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  1. Holds some undefined position with the State Science Institute. He is sent to, try ,to obtain the rights to Rear den Metal. *Dr. Simon Pritchett is the prestigious
  2. Strength; a character could reveal a weapon, changing it to Warfare; they could, try ,to overcome the other character's mind using a power, changing it to Psyche;
  3. De Rosa's. *1864 – American Civil War: Battle of Globe Tavern – Union forces, try ,to cut a vital Confederate supply-line into Petersburg, Virginia,by attacking
  4. Knuth advises the reader that" the best way to learn an algorithm is to, try ,it... immediately take pen and paper and work through an example ". But what
  5. Of the real numbers. First we might try to proceed as if X were finite. If we, try ,to choose an element from each set, then,because X is infinite, our choice
  6. Or captured. The operation was doomed to fail, and was intended to develop and, try ,new amphibious landing tactics for the coming full invasion in Normandy. *1944
  7. Are doomed to failure because they do not attack the root of the evil. They, try ,to keep prices low while firmly committed to a policy of increasing the
  8. For 1973,the band and their manager Sting Anderson decided to have another, try ,at Melodifestivalen, this time with the song" Ring Ring ". The studio sessions
  9. Distributed the original mold for twelve years, and continued until 1940 to, try ,to get help from any chemist who had enough skill to make penicillin. But Sir
  10. When the Englishmen, led by a satiric figure based on Winston Churchill, try ,to seize power, the utopians simply point a ray gun at them and send them on to
  11. Science. She states:" Since we do not succeed in fleeing it, let us therefore, try ,to look the truth in the face. Let us try to assume our fundamental ambiguity.
  12. Is no evidence to support this practice, and it may in fact delay healing. To, try ,to answer this question more definitely, a randomized double-blind study was
  13. And notation of canonical quantization of a quantum field theory. One may, try ,to quantize an electron field without mixing the annihilation and creation
  14. The companion of Artemis, seeing her bathing naked at the spring, was moved to, try ,to make himself her consort, as Diodorus Siculus noted, and was punished, in
  15. Relying upon his worthless ventures in order to disrupt their schemes and to, try ,to show the inevitable consequences of looting. He adopted the persona of a
  16. That X is the set of all non-empty subsets of the real numbers. First we might, try ,to proceed as if X were finite. If we try to choose an element from each set
  17. To Group Cs but used a sliding scale of weights and engine capacities to, try ,to limit performance. The FIA attempted to make Group C into a virtual" two
  18. Because Israel refuses to listen to the prophets and even goes so far as to, try ,to silence them (2:12,3:8,7:10-17). The central idea of the book of Amos is
  19. To do what he had advised them. Gotta thought it would be better to stay and, try ,to fight back when the attacks would happen. Ultimately, Cotta decided they
  20. And fair-play. Camus' belief was that political and religious authorities, try ,to confuse us with over-complicated moral systems to make things appear more
  21. Geography but not mentality. It was widely admired, but most historians did not, try ,to replicate it and instead focused on their specialized monographs. The book
  22. Is driven up by increments to large sums. An alternative strategy is to, try ,and cow other players into submission with a high opening bid. Most players bid
  23. Lunar camera at Westinghouse Electric Corporation, also worked with Naffer to, try ,to locate the missing tapes. The images were from tapes in Australia, the CBS
  24. By desperate, indebted governments. In other cases, the central bank may, try ,avoid or defer the widespread bankruptcies and insolvencies which cause
  25. The sport, kart racing, or karting, can be an economical way for amateurs to, try ,racing and is also a fully fledged international sport in its own right. A
  26. Trials occasionally showed more promise, and he continued, until 1940,to, try ,to interest a chemist skilled enough to further refine usable penicillin.
  27. State television with a number of Western" guests" ( actually hostages) to, try ,to prevent the Gulf War. * 1990 – Armenia declares its independence from the
  28. Poetic, and recited the grimoire's preliminary invocation daily in order to, try ,to get in contact with his Holy Guardian Angel. The Crowley's spent the next few
  29. Partly because learned vicars were expected to write verses, Newton began to, try ,his hand at hymns, which had become popular through the language, made plain
  30. Germans in new contexts ... For me,it's interesting to see what the kids, try ,to do that's different from what I know. " Advanced Chemis try were the first
  31. If characters' attribute ranks are close, the weaker character can, try ,to change the relevant attribute by changing the nature of the conflict. For
  32. The beginning of a phenomenon sometimes called the" Greek miracle ": men, try ,to explain the nature of the world, not with the aid of myths or religion, but
  33. Some servers attempt to improve on this using statistical techniques that, try ,to combine only words that appear together often. This approach provides only
  34. And shaped the king's policies set in Paris. The Annals historians did not, try ,to replicate Braudel's vast geographical scope in La Mediterranean. Instead
  35. Contain many other objects beginning with that letter that the reader can, try ,to identify. As an additional challenge, the author has hidden a picture of
  36. We will never be able to produce a choice function for all of X. Next we might, try ,specifying the least element from each set. But some subsets of the real
  37. In fleeing it, let us therefore try to look the truth in the face. Let us, try ,to assume our fundamental ambiguity. It is in the knowledge of the genuine
  38. Indispensable to the war effort, Field Marshal Erhard Milch persuaded Hitler to, try ,to get his minister to reconsider. Hitler sent Milch to Speer with a message
  39. Epidemic. Part three In mid-August, the situation continues to worsen. People, try ,to escape the town, but some are shot by armed sentries. Violence and looting
  40. Rwy. Cleared_Runway (ID); delay 5.0; -- fly around a bit ... loop select --, try ,to request a runway Controller1. Request_Approach (ID, Rwy ); -- this is a
  41. Bound,e.g. ZPP. # In optimization problems, heuristic algorithms do not, try ,to find an optimal solution, but an approximate solution where the time or
  42. Later decides to quit and join Galt's strike moments before Deign arrives to, try ,to persuade him otherwise. *Quentin Daniels is an enterprising engineer hired
  43. As president, he did not identify with the two main parties – though he did, try ,for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1868. While President, he
  44. Out will ride the sons of Nuspell intent on universal destruction. They will, try ,to enter heaven but Frost will break (Section 55). Handball will blow his
  45. Enteric coating," buffering" is the other main method companies have used to, try ,to mitigate the problem of gastrointestinal bleeding. Buffering agents are
  46. For people developing reading skills are peep. Com http://www.peepo.com —, try ,typing a letter with your keyboard for more — and peep. Co. UK
  47. In Wellesley, Massachusetts,said that American Chinese restaurants typically, try ,to have food representing 3-5 regions of China at one time, have chop sea, or
  48. Relationship between Achilles and chorus, who represent the Achaean army and, try ,to convince Achilles to give up his quarrel with Agamemnon; only a few lines
  49. The outlook of the Continental Army was bleak. " These are the times that, try ,men's souls," wrote Thomas Paine, who was with the army on the retreat. The
  50. Write a book about girls. Louisa May was not interested initially but agreed to, try , " They want a book of 200 pages or more ", Alcott told his daughter. The

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