Business English First Meeting-Self-introduction


Learn about phrases often used in the "self-introduction" scene when answering English calls.


Mr. Aoyama who participates in a business study session.

I decided to introduce myself to foreigners in the nearby seats.

How is it appropriate to speak out?

  • A.Hello. My name is Minami.
  • B.It is nice to meet you.
  • C.I am looking forward to meeting you.
  • D.It is a great honor to meet you.

Correct answer A

When introducing yourself in English, first tell your name. In Japanese, I often say "I'm honored to meet you" or "Nice to meet you" first, but in English I give my name first. After that, "It's nice to meet you.", Which corresponds to "I'm honored to meet you", continues.

Explanation of other options

  • B: The greeting "I'm honored to meet you" should follow the name.
  • C: It's a phrase often used in emails and phone calls to people you'll meet in the future, meaning "I'm looking forward to seeing you." This scene is a face-to-face greeting, so it is not suitable.
  • D: This greeting is used to show strong respect to an authoritative person or someone with a high social status, so it is not suitable for this scene.

Let's Practice! Let's practice with various phrases

There are various phrases used in the greeting "I'm here to meet you" that conveys the joy of meeting.
Let's switch and practice.

: Hello. My name is [your name].
: Hi. My name is James.
: (A), James.
: (A'), (too.)
A (Meet me ~) options
  • It is nice to meet you.
  • I am happy to meet you.
  • I am pleased to meet you.
  • It is great to meet you.
  • It is wonderful to meet you.
  • I am delighted to meet you.

For reply (A'), add too at the end of the sentence when using the same phrase as (A).
If you use different phrases, you will be more familiar with English.
If you choose different phrases, you can use any combination.