Business English First meeting greetings and self-introduction


Let's learn the expressions of greetings and self-introduction for the first time

QUIZWhich of the following English sentences is correct when saying "I work in (industry) related to IT"?

  • 1)I work in the IT-related industry.
  • two)I work in the IT industry.

Correct answer 2

Be careful not to translate "related" into English as it is. In the case of IT-related industry, it becomes a very vague way of saying "industry related to IT", which is different from the original meaning. In this case, the IT industry is the correct answer. This means "IT-related (industry)".

This is safe ♪ Self-introduction English that you often use

1 My name is Maki Yamada from YKT.
I’m Maki Yamada from YKT.

If you want to introduce yourself by including the branch office or department you work for, the phrase is I'm Maki Yamada from the Sales Department at the Yokohama branch.

2 My name is Emi Kato and I am Takahashi's secretary.
I'm Emi Kato, Mr. Takahashi's secretary.

If you say, "I'm here instead of Takahashi today," say I'm here in place of Mr. Takahashi. Also, if you want to say "I'm in charge of ...", use the expression "in charge of" and say "I'm in charge of public relations."

3 This is Takahashi, my direct boss.
This is Mr. Takahashi.
He’s my immediate supervisor.

This phrase is used to introduce the boss who was present to the customer. Immediate supervisor means "direct supervisor".

4 This is my business card. please.
Here’s my business card.

When exchanging business cards, please say Could I have your card ?. Also, if you have run out of business cards, say I'm terribly sorry, but I'm out of cards right now.

5 My name is Maki Yamada and I took over the work of my predecessor, Sato.
I’m Maki Yamada.
I took over for Ms. Sato.

I'm Ms. Sato's replacement. Is a little shorter and has the same meaning. Also, if you want to say "I'm in charge of your company", say I've been assigned to work on your account.

6 Thank you for your patience.
Thank you for coming today.

Remember also the phrase Thank you for coming all this way. The phrase Not at all. Is often used in response.

7 It's boring but.
I picked up a little something for you.

It is an expression when giving a souvenir. Remember this with the expression Please share this with everyone. In response, I often use the phrase Thank you. That's very thoughtful.

Column How should the department name be expressed?

Do you know how to express the "department" to which you belong in English? It is a necessary word for self-introduction, so be sure to remember it. Please refer to the list of typical ones. (The name may differ depending on the company. Here, the general name is given.)

Department name list
  • Sales Department
  • International Business Department
  • Personnel Department/Human Resources (HR)
  • Systems Development Department
  • General Administration Department
  • Public Relations Department
  • Planning Department
  • Secretarial Section
  • Accounting Department

In business cards, etc., in Japan, the title is put before the name, but in English, the name always comes first.

David K. Smith
Sales Department Manager