sh is a breathed consonant

Place the sides of the tongue as for s, raise the front and force the breath over the obstruction thus, formed through the nearly closed teeth.

Equivalents: s as in sugar; si as in excursion; ce as ocean; ci as in delicious; ch as in Chicago; ti as nation.

Phonetic Symbol: /ʃ/

Drill: shah, sha, shee, shoo, show, shaw ash, esh, ish, oosh, ush, osh

This sound occurs initially, finally, and medially:

shark shad share
shade shell shirk
she ship shine
shoe should shy
show shut shout
shawl shop shower

  1. Charlotte showed the shopper the shining shuttle
  2. The shepherd sheared the sheep with a sharp shears
  3. Shirley shared the sherbet with Miss Sherman
  4. She said that she was sure that the sugar was on the shelf







fish bushes blushing
bush crushed usher










  1. Do you wish the fresh fish to be placed in the dish?
  2. Mrs Fisher finished crocheting the tam-o'-shanter.
  3. Felicia showed the Persian shawl to Marcia
  4. Horatio pushed the squash under the bush
  5. Sam polished his shoes with the brush until they shone
  6. Lucretia wished to become a musician
  7. The fisherman showed the shell fish to Ashmore.
  8. The sheet of still water shimmered and shone in the
  9. The physician sent shaving soap and brushes to the official and his associates
  10. The shattered ship on the ocean showed no signs of life to the patient watchers on the shore
  11. Washington, Michigan, and New Hampshire are in the northern section of the United States.
  12. Shaking and shivering, she waded the shallow stream, holding a string of fish over her shoulder
  13. Jove! Jove! this Shepherd's passion Is much upon my fashion -SHAKESPEARE