What should I start studying for TOEIC?


TOEIC is important in every scene such as employment, job change, salary increase, promotion, etc. I think many people are studying for a high score. However, some people may be worried that "I don't know what to start with" or "I started studying, but my score doesn't improve as I expected." Therefore, in this article, the author, who has obtained the TOEIC perfect score twice, will explain the TOEIC learning method in an easy-to-understand manner for TOEIC beginners. If you read this article, you can get the target score by the shortest route.

What is the score that TOEIC beginners should aim for?

What points should we aim for among those who take the TOEIC for the first time? Some people may think that. If you are new to TOEIC, we recommend that you set your first goal at 600 points. This is because if you get 600 points, you will be judged to have some level of English proficiency. The score that appeals to you on your resume is about 600 points. If it is in the 400s or 500s, even if you write it in your resume, it will not lead to a positive evaluation in many cases. If you practice the study method introduced in this article, you can get 600 points even if you study by yourself.

TOEIC beginners should do first

There are three things you need to do to get started studying TOEIC. By practicing these three things, you will be able to proceed with your studies smoothly.

Understand the question content and question format

In order to capture TOEIC, it is necessary to know the content and format of the questions in advance. There are various types of English qualification exams, such as Eiken and TOEFL, but the content and format of the questions differ greatly depending on the exam. Therefore, it is often the case that a person who got a high score in English on the center test did not get a great score as a result of taking the TOEIC without any measures. In other words, in order to get a high score, it is important to check not only your English ability but also the content and format of the TOEIC questions, and then take measures specific to the TOEIC. By the way, in TOEIC, many questions about business are asked. In addition, it is a test that solves a large number of questions, including 100 listening questions and 100 reading questions, for a total of 200 questions within the 2-hour answering time.

Know your level

It is also important to know your level in the early stages of study. First of all, please solve the official question book once and calculate the current score. By solving the mock exam once, you will be able to see what you are not good at and what you are good at. For example, if you feel that your vocabulary is insufficient, you can improve your score efficiently by training to make up for your weaknesses, such as thoroughly strengthening your words. Knowing your current level will also make it easier to set your goal score.

Set a goal score and schedule your studies

Once you know your level, set a goal score. When deciding on a goal score, it's hard to be frustrated if you set a reasonably feasible goal. For example, if your current score is 500 points, you may want to set a goal such as "Get 600 points within 3 months!". Once you have set your goal score, make a study schedule. For example, if you decide in advance such as vocabulary learning when you wake up in the morning, listening during lunch break, and long sentence problems after work, it will be easier to continue learning.

How to study to improve your TOEIC score

Even if TOEIC learns from the dark clouds, the score does not rise easily. From here, I will explain in detail the correct way to study TOEIC.

First, improve your vocabulary

The first thing to do when studying TOEIC is memorizing words. Because without vocabulary, you can't hear or read English. On the other hand, if you have vocabulary, you can expect high scores in both listening and reading. In TOEIC, English words from business such as streamline (rationalization) and specification (specifications) that are not learned in junior high school and high school are often asked. Therefore, let's actively memorize business English words using the TOEIC-specific vocabulary that we will introduce later. Also, when you remember a word, be sure to check the pronunciation of the word as well. You can memorize words and prepare for listening at the same time.

Solidify the foundation of grammar

Grammar is as important as words in TOEIC. By studying grammar, you will not only be able to deal with grammar problems, but you will also be able to read long sentences quickly and accurately, and listening will be easier to hear. First of all, let's aim to master English grammar at the junior high school level perfectly. Is middle school level English grammar okay? You may think that, but TOEIC does not give esoteric syntax or grammar. If you can master English grammar at the junior high school level, you will be able to aim for 600 points. Those who want to get high scores such as 800 points and 900 points should study English grammar at high school level.

Take measures for each part

After studying the words and grammar that are the basis of English proficiency, let's take measures for each part. TOEIC consists of 4 listening parts and 4 reading parts, for a total of 7 parts. Since each part has a different problem format and characteristics, it is necessary to learn how to solve each part and tips. For example, in Part 2, there are strategies such as "don't miss the first question word", and in parts 3 and 4, "look ahead to questions and options". Just knowing such tips and strategies can make it easier to solve problems and can dramatically increase your score. Let's take measures evenly from part 1 to 7 and eliminate the part that we are not good at.

Recommended reference book for TOEIC beginners

There are many types of TOEIC reference books and I don't know which one to use! I think there are many people who say that. From here, we will introduce recommended reference books for TOEIC beginners.

TOEIC L & R TEST Phrase of single express money

Speaking of TOEIC vocabulary, it is a standard vocabulary as much as a golden phrase. It is commonly known as "Kinfure" and is used by many TOEIC learners. This vocabulary contains only the words that are frequently asked in the TOEIC, so you can memorize the words efficiently. The advantage is that you can easily remember the words in the phrase because you can remember them. It is divided into 600-point level, 730-point level, 860-point level, and 990-point level, so you can memorize words that suit your level.

1000 questions in the TOEIC L & R test

This reference book is recommended for those who want to improve their grammar. This reference book is a grammar-specific reference book written by Mr. TEX Kato, who has earned a TOEIC score of 100 times or more. With 1049 questions, you can do a lot of exercises. If you finish this one book, you will not be afraid of the grammar problems of Part 5 and Part 6. The explanations are also polite, and the reasons why the incorrect answer options are incorrect are also described, so you can proceed with learning while being convinced.

TOEIC (R) L & R test for the first time Complete capture of all parts

Use this reference book to take measures for each part of the TOEIC. In this reference book, how to solve each part, tips, and strategies are explained in an easy-to-understand manner. In addition, study methods and practice methods that improve the TOEIC score are also introduced. This one book can take measures for all parts, so it is recommended for those who take the TOEIC for the first time.

Official TOEIC Listening & Reading Questions

The official questions are created in exactly the same process as the production test, so the quality of the questions is the same as the production. Also, because it uses the same narrator as the production, you can train your listening in the same environment as the production. TOEIC is a 2-hour and long-term test. Use the official workbook to train yourself for two hours to stay focused.