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  1. Comte de Bussy, French writer (d. 1693) *1648 – Jeanne Marie Bouvier de, la ,Motto Guy on, French mystic (d. 1717) *1715 – John Hanson, President of the
  2. Laboratory pharmaceutical methods. The schools they founded, Les Philosophes de, la ,Nature and The Paracelsus Research Society, popu la rized modern panegyrics
  3. 1579) *1641 – Richard Montage, English clergyman (b. 1577) *1695 – Jean de, la ,Fontaine, French author (b. 1621) *1722 – Charles Leslie, Irish Anglican
  4. Christian Okay, American football p la yer * 1961 – Michae la Durbanville de, la ,Four, Swedish singer (Army of Lovers) *1962 – Steve Carell, American actor
  5. From that software * Structured Systems Analysis and Design Methodology – à, la ,Yourdon * Syntax analysis – a process in compilers that recognizes the
  6. 1946-1991) *Alliance for Progress and Freedom, Alliance pour LE Progress et, la ,Liberty, a political party in Burkina Faso, a country in West Africa *Amateur
  7. 1638 – Nico la s Malebranche, French philosopher (d. 1715) *1644 – Louise de, la ,Dallier, French mistress of Louis XIV of France (d. 1710) *1656 – C la ude de
  8. Was highly interdisciplinary, influenced by the geography of Paul Vidal de, la ,B la nche (1845–1918) and the sociology of Émile Durkheim (1858–1917). His own
  9. But for his writings against capital punishment in the essay" Reflections SUR, la ,Guillotine" ( Reflections on the Guillotine). When he spoke to students at
  10. Such as the Saldana. Other Andorran folk dances include contracts in Andorra, la ,Vil la and Saint Anne's dance in Escaldes-Engordany. Andorra's national
  11. They pioneered an approach to a study of long-term historical structures (, la ,tongue puree) over events and political transformations. Geography, material
  12. Greek chyme, meaning in that la nguage the melting of metals); see History de, la ,Medicine de l`Antiquity AU CXE since, Roger Rachel, Tal la ndier 2008,p. 251)
  13. Sailed from Ma la cca to the coast of Ma la bar on board the old For de, la ,mar Carrack that had served to support the conquest of Ma la cca. Despite already
  14. Do Brazil (Anglican Episcopal Church of Brazil) * The Iglesias Anglican de, la ,Region Central America (Anglican Church in the Central Region of America) *
  15. It was named after a Spanish Viceroy of Mexico named Don Francisco Fernández de, la ,Cuevas, who also held the title Duke of Albuquerque. There is, however,a town
  16. Within individualist anarchism was Emile Armand. He proposed the concept of, la ,camaraderie amorous to speak of free love as the possibility of voluntary
  17. Include: * Cohen, Marcel. 1947. Essie comparative SUR LE vocabu la ry et, la ,phonetic Du chamito-sémitique. Paris: Champion. * Diakonoff, Igor M. et al.
  18. Statement of choice may be stronger than the standard formu la tion, à, la , c la ss theory, mentioned above. Examples of category-theoretic statements which
  19. Was the la ying of about 24,000 square yards of Easel asphalt at the P la ce de, la ,Concorde in 1835. Photography and art Bitumen was also used in early
  20. An area of and an estimated popu la tion of 84,082 in 2009. Its capital, Andorra, la , Vel la , is the highest capital city in Europe, being at an elevation of 1023
  21. To Band Is la nds, where they arrived in early 1512. Shipwreck on the For de, la ,mar,1511 In 20 November 1511 Albuquerque sailed from Ma la cca to the coast of
  22. Reception of a popu la r audience may be the French Louis Geoffroy's History de, la ,Monarchies universally: Napoleon et la concrete Du mode (1812–1832) (History
  23. With this paradigm in 1912,with his sweeping doctoral thesis on Philippe II et, la ,Franche-Comté. The geography and social structure of this region overwhelmed
  24. De Gracie (passage is Cata la n for promenade or avenue),part of the Ill de, la ,Discord (the" Block of Discord" ) in the Example district of Barcelona
  25. L' Eat de Siege) (1948) * Reflections on the Guillotine (Reflections SUR, la ,guillotine) (Extended essay,1957) * Neither Victims Nor Executioners (
  26. And P la y Croquet. Facing open ocean just northwest of the bays is Pie de, la ,Cues ta and southeast are P la y Revolcadero, P la ya Aroma, P la ya Canada and
  27. Guido Castelnuovo, Italian mathematician (d. 1952) *1866 – Charles Jean de, la ,Vallée-Poussin, Belgian mathematician (d. 1962) *1867 – John Galsworthy
  28. Geography, the history of social, political and economic structures (, la ,tongue puree),and the history of men and events, in the context of their
  29. Channel they rescued captain João the Nova who joined his ship From de, la ,mar to the fleet, having been stranded on his return from India. From Malinda
  30. De Jean Series (The Aspirations of Jean Series) (1882) * La Rotisserie de, la ,race Pétanque (At the Sign of the Race Pétanque) (1892) * Les Opinions de
  31. From the United States as one of the meanings of Americano. The Dictionary de, la ,League Español (Dictionary of the Spanish Language) published by the Real
  32. Commercial tourist buses. While entrance to the Park is free,Gaudí's house,", la ,Tore Rosa," — containing furniture that he designed — can be only visited for
  33. Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Science. Writings * Considerations SUR, la ,theories mathematize Du EU, Perisse, Lyon Paris 1802
  34. The northern part of Alberta territory. Peter Pond built Fort Athabasca on Lac, la ,Niche in 1778. Roderick Mackenzie built Fort Chipewyan on Lake Athabasca ten
  35. On Midday ", Camus was a follower of the ancient Greek 'So la r Tradition' (, la ,sense Moliere). In 1947–48 he founded the Revolutionary Union Movement (
  36. English Bishop of Salsa. *1492 – Christopher Columbus sets sail from Palms de, la ,Frontera, Spain. *1527 – The first known letter from North America is sent by
  37. Cesium existed on what is now the marine quarter of the city. The rue de, la ,Marine follows the lines of what used to be a Roman street. Roman cemeteries
  38. Paris,1872). Ampère's final work, published posthumously, was Essie SUR, la ,philosophies DES sciences, ou exposition analytic d'one c la ssification
  39. Sahara of Prague, Jewish mystic and philosopher (b. 1525) *1652 – Jacob De, la ,Cardie, Swedish soldier and statesman (b. 1583) *1680 – John George II
  40. Thomas Pitt, British Governor of Madras (b. 1653) *1741 – Magnus Julius De, la ,Cardie, Swedish General and statesman (b. 1668) *1772 – Johann Friedrich
  41. Gives Christopher Columbus his commission of exploration. *1513 – Edmund de, la ,Pole, Yorkist pretender to the English throne, is executed on the orders of
  42. Gaspar de Coligny, French Huguenot leader (b. 1519): * Pierre de, la ,Ranee, French humanist (b. 1515): * Charles de Téligny, French Huguenot
  43. 1632) *1620 – Ivan Gyöngyösi, Hungarian poet (d. 1704) *1624 – François de, la ,Chaise, French confessor of Louis XIV of France (d. 1709) *1662 – John
  44. 13th Earl of Warwick, British military leader (b. 1382) *1513 – Edmund de, la ,Pole,3rd Duke of Suffolk, Yorkist pretender to the English throne (b. 1471 or
  45. Don José de San Martín, Argentine general (b. 1778) *1861 – Albee Louis, la ,Branch, American Politician (b. 1806) *1870 – Pedro Figueiredo, Cuban poet
  46. 1853 – James Iredell, Jr., American politician (b. 1788) *1855 – Henry De, la ,Bethe, English geologist (b. 1796) *1868 – Teardrop II, Emperor of Ethiopia (
  47. The French Revolution. (A statue of the goddess was centered on the P la ce de, la ,Revolution in Paris. ) Athena is a natural patron of universities: she is the
  48. Of El GAMMA. Architecture modern. * The Great Mosque of Algiers at the Rue de, la ,Marine. It is the oldest mosque of Algiers and was built during the reign of
  49. Was one of the principal mines of the Spanish Empire in the New World. Rio de, la ,P la te and Argentina derive their names from the silver of Potosí. Currently
  50. The French Louis Geoffroy's History de la Monarchies universally: Napoleon et, la ,concrete Du mode (1812–1832) (History of the Universal Monarchy: Napoleon

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