Words expressing feelings and emotions in English


Expressing affection and love in English is sometimes as difficult as in Russian. It’s not easy emotionally, but from the point of view of vocabulary, it couldn’t be easier. After all, the usual "I love you" can and should be replaced with descriptive expressions and, by the way, no less beautiful and poetic.

In this article, we have collected the most beautiful and well-aimed expressions so that you will be understood unambiguously when you use them.

  • I cherish you.
  • I want a lifetime with you.
  • I adore you.
  • I am better because of you. –
  • I need you by my side.
  • I cannot stop thinking about you.
  • My love for you is unconditional and eternal.

Feeling verbs in English

Sometimes you express your attitude towards a loved one by describing what he means to you. This can be done with you + the following phrases:

Table. How to Express Feelings in English.


complete me - complete me
mean the world to me - mean the whole world to me
cast a spell on me - bewitched me
light up my life - light up my life
stole my heart - stole my heart
hold the key to my heart - keep the keys to my hearts
lift me up - make me soar
rock my world - excite me
make my heart skip a beat - make my heart beat faster

You are...

the light of my life - the light in my life
a dream come true - a dream that has become a reality
all I want - all I need
the apple of my eye - my apple of an eye
the best thing that ever happened to me - the best thing ever happened to me
my perfect match - my perfect match
the one I've always wished for - the one that I always needed
the one for me - my only

You are my...

everything - everything
heart's desire - heart's desire
life - life
world - world
treasure - treasure
one and only - the one and only
sunshine - the sun
one true love - the only true love
strength - strength
reason for living - the reason why I live

How to replace Love

If you want to diversify your speech with romantic vocabulary, then here are a few words that can replace love.

Adore - adore
Affection - affection
Amore - Italian for the word "love"
Amour - secret romance
Cherish - cherish
Court - care for someone, show signs of attention
Enchant - bewitch, bewitch
Fancy - love
Hold dear - cherish someone
Hots for - attachment to someone (slang expression)
Idolize - idealize someone, make an idol out of him
Long for - really want someone
Magic - "magic", a poetic designation of love
Passion - passion
Rapture - delight
Spark - a spark between people
Sugar baby - "baby, baby"
Treasure - treasure
True love - true love
Worship - worship
Yearning - longing desire

Phrases about love in English

And for dessert - idioms about love, as sweet and romantic as the first part of the article.

Fall in love with...
Chris Isaac has a song called 'I wanna fall in love' (Chris Isaac).
Fall out of love with...
Kelly Rowland has a song called 'Falling out of love' (Kelly Rowland).
Love at first sight - love at first sight
Kylie Minogue, for example, has a song of the same name.
Lovey-dovey - sweet couple
Only have eyes for... - not to notice anyone but ...
Be made for each other - to be created for each other

Well, love each other and good luck in combining this pleasant business with learning English!