About summer holidays in English


We offer to “prepare the sleigh in the summer” and learn beach vocabulary.

Sun protection

On a beach holiday, of course, you need

  • protect yourself against sunrays

That's why

  • suncream
  • sunblock

will be irreplaceable. Perhaps they can protect from the sun and

  • sunglasses
  • sunhat

Some vacationers prefer to hide from the sun under

  • parasol

that is, under large umbrellas on a long leg.

What to wear to the beach

A particular problem, in particular for ladies, is the choice of "dress" in order to

  • sunbathe
  • get a tan

Of course, the choice falls on either

  • bikini
    swimming costume

Men rarely have to rack their brains - they just need

  • swimming trunks

By the way, our 'swimming trunks' are the ones that James Bond 007 Daniel Craig sported on the beach in the movie Casino Royale. On the feet of vacationers flaunt

  • sandals
  • flip-flops

Yes, by the way, ladies are also often worn over a bikini or a swimming suit.

  • sarong

to walk or walk along the beach. And at the same time, it is not necessary that they have delicate skin that needs to be protected from the sun. Today, a sarong is a stylish beach accessory.

Beach accessories

  • Sunbathe or
  • get a tan

can on

  • deckchair _
  • sun-lounger

Some people like to sunbathe right in the sea, when a light breeze blows and drops of sea water refresh the skin. Then it becomes indispensable

  • use

If you are vacationing with children, then it would be useful to grab

  • bucket и
  • spade

After all, our little builders love so much

  • build sandcastles

Have a nice holiday!