Free TOEIC mini test alternatives | 8 training mock exams


When you are studying for TOEIC, you are wondering what your score is now. It's a good idea to keep track of your current score guidelines, both to stay motivated and to develop your weaknesses.

Therefore, in this article, I will introduce the TOEIC mini-test, which are indicators of English proficiency at the present time. Each test / mock exam is a simple one that can be completed online, so be sure to solve the mini test / mini mock exam questions on a regular basis to get an idea of your current score.

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  • 8 Recommended TOEIC Mini Tests and Mini Mock Tests
  • If you can understand the TOEIC mini test

8 Recommended TOEIC Mini Tests and Mini Tests

Here are eight recommended sites for mini-tests and mini-tests that give you an idea of the current TOEIC score. There are various mini-tests and mini-tests, from those that you can easily do for free to those that are rich in content for a fee, so let's try the one that suits you.

Sample questions on the official TOEIC website

This is a sample question published by the Institute for International Business Communication, which operates the TOEIC. Both the listening section and the reading section are prepared, and you can do a mini-test in the actual question format.

When you press the play button of the listening question, the correctness is displayed as soon as you select the answer. The good operability is also attractive. You can trust the quality of the problem as it is published on the official TOEIC website. The official TOEIC website also has other services that support TOEIC learning, such as fill-in-the-blank exercises and schedule reminders, so I would like to make good use of them!

ALC TOEIC Mini Mock Test

This is a free mini-test provided by ALC, which publishes various reference books and problem books for TOEIC measures. Part 1 to Part 7 are prepared, and not only the answers but also Japanese translations and explanations are shown in detail. Not only can you solve the mini-test, but you can also understand what was the cause when you made a mistake.

The quality of the problem is high because the problem is supervised by ALC's TOEIC preparation staff. It's free, but it's a problem that suppresses the characteristics of TOEIC and the tendency of questions. The outline of the problem is also explained for each part, so it will be easy to understand even for those who are going to take the TOEIC for the first time.


CASEC is a full-fledged mini test that you can take online at any time. The result can be confirmed immediately after a test of about 40 to 50 minutes. It is not a TOEIC-only test, but an English communication ability test, but it is recommended for those who want to understand their current ability because the TOEIC score guideline is displayed.

After conducting the test, you will receive level-specific advice and detailed feedback on what points you should hold down to study, which will be useful for TOEIC preparation. It is not a test that is specialized only for TOEIC, so you can aim to improve your English skills more practically. The results are saved, so if you take them regularly, you can see at a glance how your English ability is changing.


An e-test that allows you to easily take the TOEIC test on your smartphone or tablet 24 hours a day. It takes only 30 minutes to judge your current English proficiency and convert it into a TOEIC score. Since it is a fixed fee for one month, it is attractive that you can take the TOEIC test as many times as you like during that period.

There are three levels of the test, and you can take Level 1 with 600 points as a guide. If you answer 90% or more correctly at level 1, level 2 of 730 points will be released, and if you answer 90% or more of level 2 correctly, level 3 of 990 points will be released. Questions will be delivered appropriately from 3000 questions, so you can check your English level with different questions each time.

The screen automatically switches when the time comes, so you can take the test as if you were in TOEIC. It is a mini-test that is also used as an assessment test for educational institutions and companies. You can use not only mock exams but also online vocabulary, so you can use it for vocabulary measures.


This is a TOEIC-specialized mini-test for those who are studying TOEIC. There are two PRACTICE TESTs, each with 200 questions and a volume, so you can work on it like an actual TOEIC. TOEIC also requires speed and concentration to solve problems, but it is also ideal for training them.

Detailed explanations in English are also displayed, so you can get into the habit of understanding English in English. There is also a 45-question free sample test that you can start right away, so it's a good idea to try it first.

testden TOEIC® Practice Test

This is a TOEIC preparation test by a Canadian company that develops and provides online software for TOEIC and TOEFL. Enter your name, email address and country of residence and you will be able to take the mock test three times for free. Each test takes about 30 minutes and the site counts the time, so it's a great way to get a feel for how fast you should solve the problem.

The site also displays the score ranking for that month, so trying to get into the ranking will also motivate you to study. You will win a TOEIC online course worth 129 USD by lottery every month. There is a possibility that you can study TOEIC at a better price, so if you are studying TOEIC, this is a test that you would like to try once.

Exam English

This is an online site where you can take 200 questions for one TOEIC test for free. It is also ideal for TOEIC last-minute measures, and you can challenge problems just like in production. The explanation for each question is not so detailed, so it is recommended for those who want to take a practical mock exam. The actual TOEIC is also 200 questions, so let's solve the problem while paying attention to the time allocation.

You can take it as many times as you like for free, so you can use it to check your ability before taking the TOEIC test or between the tests. There is no history of solving, so it is recommended that you make a note of the score each time.

Weblio Vocabulary Diagnosis

This is a vocabulary diagnosis provided by Weblio, Japan's largest online English dictionary. You can take the test focusing on your vocabulary, not the actual TOEIC test format. You can take the TOEIC vocabulary test up to 4 times in a row by registering as a free member. If you do not register, you can receive up to 2 times and unlimited free premium service for up to 60 days.

Even if you register as a free member, you can register in a vocabulary book and save the diagnosis results, so this is a site that you definitely want to use for TOEIC vocabulary measures. There is a diagnostic test for each target score and a comprehensive diagnostic test. TOEIC requires listening and grammar comprehension, but how much vocabulary you have is the key to improving your score, so incorporate it into your daily learning to improve your vocabulary.