What is English coaching?


"English coaching" is rapidly gaining popularity these days. If you are learning English, you may have already seen and heard it.

So why do so many people use English coaching learning?

So, this time, I will explain what kind of learning style English coaching is, along with its effects!

Table of contents
  • What is English coaching?
  • What are the characteristics of learning English coaching?
  • Who is suitable for learning English coaching?
  • Differences from English conversation school
  • Summary

What is English coaching?

First, let's see what kind of learning English coaching is.

Learning styles that support goal achievement

Coaches are the people who support you to achieve your goals, and coaching learning is to work with your coach to achieve your goals. Even if you are not familiar with the word "coaching", it will be easy to imagine if you are a coach for sports.

"English coaching learning" replaces the style of achieving goals with coaches in English. In other words, learning English with a dedicated coach aiming to achieve the goal with a three-legged race. Many people will feel strong because it is not a study alone.

Difference between teaching and coaching

I understand that coaching is a "learning style that supports the achievement of goals," but what is the difference from "teaching," which is a teaching method at English conversation schools?

The big difference between teaching and coaching is that teaching is a lesson for gaining knowledge, while coaching supports how to use the acquired knowledge . Simply put, it not only learns, but also supports "how to review". The underlying reason for this is that the teaching type follows a fixed curriculum, while the coaching type follows an individual curriculum.

Another big difference is that you can consult at times other than lessons by coaching. In addition, their communication styles are also different. Teaching tends to be one-way communication from the instructor to the learner, but coaching emphasizes the learner's remarks and guides the solution in an appropriate way, so two-way communication is required.

What are the characteristics of learning English coaching?

Now that you have an overview, let's take a look at the features of "English coaching learning". Coaching schools range from large to individual, and each offers its own services, but here we will look at the common characteristics.

There is an individual curriculum that suits the learner's goals

Each person has different learning goals, but in English coaching, we set up an individual curriculum tailored to each learner's goals. Usually, a dedicated consultant checks the learner's English level and goals and makes an appropriate learning plan.

Aim to achieve the goal with short-term concentration

At English conversation schools, etc., we will proceed with learning without a special period, but in English coaching, we will set a period and aim to achieve the goal in a short period of time. The period varies from person to person, but in most cases it is about 2 to 4 months. It's just short-term intensive learning.

High-quality dedicated coach gives individual guidance

Many coaching schools are based on knowledge-based lessons such as second language acquisition research, linguistics, and psychology, which scientifically clarify the process of acquiring a language other than the mother tongue. Therefore, a high-quality dedicated coach with abundant specialized knowledge and experience will provide individual guidance. Not surprisingly, the quality of knowledge received from experienced coaches will be high.

Combining the "quality" and "quantity" of learning

The level and tasks of the learning content are optimized for the learner, and the "quality" of learning that concentrates on what cannot be done, and the "quantity" are secured by schedule management and motivation support that enable efficient learning. In other words, it is a learning style that eliminates waste that has both "quality" and "quantity".

Have learning support

One of the reasons I stumble when learning English is that I can't ask anyone about any questions I may have while learning. However, in coaching learning, there is learning support other than lessons, so you do not have to worry about it. Of course, you can receive not only consultation but also feedback on learning methods and progress, and emotional support, so you can rest assured.

Who is good at learning English coaching?

Next, we will show the advantages and disadvantages of learning English coaching and see what kind of people are suitable for coaching learning.

Advantages and disadvantages of coaching learning

It is a merit to set up an individual curriculum, but there are other factors that can be merit, so let's check it. There are some items that overlap with the features, but please check again.


The following are the benefits of coaching learning.


・ Because it is an individual curriculum, the effect is improved
. ・ Because it is a thorough schedule management, you can make learning a habit.・ You
can feel the effect in a short period of time.・
There is support other than the lesson. ・ You can
change the mindset.
・ If you learn the learning method, after the lesson You can learn on your own

A mindset is like a habit of thinking and understanding things formed by the environment and experience. Values, beliefs, prejudices, criteria, etc. are also influenced by the mindset. Learning methods are important in learning English, but the way of thinking about learning, that is, the mindset, is very important. It is a great merit to be able to change the mindset by coaching learning, because there is a possibility that the habituation that is already rooted in oneself and the habituation that is difficult to acquire may be a negative mindset.

Also, once you learn how to learn coaching, you will be able to study on your own even after the lesson is over. Of course, it will be possible to maintain not only the learning method but also the mindset and motivation.


There are two disadvantages: Since it is an individual instruction, the fee is higher than that of an English conversation school, etc. In the case of a major coaching school, the market price is 150,000 to 200,000 yen a month. Of course, some schools cost less than 100,000 yen a month. The market price for the month is high, but the study time is several tens of hours a month, so it may be said that the price is reasonable considering the number of hours.


・ Because it is an individual instruction, the fee is high
. ・ There are few encounters with learning companions.

Suitable for English coaching

Then, from the advantages and disadvantages, we will search for people who are suitable for coaching learning and those who want to recommend it.

The person most suitable for coaching learning

"People who aim to improve in a short period of time" and "People who strongly desire to improve" are most suitable because they can enjoy the benefits of coaching learning most. It's the best learning method for people who will be assigned overseas or study abroad in a few months.

Those who want to recommend coaching learning

I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking about learning English, but the following people are especially recommended for coaching learning.

・ People who have been frustrated many times
・ People who are likely to be frustrated by themselves ・ People who
are spending time on waste ・ People who
are worried about learning methods ・ People who are not good at
achieving results ・ People
who are not good at schedule management
・ Busy Those who think that they cannot secure study time

Difference from English conversation school

Finally, as a "summary" explained here, I will compare English conversation school and coaching learning. Neither is better, it's just a different learning style. Please check the differences and find the learning style that suits you.

Lesson format

English conversation school: School-type group lessons are the mainstream, individual lessons are also available
Coaching learning: School-type face-to-face group lessons and individual lessons, online individual lessons, consulting are individual

Learning curriculum

English School: Curriculum by Course
Coaching Learning: Individual Curriculum to Meet Learners' Needs

Learning time

English conversation school: lessons about once a week, voluntary preparation/review, no learning guidance from the school
Coaching learning: 1 minute lesson, 2 to 3 hours a day, including preparation/review, number of weekends Time, schedule management by consultant

Study period

English conversation school: Take lessons without setting a learning period to raise the level
Coaching learning: Set learning goals and study intensively in a short period of 2 to 4 months


English conversation school: No particular evaluation
Coaching learning: Confirmation of retention by internal and external tests


English conversation school: The market price is 4,000 to 6,000 yen per frame
Coaching learning: The market price is 150,000 to 200,000 yen a month.