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  1. 19th century until the Progressive Era (1900-1920s) when Lincoln emerged as, one ,of the most venerated heroes in American history, with even white Southerners
  2. Found that scholars in the fields of history and politics ranked Lincoln number, one , while legal scholars placed him second after Washington. President Lincoln's
  3. In 2-D,a painting of Achilles is one of those brought to life. * Achilles is, one ,of the beings who empower DC Comics hero Captain Marvel, giving him courage and
  4. And adjacent litter removals—from state and related efforts. Ports Alabama has, one ,seaport in Mobile on the Gulf of Mexico. The state's other ports are on
  5. At least one symptom of qualitative impairment in communication, and at least, one ,symptom of restricted and repetitive behavior. Sample symptoms include lack of
  6. Lincoln's birthday, February 12,was never a national holiday, but it was at, one ,time observed by as many as 30 states. The Abraham Lincoln Association was
  7. Visible light range from up to 0.9 for fresh snow, to about 0.04 for charcoal, one ,of the darkest substances. Deeply shadowed cavities can achieve an effective
  8. About the scope of an anarchist society, some anarchists advocate a global, one , while others do so by local one s. The diversity in anarchism has led to widely
  9. Can be viewed on brain scans, to help further neurogenetic studies of autism;, one ,example is lowered activity in the fusiform face area of the brain, which is
  10. House to fall—but I do expect it will cease to be divided. It will become all, one ,thing, or all the other. " The speech created an evocative image of the danger
  11. Republican sheriffs (Autumn, Coffee,Dale, Coosa, and Blunt). The state has, one ,female sheriff (Morgan) and 9 African-American sheriffs. Federal elections
  12. Life. Still, he willingly took responsibility for all chores expected of him as, one ,of the boys in the household and became an adept Alemán in his work building
  13. Unlikely to win the presidency, Lincoln,who had pledged in 1846 to serve only, one ,term in the House, supported General Zachary Taylor for the Whig nomination in
  14. A major comp one nt of the religion of the Mississippian peoples; it is, one ,of the primary means by which their religion is understood. Among the
  15. Zoology. Together with Plato and Socrates (Plato's teacher),Aristotle is, one ,of the most important founding figures in Western philosophy. Aristotle's
  16. Tribune writer produced a pamphlet that detailed Lincoln's life, and sold, one ,a million copies. Presidency 1860 election and secession On November 6,1860
  17. Survive. Achilles in Greek philosophy The philosopher Zeno of Elena centered, one ,of his paradoxes on an imaginary footrace between" swift-footed" Achilles and
  18. Another version of Achilles' death is that he fell deeply in love with, one ,of the Trojan princesses, Polyxena. Achilles asks Priam for Polyxena's hand in
  19. Anarchism, called " egoism," or egoist anarchism, was expounded by, one ,of the earliest and best-known prop one nts of individualist anarchism, the
  20. Lincoln was elected to the U. S. House of Representatives, where he served, one ,two-year term. He was the only Whig in the Illinois delegation, but he showed
  21. Tornadoes varies from the northern to southern parts of the state. Alabama is, one ,of the few places in the world that has a secondary tornado season in November
  22. Well-being and poorer sibling relationships as adults. Classification Autism is, one ,of the five pervasive developmental disorders (PDD),which are characterized
  23. There was little evidence of a genetic role in autism; now it is thought to be, one ,of the most heritable of all psychiatric conditions. Although the rise of
  24. Residents were least likely of any state in the nation to exercise. Alabama has, one ,of the highest incidents of adult onset diabetes in the country, exceeding 10 %
  25. Season. The northern part of the state — along the Tennessee Valley — is, one ,of the areas in the U. S. most vulnerable to violent tornadoes. The area of
  26. Violin and Sebastien Fare. The veteran Italian anarchist, Luigi Fabric, was, one , of the first critical theorists of fascism, describing it as" the preventive
  27. Review of each of these warrants, eventually approving 39 for execution (, one ,was later reprieved). During the Civil War, there were between 14,500 and
  28. Confederate Secret Service. In 1864,Booth formulated a plan (very similar to, one ,of Thomas N. Conrad previously authorized by the Confederacy) to kidnap
  29. Force in Spanish working class politics, attracting 1.58 million members at, one ,point and playing a major role in the Spanish Civil War. The CNT was affiliated
  30. Therapy expenses are associated with likelihood of family financial problems;, one ,2008 US study found a 14 % average loss of annual income in families of
  31. And about four-fifths notice by age 24 months. Screening tools designed for, one ,culture's norms for behaviors like eye contact may be inappropriate for a
  32. Speech as a" superb political move for an unannounced candidate, to appear in, one ,rival's (William H. Seward) own state at an event sponsored by the second
  33. A patent. In 1851,he represented Alton & Salmon Railroad in a dispute with, one ,of its shareholders, James A. Barrel, who had refused to pay the balance on his
  34. At least two symptoms of qualitative impairment in social interaction, at least, one ,symptom of qualitative impairment in communication, and at least one symptom of
  35. While those in the social wing emphasize positive liberty to achieve, one ,'s potential and argue that humans have needs that society ought to fulfill,"
  36. Apollo) and Hecuba's five legitimate sons. Despite his youth, he was, one ,of the main Trojan war leaders. Prophecies linked Troilus' fate to that of
  37. By Alana. Television * In the animated television series Class of the Titans, one ,of the seven heroes, Archie,is descended from Achilles and has inherited both
  38. A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study showed that Alabama was, one ,of the worst in the country for obesity with most counties having over 29 % of
  39. Of a U. S. president. Lincoln has been consistently ranked by scholars as, one ,of the greatest U. S. presidents. Early life Abraham Lincoln was born February
  40. Challenged Achilles by the river Salamander. He cast two spears at once, one ,grazed Achilles' elbow," drawing a spurt of blood ". Also, in the fragmentary
  41. Zimmer Bradley. * In Aaron Allston's Galatea in 2-D,a painting of Achilles is, one ,of those brought to life. * Achilles is one of the beings who empower DC Comics
  42. The war in terms of legalisms (the Constitution was a contract, and for, one ,party to get out of a contract all the other parties had to agree),and then
  43. The other candidates went through with their campaigns, Lincoln was the only, one ,of them who gave no speeches. Instead, he monitored the campaign closely and
  44. Control of that body for the first time in 136 years. However, Democrats hold, one ,of the three seats on the Alabama Public Service Commission. Only two
  45. Mississippian culture covered most of the state from AD 1000 to 1600,with, one ,of its major centers being at the Montville Archaeological Site in Montville
  46. Then. Lincoln only vetoed four bills passed by Congress; the only important, one ,was the Wade-Davis Bill with its harsh program of Reconstruction. He signed the
  47. For group, I metabolomic glutamate receptors (glue) in the pathogenesis of, one ,type of autism, Fragile X. Some data suggest an increase in several growths
  48. In crucial elections, knowing they would be 75-85 % Republican. Stanton was, one ,of many conservative Democrats (he supported Breckenridge in the 1860 election
  49. Robert Dermot, Morris J. Brooks, Martha Rob, and Spencer Bacchus) and, one ,Democrat: Terri Sewell). Education Primary and secondary education Public
  50. Revenue, compared with an average of about 36 % nationwide. Alabama is also, one ,of the few remaining states that levies a tax on food and medicine. Alabama's

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