Business English Phone-Greetings


Learn about phrases that are often used in the "greeting" scene when answering an English phone call.


Minami Aoyama who works for ABC Co., Ltd.
One afternoon, when I answered the incoming call, the other person spoke English.

At this time, please select the most appropriate response from Minami Aoyama from A to D.

  • A.Hello?
  • B.Good afternoon. This is ABC Corporation.
  • C.Good afternoon. Thank you for calling ABC Corporation. How may I help you?
  • D.May I help you?

Correct answer C

It is a polite answer suitable for the business scene. You may also want to give your name.

Good afternoon. Thank you for calling ABC Corporation.
This is Minami speaking. How may I help you?

Explanation of other options

  • A.It is suitable for personal calls and mobile phones. In the business scene, it is not appropriate because it gives the impression that “Hello” is not enough.
  • B.“This is ABC Corporation.” Is an easy-to-mistake expression. With this expression, you are yourself "ABC Corporation". Use “Thank you for calling ABC Corporation.” To tell your company name.
  • D.“May I help you?” Is not a mistake, but it is usually a greeting used by customers who come to stores. A conversation such as “Yes” or “No, just looking.” Follows to “May I help you?”.

In the case of a telephone, the answer to the question is "Yes" because the other party needs some help (intermediary, etc.). Therefore, "How may I help you?" Of C, regardless of Yes / No, is suitable instead of the sentence of D asking Yes / No.

Let's Practice! Learn different Closing

Good afternoon. Thank you for calling [company name].
This is [your name] speaking. How may I help you?