Using the coursebook to navigate a series of lessons


In order to follow a series of English lessons effectively, it is often recommended that learners make use of a coursebook. This helps to provide a clear structure for what is being learned and also offers handy exercises to practice new language points. In the video below, one teacher explains how she uses her coursebook to plan her classes and help her students learn more effectively.

Selecting from the coursebook to suit particular needs

There are a variety of course books to select from, and it is important to choose the one that will fit the learner's needs. The coursebook should be interesting and engaging for the student, and it should also match the level of instruction. It is also helpful to find a coursebook that includes practice exercises and a dictionary.

Adapting the coursebook to suit one's own class and students

In this video, the presenter discusses how to adapt a coursebook to better suit one's own class and students. He makes suggestions on how to change the content, structure, and level of a coursebook to make it more suitable for your specific context. This is a great resource for those who want to get the most out of their coursebook, but don't want to compromise on their teaching style or students' needs.

Selecting from or adapting the coursebook to suit individual needs

Most of us have experienced the frustration that comes with finding a coursebook that is either too challenging or too easy. Thankfully, there are now plenty of online resources that provide teachers with the ability to select from or adapt the coursebook to suit their individual needs. For example, the video below showcases a platform that allows users to create tailor-made courses by selecting from a variety of materials including texts, videos and audio files.

Different attitudes to using the coursebook

There is a range of attitudes to using the coursebook in class. Some teachers believe that it is the be-all and end-all of teaching, while others see it as a resource that can be used selectively. In my opinion, the coursebook should be used as a tool to help students learn, not as a crutch that prevents teachers from using their own creativity and knowledge.

Teachers use a coursebook in different ways

There are many different ways that teachers can use a coursebook in the classroom. Some teachers prefer to follow the book closely, while others like to use it as a resource and plan their own lessons. There are also teachers who like to mix and match elements from different coursebooks.

How to use the coursebook in planning

This video is a tutorial on how to use the coursebook in planning. It shows you how to find the different sections of the book and how to use them for your lessons.

Selecting from and adapting the coursebook

Selecting a course book can be overwhelming, but don't worry - there are ways to make the process easier. In this video, we give you some tips on how to select and adapt a coursebook for your class.