How to start talking about yourself?


The study of any foreign language begins, as a rule, with a story about yourself (about myself). Indeed - what do we most often talk about in our native language? About family, work, friends, vacation plans, etc. Even when applying for a job, they ask you to briefly introduce yourself. All these topics directly or indirectly relate to the story about yourself. Let's highlight the main components of a "complex" story about yourself:

Table 1. Telling about yourself in English

  1. Tell me about yourself in English
  2. My hobbies
  3. My family
  4. My profession
  5. My travels
  6. My leisure

Of course, such a set of components is minimal. At the same time, if you say at least a couple of sentences on each of the listed questions, consider that you have given the interlocutor a clear picture of your life. On the other hand, if you take each of these topics separately, you get a completely complete story. Let's start with the "minimum".

Short introduction in English

  1. Hello / Hi / Good morning / Good day / Good afternoon / Good evening - greet the interlocutor.
  2. My name is I / I am… / Alexander Petrov - introduce yourself.
  3. I am 30/ I am 30 years old/ I am 30 years of age/ I am aged 30 - indicate your age (if necessary).
  4. I am a programmer / I work as a programmer / My job is a programmer / I am occupied as a programmer - name your profession.
  5. I work for Microsoft/ I work with Microsoft/ I do my job at Microsoft/ My place of work is Microsoft/ I am occupied at Microsoft - indicate the organization in which you work.
  6. I… - Describe what exactly you do at work: for example, I write press releases; I write programs; I edit scientific articles, etc.
  7. Apart from work/ besides work/ outside my work I… - name the activities you do outside of work.
  8. I enjoy/ like/ am fond of/ am keen on… - list your hobbies.
  9. It is a good way to relax/ have fun/ have a rest/ get unstressed - so that your story does not look like a business report, insert remarks: for example, about a hobby, this is a good way to relax.
  10. Apart from me, there are 2/ 3/ 4 people in my family. They are:… - since you started talking about NOT working life, mention the family. Tell me how many people are in your family and who they are (brothers, sisters, wife, husband, etc.)
  11. My brother is… - list who is who in your family. In short, everything you said about yourself, tell about others. A mention of their occupation will suffice.
  12. Usually we … together with my family - to finish the story of your personal life with dignity, mention what you usually do with your family: for example, meet on Sundays, go fishing every Tuesday, etc.

Example of a story about yourself

Table 2. An example of a story about yourself in English

Let me introduce myself. Let me introduce myself.
Hello, my name is Anna Fedorova. Hello, my name is Anna Fedorova.
I am twenty-eight and I work as public relations specialist at “Learnathome”. I am twenty-eight years old and I work as a PR-specialist in the company "".
In this position I am responsible for keeping in touch with mass media, such as television and radio channels as well as written media – newspapers and magazines. In this position, I am responsible for liaising with the media, such as television and radio channels, as well as print media such as newspapers and magazines.
Apart from work, I am involved in a charity organization “Nochlezhka” which helps homeless people get food and shelter every day. In addition to work, I am a member of the Nochlezhka charity organization, which helps homeless people find food and shelter every day.
As for my hobbies, I enjoy skating in winter and roller-blading in all the other seasons. As for my hobbies, I like skating in winter, and inline skating in all other seasons.
It is a good way both to relax and to keep fit. This allows me to relax and keep fit.
I love having a good time in such a way with my family. This is how I relax with my family.
It consists of my parents, my husband and my son. It consists of my parents, husband and son.
My parents are retirees, my son goes to school and he is in the 1st year. My parents are pensioners, my son goes to school - he is in the first grade.
My husband is the head of human resources department at “”. My husband is the Human Resources Director at
Being involved in family, professional and charity life requires from me such personal qualities as ambitiousness, energy, leadership and communicative skills. Family, work and charity require qualities such as ambition, energy, leadership and communication skills.
They help me cope with all the tasks in my daily life. They help me get things done every day.

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Adjectives that describe a person

You can describe the character of a person in English with the help of adjectives. Below is the most commonly used list of adjectives that can be used to describe a characteristic in English.

Table 3. English adjectives to describe a person

*active*adaptable*ambitious*broadminded*cheerful*competitive*cooperative*creative*curious*determined*eager*easygoing*energetic*enthusiastic*entrepreneurial*flexible*friendly*generous*good natured*hardworking*helpful*honest*imaginative

*independent*industrious*intellectual*leader*mature*motivated*optimistic*organized*original*outgoing personality*patient*progressive*purposeful*quick*reliable*resourceful*self-confident*self-sufficient*serious*sociable*successful*supportive*tactful