How to meet in English


Traveling abroad, for business or pleasure, is always an adventure. An adventure not devoid of romanticism, new fascinating acquaintances and interesting meetings. Unfortunately, the most sincere impulses to meet and get to know a person are often broken by a seemingly insignificant obstacle - the language barrier. It would be possible to communicate with gestures and body language, but, as you know, women love with their ears. Yes, and men, what is there to hide, too. Therefore, whether you like it or not, learning a couple of key phrases is still useful.

First, let's take a look at the general registry of words related to romantic relationships.

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  • To flirt
  • To be in love for somebody
  • To be out of love for somebody
  • To fall for somebody
  • To date somebody / to be seeing somebody
  • To ask out
  • To snatch a kiss
  • To give a smile to somebody
  • To wink at somebody
  • Love at first sight

And now directly to the acquaintance. We offer phrases that you resort to in Russian to find out more about the person you like.

  • May I ask you out?
  • Are you busy tonight?
  • Can you give me your name?
  • It's a very unusual name.
  • Where are you from originally?
  • May I have your phone number/ e-mail?
  • Can I call you some time?
  • You look...
  • Your eyes are so beautiful./ You have such beautiful eyes.
  • Nice place, isn’t it?
  • Have you been hanging out alone?
  • Are you here with a boyfriend/ girlfriend?
  • Let’s have a drink.
  • I have to think it over.
  • We are so different.
  • We don’t match each other.
  • You’re just a womanizer!

This list would be incomplete without taking into account the standard topics of conversation: personal interests , hobbies , leisure , family , profession . Use all the resources of knowledge when meeting and it can result in something more!