Business English Email-Greetings


Learn about greetings in the general structure of business emails written in English.

The general structure of business emails written in English is Salutation, Greeting, Body, and Conclusion and Closing.

QUIZMr. Aoyama will write an email to ABC Corporation in English. This is the first time we have sent an e-mail to ABC Corporation, and we will send it to the e-mail address of the inquiry window posted on the homepage.
Which greeting is most appropriate for you at this time?

  • A.Hi! How are you?
  • B.Thank you for your interest in our products.We are pleased to hear that they are very useful to you.
  • C.My name is Minami Aoyama of Easy 123 English. We are an English language school located in Tokyo.
  • D.It is nice to meet you.

Correct answer C

Greetings are used according to the situation, such as introducing yourself when sending an email for the first time and showing gratitude when replying to an email.
This time, as you can see from the email address and the content of the compliment, I have no acquaintance with the person in charge of the company sending the email, so I need a sentence to introduce myself and the company.

Explanation of other options

A: It's good for emails sent to friends and family, but not for business situations, especially when sending to strangers like this one.

B: Since it is supposed to be sent to ABC Corporation for the first time, the content "Thank you for your interest in our products" is not suitable.

D: “It is nice to meet you.” Means “Nice to meet you” and “I am honored to meet you” and is used in the scene where you are actually facing the other person. Not used in email.


Depending on the situation, it is advisable to change the content and degree of the greeting.

Let's Practice! Let's practice aloud.

Let's introduce ourselves by exchanging the company name, industry, and location.

Dear Sir of Madam:
My name is [your name] of (1) company name.
We are (2) industry located in (3) place name.

  • (1)XYZ Mart
  • (1)ABC Motor Corporation
  • (1)Wonder Travel
  • (1)Fun Park
  • (2)sporting goods retailers
  • (2)automobile manufactures
  • (2)a travel agency
  • (2)a family entertainment theme park
  • (3)Tokyo
  • (3)Osaka
  • (3)New York City
  • (3)London