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  1. Are compounding (or the addition of one idea onto another, such as a horn on a, horse ,to create a unicorn); transposing (or the substitution of one part of a thing
  2. A cricket and football club in Leiden, The Netherlands Handball Racing * Ajax (, horse ,) (b. 1901),a French Champion race horse * Ajax II (b. 1934),a Champion
  3. After spring-tydes or great rigs of the sea, they fetch it in sacks on, horse ,backs, and care the same three, four,or five miles, and cast it on the land
  4. Some point later, Alexander was on the Jaxartes dealing with an incursion by a, horse ,nomad army, Spitamenes raised Indiana in revolt. Alexander personally defeated
  5. Became separated from his guides, and it is assumed that in the dark his, horse ,lost its footing. The 44-year-old king was found dead on the shore the
  6. Owning the world's the most powerful horse . Since she cannot comfortably ride a, horse ,that goes too fast, she must bridle it down to her level, even if that means it
  7. In The Frogs, Aeschylus is said to compose verses in the manner of a, horse ,rolling in a sandpit. Some plays feature revelations of human perfectibility
  8. Big enough for your ambitions. Macedon is too small for you ", and bought the, horse ,for him. Adolescence and education When Alexander was thirteen years old
  9. When Alexander was ten years old, a horse trader from Thessaly brought Philip a, horse , which he offered to sell for thirteen talents. The horse refused to be mounted
  10. Latinos, Greek actor and director *1958 – Russell Base, Canadian-born American, horse ,racing jockey * 1958 – Bruce Dickinson, English singer (Iron Maiden) * 1958 –
  11. Of a thing with the part from another, such as with the body of a man upon a, horse ,to make a centaur); augmenting (as with the case of a giant, whose size has
  12. American art dealer (d. 2011) * 1940 – John McCormick, English television, horse ,racing pundit * 1947 – Custom Takamatsu, Japanese baseball player * 1950 –
  13. There are football pitches, two golf courses, a pitch and putt course and a, horse ,riding school. Aberdeen's success in the Britain in Bloom competitions is
  14. And survey the overall battlefield with safety from distant musket fire. The, horse ,was afforded protection from lances and infantry weapons by steel plate boarding
  15. Skilled archers. Central Asian tribesmen (after the domestication of the, horse ,) and American Plains Indians (after gaining access to horse s) were extremely
  16. I fear seriously. " Harris and other staff officers removed Johnston from his, horse ,and moved him to a small ravine near the famous" Hornets Nest" and
  17. 1984 – Tyler Thicken, American football player * 1987 – Michael Base, American, horse , racing jockey (d. 2011) *1988 – Vasileios Pliatsikas, Greek footballer Deaths
  18. Confederate states to the Union, Lee was permitted to keep his sword and his, horse , Traveler. On April 14, 1865,President Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Booth
  19. She compares being Rearden's wife with owning the world's most powerful, horse , Since she cannot comfortably ride a horse that goes too fast, she must bridle
  20. With a frieze carrying sculptures in high relief of an elephant, a galloping, horse , a bull, and a lion, separated by intervening spoked chariot-wheels over a
  21. Old DOM Alfonso was disabled in an engagement near Badajoz by a fall from his, horse , and made prisoner by the soldiers of the king of León, his son-in-law.
  22. Bay at' and the word Ba-At' which in the old Azerbaijani language means 'with, horse ,'. So the word 'Bay at' may mean those who ride horse s. Africa Islam (born
  23. Discovery of Hannibal in Florence, Italy.: For the race horse , see Ambrosia (, horse ,). Ambrosia was, together with Catullus, prince of the Euronews, leader of a
  24. Character. *Apollo Atepomarus (" the great horse man" or" possessing a great, horse ,"). Apollo was worshiped at Maulers (Indie). Horses were, in the Celtic
  25. Examples: eV - even House - from/off the house At - attain Horse - from/off the, horse ,Tasman - Tasmanian To carry - from/off carrying Se's - system Sound/volume -
  26. From lances and infantry weapons by steel plate boarding. This gave the, horse ,protection and enhanced the visual impression of a mounted knight. Late in the
  27. Club, a breed of dog named after one of Sir Walter Scott's characters; and a, horse ,trainer, one of whose horse s, Sir Mattie, ridden by Ian Stark, won two silver
  28. Sobs and sighs. Abu Bakr came from his house at Assume (a village) on a, horse ,where he had been with his new wife. He dismounted and entered the Prophet's
  29. Traditional cuisine consists of the flesh of bear, fox,wolf, badger,ox or, horse , as well as fish, fowl,millet, vegetables,herbs, and roots. They never ate
  30. With four 24-spoked Dharma wheels with four animals (an elephant, a bull,a, horse , a lion). The four animals in the Sarah capital are believed to symbolize
  31. Depending on the source, either the best When Alexander was ten years old,a, horse ,trader from Thessaly brought Philip a horse , which he offered to sell for
  32. And breeds suited to farm work). Although not usually food animals,the, horse ,(including donkeys and ponies) and dog quickly filled essential production
  33. Troops' morale with the sight of the dead general. Johnston and his wounded, horse , Fire Eater, were taken to his field headquarters on the Corinth road, where
  34. Sweden Prize winner (d. 1989) * 1904 – Hirsch Jacobs, American thoroughbred, horse ,trainer and owner (d. 1970) *1905 – Helen Joseph, South African
  35. Considered to have healthful properties. The town's attractions included, horse ,racing and other entertainment. It appealed to a wide variety of classes
  36. Of Alexander III (1286). Alexander supposedly suffered a fatal fall from his, horse , But there are suspicions of murder. The novel concludes that Alexander was
  37. Important animal exportation from the Old World to the New were those of the, horse ,and dog (dogs were already present in the pre-Columbian Americas but not in
  38. And Humpback Whales, Bald Eagle, and Wood Stork. American black bear, racking, horse , Yellow-shafted Flicker, wild turkey, Atlantic tarpon, largemouth bass
  39. A few minutes, Johnston was observed by his staff to be nearly fainting off his, horse , Among his staff was Islam G. Harris, the Governor of Tennessee, who had ceased
  40. Lidos, and Marisa. She was given the epithet Athena Hippie or Athena Hippie, horse ,as the inventor of the chariot, and was worshiped under this title at Athens
  41. Wires of the beds. Later, to feed the hungry men, Kat brings bread, a bag of, horse ,meat, a lump of fat, a pinch of salt and a pan in which to cook the food. Kat
  42. Reached the Elbe River by 9 BC, yet he died shortly after by falling off his, horse , To ensure security of the Empire's eastern flank, Augustus stationed a Roman
  43. Set in a silver casket, which was carried in a glass hearse and was drawn by, horse , An estimated 800 mourners were in attendance of the procession. Among those in
  44. Detected the horse 's fear of his own shadow and asked for a turn to tame the, horse , which he eventually managed. According to Plutarch, Philip,overjoyed at this
  45. The 'para basis' and thus some biographical facts can be got 'straight from the, horse ,'s mouth ', so to speak. However, these facts relate almost entirely to his
  46. Us, not that could pursue us except Surah in Malik in JU'sham who rode his, horse , so I said to the Messenger of Allah," This man has succeeded in pursuing us O
  47. Brought Philip a horse , which he offered to sell for thirteen talents. The, horse ,refused to be mounted by anyone, and Philip ordered it to be taken away.
  48. Was not purposely built for motor racing, it started as a one-mile (1.6 km), horse , racing track in the 19th Century. From 1903 to 1914,a one-mile dirt oval track
  49. And Philip ordered it to be taken away. Alexander, however,detected the, horse ,'s fear of his own shadow and asked for a turn to tame the horse , which he
  50. Death of the king dashed all such hopes. Alexander died in a fall from his, horse ,in the dark while riding to visit the queen at King horn in Fife on 19 March

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