test tube

Test tubes are used to hold small amounts of substance and materials for experiments or laboratory testing. The term test tube is also used to denote the processes performed or things produced in a laboratory.

test tube baby

Test-tube baby / baby born through artificial insemination.

Louise Brown, the world's first test-tube baby, was born 35 years ago today.

bunsen burner

Gas burner for heating test tubes.

The Bunsen burner consists of a straight metal tube, about five inches (13 cm) long, fastened to a stand.

mortar and pestle

Pestle and mortar: Instruments used by scientists to grind solids into powder.

An ancient tool, the mortar and pestle are still very useful around the modern house for crushing items to a fine paste or powder.

brave new worldish

This adjective is used to describe what is considered unnatural, contrary to the normal order of things. This form of idiom goes back to the title of Aldus Huxley's science fiction novel 'Brave new world'.

'trial and error'

Trial and error method

We developed the new software through trial and error.

a placebo

Placebo, rubbish. This word is often used figuratively to mean some useless thing to which some useful properties are falsely attributed.

placebo effect

Placebo effect: The phenomenon where someone's condition improves just because they think they're taking medication. This expression is even more commonly used in "non-medical" contexts.

The Placebo Effect is one of the strangest and least understood phenomena found in human physiology and psychology.

a side effect

By-effect. This expression is more often used in everyday English speech than in scientific terminology.

Radiation therapy can have a number of side effects.

a 'miracle drug'

"Miracle drug". This is the name of an imaginary medicine that can cure serious diseases, such as cancer or AIDS. U2 even has a song of the same name.

the acid test

Verification, decisive test, strength test. As you can see, this expression is used quite freely in neutral speech.

I gave my new car an acid test to determine if it was worth buying.


An adjective with multiple meanings:

  1. portable - changeable
  2. portable - savvy
  3. direct - mercury

Did you know that Nike produces boots under the Mercurial brand?

it's not an exact science

"It's all guesswork." This expression is used to say that any judgment is based on assumptions and not on facts.

Why is psychology not an exact science?

to recharge your batteries

"Recharge Batteries" As you can see, we often use this expression in everyday life.

40 ways to relax and recharge your batteries.

to have a short fuse

In general, short fuse is a short fuse. As you may have guessed, in a figurative sense, a person who has a short fuse is someone who is quick-tempered and easily loses his temper.

If you lose your temper frequently, perhaps you have a short fuse.