How useful are English phonetic symbols?


"Is English phonetic symbols useful for studying English?"

"Do I have to remember English phonetic symbols?"

I think there are many people who are wondering, or who are worried about whether to study.

So, in this article, "Why English phonetic symbols are important for studying English and English pronunciation"


"Is English phonetic symbols useful?"

The question is, but this is all about "useful!"

I don't know how to pronounce the first word. Without looking at the phonetic symbols

Suppose you only hear the audio. If you have never studied English pronunciation, only voice

Can you hear what the vowel was if you heard it?

What if it was a paper dictionary? Suppose you don't have a voice and you just look at a word and pronounce it.

It's all selfish pronunciation. It's just an imagination, "Maybe it sounds like this."

To know the original pronunciation of a word, "know the phonetic symbol" and "know the sound of each phonetic symbol"

That is why studying is essential.

Then, "What should I do to know the sound of each phonetic symbol?"

The answer is "study phonics" first. Phonics is the basis of pronunciation,

There are various rules. Know this rule, phonetic symbols with phonics

By studying, you will not make a mistake in the pronunciation of words so that you can understand each pronunciation even in the first English sentence.

Will be.

"Do I have to remember English phonetic symbols?"

As for the question, this is "absolutely memorable" rather than "must remember".

Because, when I look up a word that I don't know how to pronounce in a dictionary, the phonetic symbol is written next to the word.

If you don't know which phonetic symbol each refers to, you won't know how to pronounce it.

Ideally, you can imagine the sound by looking up the word → looking at the phonetic symbol → looking at the phonetic symbol.

However, you can't learn how to pronounce the phonetic symbols correctly in a day or two.

Phonics is studying to know the rules and understand phonetic symbols to some extent,

That's not enough to study actual pronunciation.

"What should I do to actually improve my pronunciation?"

This question is all about "pronunciation correction". That's why a pronunciation correction school like ours

It does exist.

"Isn't phonetic symbols disjointed in the dictionary?"

This is often asked by students.

This is actually true, and the phonetic symbols used by dictionaries are different.

There are two main types of phonetic symbols.

One is Jones type (Jones type). The other is IPA (IPA)

(Abbreviation for International Phonetic Alphabet).

The Jones formula has long been used in Japan and is still used in many dictionaries.

The Genius dictionary is a typical example, but in terms of online dictionaries, so is ALC.

However, recently, IPA has become widely used internationally.

Speaking of online dictionaries, Weblio in Japan, Collins, Longman in foreign countries,

IPA is adopted by Cambridge, Oxford, etc. Sometimes you can see it in these dictionaries

It is a mixed notation of IPA and Jones formula. So it's definitely helpful to know both.

I personally like IPA better, because when I write phonetic symbols

It means that the number of characters to write is small. For example, when it comes to the vowel [r]

The Jones formula is [əːr]: with accent, [ər]: without accent,

IPA is written as [ɚː]: with accent and [ɚ]: without accent, so the number of characters to write is small.

The vowel and consonant sounds of phonetic symbols are not as numerous as in English words. So it's better to remember

In the future, English sentences will be easier to read and are essential for studying pronunciation.

It's hard to remember words, but I can't even remember phonetic symbols! Some people say that,

If you say such a thing, your pronunciation will not improve easily. Self-styled katakana pronunciation forever

It is difficult to get out of.

The phonetic symbol also has an accent = stress symbol. Not just to know the sound

You should always check the phonetic symbols when you look up a word so that you know where the stress comes from.

I often see people who read it in their own way and are less stressed.

Even if the stress shifts by one, it may sound like another word. To break away from native English

It is very important to know and study phonetic symbols.

How was it?

Phonetic symbols are indispensable for studying pronunciation. Let's learn it to improve your pronunciation!