Examples of interview answers in English


Job interviews are a tricky business. And if it takes place in English, then the pleasure is even less. But without difficulty you can’t even catch a fish from a pond - the higher your level of English, the more clearly you demonstrate this at an interview, the larger the numbers on your salary card will be.

We will help you pass your interview in English with the help of 45 basic answer phrases needed for an interview. For your convenience, we have divided them into several thematic groups.

Describing the level of education

  1. I graduated from … University (College) in … – I graduated ...
    'I graduated from Trinity College Dublin in 2007.'
  2. I majored in … – my major was...
    '… and I majored in Engineering.'
  3. I graduated as … in … – I graduated as … in XX
    'I graduated as a Mechanical Engineer in 2009.'

We describe the desire for self-learning and advanced training.

  1. I enrolled for a … degree in … – I signed up for (any courses) for a while
    'I've enrolled for a PC maintenance course and I'm going to finish it in 7 months.'
  2. Obtained my … degree - I received (name of the degree)
    '… and I successfully obtained my master's degree in 2 years.'
  3. I'm an individual with a solid … educational background –
    I'm an individual with a solid IT educational background.'
  4. Engaged in extensive extra-curricular activities - I am addicted to a huge number of activities.

Answers to the question about personal qualities

  1. I'm a wide profile sales/marketing/customer support professional
  2. I perform well under pressure - I cope well with tasks in stressful situations
  3. I'm used to working in a busy environment - I'm used to working in a stressful environment

The following expressions should bounce off your teeth: they are very smart, solid, and will come in handy at all stages of the interview.

  1. Customer-oriented - focused on working with clients
  2. Meeting targets - achieving goals
  3. Handle stress easily - handle stress easily
  4. Team player - team player
  5. Can-do attitude - attitude to work in the style of "I can"
  6. Drive to succeed - striving for success
  7. Results driven - result oriented
  8. Eager to learn - interested in constantly updating knowledge
  9. Good at multitasking - great at multitasking

Describing previous work experience

It is important to remember the golden rule here - never speak badly about previous employers. Indicate career aspirations, higher expectations, and greater responsibilities as reasons for leaving.
  1. I have … years' experience in the field
  2. Proven track record - official employment
  3. Work against the clock - work with a lack of time
  4. 'to meet deadlines' - meet deadlines
  5. Liaise with other departments - interact with other departments

Explain why we want this position

  1. I want to further my career in sales/marketing - I want to advance my career in sales/marketing
  2. In line with my qualifications - corresponds to my qualifications
  3. I want to take on more responsibility - I want to take on another responsibility
  4. I want to pursue a career in ... - I want to build a career in ...
  5. This job would be a natural progression - this job is a logical continuation of my professional path

We are discussing a piquant issue - wages

The key advice for talking about salary is never to mention numbers, be streamlined, hint at high expectations that match your qualifications.
  1. Competitive salary - competitive salary
  2. My remuneration was adequate - my remuneration was reasonable (about the previous job)
  3. I expect experience based remuneration - I expect a reward corresponding to my experience
  4. My salary expectations are in line with my qualifications and education - my salary expectations are in line with my qualifications and education level

We prove what is different from other candidates

  1. What sets me apart from other candidates is - Distinguishes me from other candidates ...
  2. …is what makes me the best candidate for this position! - ... is what makes me the best candidate for this position
  3. I'm self-motivated - I motivate myself
  4. I take pride in my work - I take pride in my work
  5. I'm very attentive to detail - I am very attentive to detail
  6. I'm 100% involved while performing work-related duties - I am 100% involved while performing work-related duties.
  7. I'm good at resolving problem situations - I'm good at resolving problem situations

Describing the level of language proficiency

  1. I have effective communication skills in English – both verbally and in writing. – I have strong speaking skills in English, both written and spoken. This is a golden phrase. Learn it by heart, and it will give you 50% success rate.
  2. I've been speaking English for the last … years
  3. I've been working in an English speaking environment for the last … years
  4. My English is competent for this industry
  5. … wouldn't present any difficulties whatsoever – ... would not present much difficulty.