How many TOEIC points are required to work abroad?


English proficiency is essential for aiming to change jobs to a foreign-affiliated company. There are many ways to show how good your English is, one of which is TOEIC. If you want to change jobs to a foreign-affiliated company, how many points do you need for TOEIC?

This time, I will explain the TOEIC score required by foreign-affiliated companies, the guideline for each industry, and the learning method to get a high score in TOEIC. We will also introduce skills other than English skills required for changing jobs to foreign-affiliated companies, so it is a must-see for those who are thinking about changing jobs to foreign-affiliated companies!

Estimated TOEIC score required by foreign-affiliated companies

Even if you are a foreign-affiliated company, the TOEIC score and English proficiency required will differ depending on the company and the type of job you are changing. However, if you are aiming to change jobs to a foreign-affiliated company, one guideline is to have a TOEIC score of 700 or higher. When changing jobs to a foreign-affiliated company that often requires practical English proficiency, English proficiency may be checked in areas other than TOEIC, but it is a good idea to aim for a TOEIC score of 700 or higher as an index. ..

From here, I will explain the English proficiency indicated by each TOEIC score. Know how much your current and target scores are worth your English proficiency.

TOEIC 900 points or more

It is said that about 3% of all test takers have a TOEIC score of 900 or higher. Those who have a score of 900 or above can communicate with native English speakers without any problems, and can master English in presentations and meetings. As a non-native, it is proof that you have English proficiency that will not be a problem for both business and private life, and it can be said that foreign-affiliated companies that require English are actively hiring.

Of course, English ability cannot be expressed by TOEIC alone, but getting 900 points or more is a great weapon when changing jobs. However, if you get 900 points or more, you have to keep trying to make your actual English ability proportional.

TOEIC 800-895 points

About 10% of all TOEIC test takers have a TOEIC score of 800 to 895. Although there are some phrases that I don't understand, I have little difficulty communicating in English. Especially everyday conversation will be possible without any problems. With an understanding of long sentences and business English, discussions with native speakers can be arranged in order. You may not be able to use English perfectly in every situation, but what you have to convey is proof that you have the ability to communicate properly.

It does not have as much impact as a person who has obtained 900 points or more, but if it is 800 to 895 points, it is a human resource that is sufficiently sought after by foreign-affiliated companies. However, some major foreign-affiliated companies require that they have obtained 860 points or more.

TOEIC 700-795 points

TOEIC 700-795 points are at a level where you can understand English without any trouble in your work or daily communication, although you cannot always understand English perfectly. You can roughly understand listening and reading long and short sentences. Although I may not understand the details or make mistakes in grammar, I am a person who has basic English proficiency and can use English even in the business scene. However, even if one-on-one conversations are fine, it can be difficult to have conversations with multiple people such as meetings.

Many foreign-affiliated companies use a TOEIC score of 700 as one of the recruitment criteria. It is still necessary to improve your English skills in order to play an active role in a foreign-affiliated company, but there is a good chance that you will be hired as a talented person with growth potential.

TOEIC 600-695 points

TOEIC 600-695 points are about 2nd grade in Eiken, which is a level where you can understand English to some extent. It has basic skills, but it has no applied skills. You may not have much trouble in your daily life, but you cannot say that you can master English in the business scene. You can understand simple conversations and sentences, but often you don't understand complex content. You can give your opinion, but it will be difficult to explain the proof or reason.

If you are a domestic listed company, TOEIC 600-695 points may be a weapon, but if you change jobs to a foreign-affiliated company, the score is a little low as an appeal of your English ability.

TOEIC 500-595 points

TOEIC 500-595 points are the level at which you have basic English proficiency. However, in the TOEIC held in 2021, the average score often exceeded 600 points, which may be a low score to appeal that you have English proficiency. I can understand simple English conversations and short sentences, but I can't understand long conversations and sentences. In addition, it is a level where the difference in nuance depending on the situation cannot be used properly.

Even in domestic companies, the TOEIC score is often evaluated as 600 points or more, and in the case of foreign-affiliated companies, it is highly likely that the TOEIC score of 500 to 595 points will be negatively evaluated. If you want to become a foreign-affiliated company, study further and aim for a higher score.

TOEIC less than 400 points

A TOEIC score of less than 400 is a level at which you do not understand basic English, and in school English it is about the level of a junior high school student. You can ask a short question and answer YES or NO, or you can grasp some content from a short sentence, but it is still not enough to say that you understand English. If your TOEIC score is less than 400, it is safer not to write it on your resume.

English proficiency is not enough to aim for a job change to a foreign-affiliated company, so let's acquire English proficiency by taking TOEIC measures while learning from the basics.

[By industry] TOEIC score required if you want to change jobs to a foreign-affiliated company

In the previous chapter, I introduced that the TOEIC score required by foreign-affiliated companies is 700 points or more and the level of each TOEIC score, but this is just a guide. Even if they are the same foreign-affiliated company, the TOEIC scores required by each industry are different.

From here, I will introduce the standard TOEIC score required for each industry. This is just a guide, but let's know how much score you need in the industry you are aiming for.


If you want to change jobs to a foreign financial company, aim for a TOEIC score of 800-900 or higher. If you always work in English, even if you have 800 points, it is often not considered that you have English proficiency, and in many cases, you can appeal to more than 900 points.

In the financial industry, where English is used for detailed communication, not understanding English can lead to major mistakes and cause enormous damage. It is necessary to have English ability to facilitate not only face-to-face communication but also telephone communication. Not only conversation but also textual communication is required to be accurate, so understanding of grammar is also required.


When changing jobs to a foreign-affiliated manufacturer, the required score will differ depending on the type of job you are aiming for. However, since every department needs to exchange emails and attend meetings in English, get at least 700 points.

For managers and engineers, 800-900 points or more may be required. Managers often have complex communications in English, and engineers need to understand dissertations and coding in English.

Trading company

In the case of a trading company, TOEIC 750 points should be considered as the minimum required line. If you aim to work overseas as an expatriate, a higher score is required. However, in order to be selected as a human resource who can play an active role as an expatriate, it is important not only to have a TOEIC score but also to be able to use English practically.

English proficiency is also required for domestic work. I use English for daily email and telephone exchanges and for dealing with foreigners who come from overseas on business trips.

Foreign-affiliated trading companies are popular as jobs that use English and have a high competition rate, so it is advantageous to have an element that can appeal your English ability in addition to the TOEIC score.


The consulting industry is required to have the ability to communicate in detail and make presentations with clients using English. Therefore, high English proficiency is required, and it is desirable that the TOEIC score is 800 to 900 points or higher. It can be said that it is an industry that requires high English proficiency along with the financial industry.

No matter how much work experience you have, it is difficult to change jobs to a foreign-affiliated consulting company if you lack English proficiency. Practical English proficiency that allows you to communicate with native speakers on an equal footing is required.


If you work as a guest service at a foreign-affiliated hotel, you may be hired if you have a TOEIC score of 600 or higher, which allows you to have smooth daily conversations. When guest support is the main focus, actual communication skills tend to be more important than TOEIC scores, so you may be able to appeal your English skills with factors other than TOEIC.

However, if you want to become a manager or manager in the future, you need at least 700 points to be able to use English in the business scene.


If you want to change jobs in the foreign-affiliated healthcare industry, you need to get about 650 to 850 points. The reason why the score is so wide is that the required English proficiency changes depending on what kind of work you do.

In the foreign-affiliated healthcare industry, not only the ability to understand English, but also the ability to understand technical terms such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and dissertations is a condition for hiring. TOEIC doesn't have many technical terms used in the healthcare industry. It is necessary to acquire not only TOEIC scores but also industry-specific English proficiency.

How to study to get a high score with TOEIC

In order to get a high score in TOEIC for changing jobs to a foreign-affiliated company, it is important to hold down the points and study. Here, we will introduce three study methods.

First, acquire the basics of English

In most cases, a TOEIC score of 700 or higher is required to change jobs to a foreign-affiliated company. If you are aiming for 700 points or more, you must first acquire the basics of English. The basics of English are English grammar learned in junior high school and high school and words that frequently appear in TOEIC.

If you do not understand the English grammar that you learn in junior high school and high school, you will encounter grammar that you do not understand in both reading and listening problems. TOEIC also has complicated grammar problems, but there are many problems that can be solved if you understand the basics of grammar, so let's review the basic grammar first in order to aim for 700 points or more.

In addition, TOEIC, which frequently has problems specific to the business scene, has many words that are not learned in school English. Regarding vocabulary, instead of reviewing the English you learned at school, use a vocabulary book or workbook that introduces frequently used TOEIC words. The more vocabulary you have, the more problems you can solve.

Solve TOEIC problems repeatedly

There is a tendency for questions to be asked in TOEIC. If you solve the TOEIC problem repeatedly, you will find out the tendency of the problem that you are not good at, so let's solve it repeatedly and grasp it properly. We recommend not only the official TOEIC questions, but also the questions for the target score.

If you solve a problem repeatedly and find a problem that you are not good at, make sure you understand where you are going to stumble. If you can understand the problems that you are not good at, you will not stumble on problems with similar tendencies.

If you understand the basic grammar of English and have vocabulary, the key to improving your score is how to eliminate the problems that you are not good at. The closer the problem you are not good at to zero, the higher the score you will get, so be patient and solve the problem.

To output

TOEIC learning, which focuses on studying with a collection of questions, tends to focus on input. However, output is needed to memorize the learned knowledge in the brain. Make your output consciously by listening aloud or making your own review notes.

When listening, shadowing is recommended, as if you follow the voice and pronounce English. Shadowing also improves pronunciation and helps you get used to speaking at native speeds, which is useful for real conversations.

Review notes have the effect of remembering what you learned that day and made mistakes in your brain. Repeatedly solved problems will lose their memory over time, but if you try to write them out and understand them yourself, it will become easier for them to settle in your brain. It is also recommended to make example sentences using the words that came out in the learning of the day and the phrases that you just learned.

The output has the effect of deepening the understanding of English, enhancing the application of English, and acquiring the ability to use English in practice. If you change jobs to a foreign-affiliated company, you will need practical English proficiency, so let's acquire English proficiency that you can use well from now on.

Learning English by yourself is a one-way output, such as speaking out or writing in a notebook. If you want more effective output, online English conversation is recommended. With online English conversation, you can naturally learn output while enjoying conversation. EnglishPhonetics English conversation with teachers from various backgrounds is ideal for TOEIC learning.

Skills other than English are required to successfully change jobs to a foreign-affiliated company!

In order to successfully change jobs to a foreign-affiliated company, you must improve your skills other than English proficiency. I will explain what kind of skills are specifically required.

Communication ability

No matter how good your English is, if you don't have communication skills, you can't build good relationships with customers and business partners. The ability to actively communicate both internally and externally and to communicate smoothly is required. Listening and speaking skills are the basis of business.

Self-appeal power

Japanese companies tend to be required not to make too much self-appeal, but foreign-affiliated companies should appeal themselves and have their boss recognize the results and clearly convey their intentions and opinions. Is required.

When changing jobs, be prepared to understand the person you are and to showcase your strengths. It is also important to anticipate questions during the interview and prepare your own opinions.

Flexible thinking

Foreign-affiliated companies have employees with various backgrounds. Also, there will be people with different cultures in the companies with which we do business. Therefore, we need flexible thinking that can accept diversity.

Flexibility is required without being bound by the concepts of "because this is the case in Japan" and "because we have been doing this until now".