What do you need to improve your English speaking for TOEFL?


When you say, "I often use English at work" or "I want to strengthen my speaking skills through TOEFL measures," I tend to worry about finding teaching materials. The number of published teaching materials is enormous, and many people may not know what to choose.

Because speaking is one of the things that you are not good at learning English, you want to use effective teaching materials to improve your ability efficiently.

Therefore, this time, we will introduce 15 books that the editorial department especially recommends from among the many speaking materials.

Table of contents
  • What do you need to improve your English speaking?
  • How to choose the speaking material that suits you
  • For beginners! Recommended speaking materials for pronunciation correction
  • Recommended speaking materials to get used to speaking
  • For those who want to work or career! Recommended speaking materials specializing in business English
  • What are the study methods and tips for improving your speaking skills?
  • Summary

What do I need to improve my English speaking?

First of all, I will explain each of the points that are indispensable for improving your English speaking.

Perfect basic vocabulary and grammar

When thinking about improving your speaking skills, the first thing you want to value is the basic parts such as vocabulary and grammar.

The point that is often talked about as a key to learning practical English conversation is the output such as "Let's speak English more and more anyway". However, that is only when you have some basic knowledge of English.

Even if you have many opportunities to speak English, you cannot improve your speaking skills unless you know the English words and grammar to convey your intentions correctly. If you have the experience of not being able to communicate well, you may lose confidence and lose motivation.

When working to improve your speaking level, review the basics of grammar such as English words and SVC / SVO, and input them perfectly.

Acquire correct pronunciation

Acquiring correct pronunciation is also an essential point for improving speaking.

Even if you have perfect vocabulary and grammar knowledge, if you speak with the wrong pronunciation, the other person will not be able to hear you and you will not be able to tell what you want to say. There are many English words that can be conveyed as different meanings even if the pronunciation is slightly different.

Also, by learning the correct pronunciation, it becomes easier to grasp the rhythmic feeling peculiar to English, so it is possible for the other party to speak more easily. In addition, pronunciation training is said to be effective in raising the level of listening skills. By learning the correct pronunciation, you will be able to understand the meaning of the language that comes from your ears faster and more accurately.

It is very effective to acquire correct pronunciation in order to facilitate communication in English.

Eliminate resistance to speaking English

Efforts to eliminate resistance to speaking English are also important.

The first reason why Japanese people tend to be weak in speaking is that they have few opportunities to use English. If you live in Japan, there aren't many situations where you need English.

Therefore, many Japanese people are reluctant to speak English, and there are many cases where the output is not good.

In Japan, it tends to be more important to keep pace with others than to assert yourself or stand out. As I mentioned earlier, in Japan, English is rarely used on a daily basis, so many people feel resistance because speaking English makes them stand out.

In addition, Japan's unique “shameful culture” such as “it is embarrassing if you cannot speak perfect English” also contributes to the resistance to speaking English.

How to choose the speaking material that suits you

Next, I will explain the points to keep in mind in order to select the speaking material that suits you.

Choose the material that suits your level

The first important thing is to choose the right material for your level.

There are various levels of speaking materials, from basic ones learned in junior high school to advanced students who want to aim for a high score in TOEFL.

If your level is extremely higher than your ability, or if it is too easy, you may not be able to study as you wish and your motivation may drop.

First of all, let's grasp your level firmly. For those who don't know their speaking level, it is recommended to refer to official standards such as CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

Another option is to consider taking an online English speaking speaking test.

Clarify the purpose of improving speaking and choose the one that suits you

It is also important to have a clear purpose for why you want to improve your speaking skills.

There are various purposes for speaking, such as "I want to strengthen TOEFL measures," "I want to be prepared so that I will not be in trouble at my study abroad destination," and "I want to have smooth communication in business." Phrases and English words to remember differ depending on the purpose.

Even if you get a speaking material without a clear purpose, you may still have problems such as "I don't know what to start with" or "The content of the material is different from what I expected."

In order to study effectively, start looking for teaching materials with a firm awareness of your goals and goals.

Choose a CD or app that can hear audio

It is also important to choose a CD or application that allows you to hear the model audio.

As I mentioned earlier, it is very important to acquire correct pronunciation in speaking. Even if you have a lot of knowledge of English words and phrases, if you cannot speak with the correct intonation and pronunciation, you may not be able to convey your intentions to the other person correctly.

Many of the speaking materials on the market come with an access code to a CD or a dedicated app. The smartphone app is especially recommended for people who want to listen easily during commuting time such as commuting time.

If you want to improve your speaking quality with better pronunciation, strengthen your ear training with audio materials.

If you are a beginner, choose one that is easy to understand

Recommended speaking materials for beginners in English are those with polite and easy-to-understand explanations.

Choose the one that explains from the very basics, such as how to pronounce each alphabet such as R and V. In addition to explanations about English, teaching materials that explain tips for learning English, such as "efficient study methods for improving" and "practice methods that are useful for practice," will keep you highly motivated.

When it comes to teaching materials for intermediate and advanced users, it is important to note that some of these "how-to" parts have been omitted on the premise that the reader is aware of them.

Even for beginners! Recommended speaking materials for pronunciation correction

Then, I will introduce the recommended speaking materials for beginners. First of all, it is a recommended speaking material that specializes in training correct pronunciation.

A how-to book to learn English-specific pronunciation

First of all, I would like to introduce "A book that makes master English pronunciation correct with DVD & CD ". The previous publication has been revised and a DVD has been added.

The newly added DVD explains in detail 26 vowels and 24 consonants in English based on the basic English words learned in junior high school with images. It explains in detail the words that each sound is included in and how to distinguish similar sounds.

This material is especially recommended for those who want to practice pronunciation thoroughly from the basic stage and want to learn phonetic symbols together.

Recommended level Beginner
author Yuri Sumi
the publisher Natsumesha
Price (tax included) 2,420 yen

Let's learn natural pronunciation while singing happily!

For those who like to sing songs and those who want to be able to sing English songs, " Stimulate children's English ears! English songs to listen to and sing with native pronunciation " is recommended.

Contains 35 English nursery rhymes familiar to nursery schools and kindergartens, including "Alphabet Song". There are also event songs such as "Happy Birthday To You" and "Jingle Bells".

The model performance is a native pronunciation by a foreign instructor. In addition, all songs are compatible with smartphones and come with karaoke accompaniment, so you can sing at your favorite timing and place.

Recommended level Beginner
author — —
the publisher Yamaha Music Entertainment Holdings
Price (tax included) 1,980 yen

The definitive pronunciation textbook presented by a popular English coach on SNS!

For those who want to know the pronunciation tips in a pinpoint manner, or want a textbook that is easy to understand and takes lessons, we recommend the " Sota-shiki! The magical law of learning "English pronunciation" like a native 40 ".

The author, Sota in English, is a popular coach who sends English content on YouTube and SNS while coaching and giving lectures in English nationwide.

How to overcome sounds that Japanese people are not good at, mouth movements that Japanese does not have, tips for grasping intonation and rhythm peculiar to English are explained in an easy-to-understand manner with voice.

Recommended level Beginner-Intermediate
author English sota
the publisher Gakken Plus
Price (tax included) 1,650 yen

A book that can fundamentally correct English pronunciation

Based on the view that "the difference in sound between English and Japanese lies in the throat," the " Method of English Throat 50 with 2 CDs and Audio DL " thoroughly explains the tips of pronunciation.

We analyze the pronunciation method and rhythm of native English speakers, and analyze how Japanese native speakers can aim for natural English pronunciation from various angles.

If you continue reading, you can improve not only pronunciation but also listening skills.

Recommended level Beginner-Intermediate
author Kazuaki Uekawa Gina George
the publisher Sanshusha
Price (tax included) 1,650 yen

Try to correct pronunciation easily with the app!

" Dr. Pronunciation " is recommended for people who want to use the app to correct pronunciation in their spare time. As associated with the title "Doctor", it is an application that analyzes the user's pronunciation and points out the correct pronunciation and "what sound is different and how".

Phonetic symbols are displayed in the training, and it is designed so that the difference in pronunciation can be visually recognized. There are more than 4000 English words and idioms, including paid areas.

Recommended speaking materials to get used to speaking

Next, I will introduce speaking materials recommended for those who want to get used to speaking in English.

This is the basis of grammar that is indispensable for speaking!

First of all, I would like to introduce " English Hanon Beginners-Redo English Grammar Super Drill for Speaking ". This is a teaching book that is likened to "Hanon," which builds the foundation of technology that can be used in all songs on the piano. You can get a general idea of the basics of grammar that are essential for speaking.

A wealth of speaking pattern practices based on the basic English grammar learned in junior high school and high school. While listening to the downloaded audio, you can train the basics of grammar and practical English conversation at the same time.

Recommended level Beginner
author Masahiko Yokoyama Sachiko Nakamura
the publisher Chikuma Shobo
Price (tax included) 1,980 yen

Learn English "types" in the same order as native children

Next, I would like to introduce " 80 patterns that native speakers can learn by the age of 12 and English will not stop!

Focusing on "how a child of a native speaker learns English", this teaching material is designed so that English can be naturally learned.

The beginnings of sentences that are useful in English conversation are divided into 80 types, and are classified so that you can gradually improve in the order of "6 years old", "8 years old", "12 years old", and "teen years old".

Recommended level Beginner
author Ryo Tsukamoto
the publisher Takahashi Shoten
Price (tax included) 1,320 yen

A book that reflexively speaks English

" Instant English composition training to speak more and more " is recommended for people who say, "I should have knowledge of English in my head, but when I try to speak, I get stuck in words ... ".

This is a training book specializing in "instant English composition" that creates English sentences using elementary grammar at the level learned in junior high school. Knowledge of English that you only "know" through training to create a large amount of English becomes practical "usable" English conversation that conveys your intentions.

It also features a structure that allows you to gradually increase your speaking ability from middle 1 to middle 3. If you want to get practical training, please pick it up.

Recommended level Beginner-Intermediate
author Yosuke Morisawa
the publisher Beret Publishing
Price (tax included) 1,980 yen

An app that allows you to train English every day like a game

" Duolingo " from the United States is one of the most popular smartphone apps for language learning in the world. It features a game-like structure, such as cute characters and items that you can get each time you clear a problem.

Duolingo was invented by the developer of the web authentication system "reCAPTCHA", which is widely used in Japan.

With a wide range of English selection, Japanese translation, listening, English composition, and speaking and problem variations, you can improve your overall English proficiency.

In the speaking problem, when you read the displayed English sentence to your smartphone, the pronunciation and intonation will be evaluated. It is a nice point to be able to listen to the model voice as many times as you like on a word-by-word basis.

If you want to practice speaking, this app!

The smartphone app " TalkEnglish " is recommended for those who already have basic English grammar and vocabulary knowledge and want to practice and train more and more.

A wide range of situations are expected for more than 200 types of practical questions, and you can expect to improve not only speaking but also listening and vocabulary. It is also characterized by the ability to carry out strengthening training tailored to the purpose, such as listening exercises, quizzes to measure comprehension, and conversation practice functions.
Another point is that you can record conversation practice. If you want to improve your speaking ability more efficiently, it is also effective to listen to your pronunciation objectively. Use the recording function on a regular basis to check your speaking ability.

For those who want a job or career! Recommended speaking materials specializing in business English

From here, let's take a look at the recommended teaching materials for those who want to "use English at work" and "learn speaking to advance their career".

For TOEFL speaking measures!

First of all, the speaking material " TOEFL iBT Test Required Phrase 100-For Speaking Writing Strategy " is recommended for those who take the TOEFL for various purposes such as changing jobs, career advancement, job hunting, and studying abroad.

Based on the eight important points in speaking output, this book is the fastest way to take TOEFL speaking and writing measures.

Recommended level Intermediate
author Eiko Suzuki
the publisher Teyes Planning
Price (tax included) 2,420 yen

If you want to learn Business English, this is the first book!

Next, I would like to introduce the revised version of the "Peraviji" series, which boasts a long hit as an English conversation teaching material for business, " Revised English Conversation Perapera Business 100 ".

This book teaches the tips of business English conversation by the author who knows all about the weaknesses of Japanese people as well as know-how of business communication overseas.

Recommended level Beginner-Intermediate
author Steve Soresi Robin Soresi
the publisher ALC Publishing
Price (tax included) 3,520 yen

Business English textbook that doubles as a TOEIC measure

" English Conversation Phrase Great Special Training Business Edition " that contains 770 kinds of phrases that frequently appear in the business scene. A wide range of phrases that can be used immediately in practice are posted, assuming all situations from greetings to reception, appointments, daily conversations in the office to presentations.

You can train mainly on phrases that you are likely to use, along with free voice that can be downloaded to your smartphone, tablet, or PC. TOEIC frequent phrases are also introduced, so it can also be used as a TOEIC measure.

Recommended level Beginner-Intermediate
author Michy Satanaka (Author) Ichizo Ueda (Supervised)
the publisher J Research Publishing
Price (tax included) 1,540 yen

The definitive business English conversation app!

If you want to easily know the phrases of business English conversation that can be used immediately with the app, " Business English conversation " is recommended.

In addition to daily work and basic greetings, you can see frequently-used phrases by occupation, industry, and scene.

It is also a point that the explanations of idioms and words to application examples are carefully explained.

Recommended for those who want to improve their presentation skills in English!

At the end of the business edition, we will introduce a viewing application for the presentation program " TED " by specialists in all fields.

With over 100 subtitles, you can check and remember phrases that can be used in presentations with English subtitles, or use "shadowing" to practice pronunciation and intonation. You can search for programs by field, so you can use it as a reference for your presentation.

What are the study methods and tips for improving your speaking skills?

Finally, I will introduce study methods and tips for improving speaking.

Be sure to make sure to solidify the foundation before working on it

As I explained at the beginning, let's master the basic parts such as English grammar and English words before studying speaking.

Especially for beginners, the speaking level changes greatly depending on whether or not they have the basics. Before engaging in speaking training, it is important to review basic English with rudimentary materials.

The guideline is English learned in junior high school and high school. Let's start by learning basic grammar and simple English words from the teaching materials for junior high school students. Once you have the grammar and words in mind, it is recommended that you try English composition using them.

It is also important to try to pronounce correctly from the elementary stage of study. As I mentioned earlier, train your ears well with CDs and teaching materials with apps.

Practicing with more and more mouth

Once you have a solid foundation, it is very important to actively read and speak. Use speaking materials to practice English words and phrases.

At this time, you can use the audio such as CDs attached to the teaching materials. You can perform "repeating", in which the voice is stopped and repeated for each phrase, and "overlapping", in which the text of the teaching material is read aloud according to the voice of the model.

The text you use for repeating and overlapping is even more efficient if it's a topic about a situation or job that you might be involved in. Please practice with the intention of rehearsing, being aware of the actual English-speaking scene.

Don't try to use difficult English

Avoiding forcibly using difficult English words and phrases is also a shortcut for improving your speaking skills.

Difficult phrases and grammar are difficult to use in practice, and there are many cases where you cannot speak well. Increasing the experience of failure can lead to setbacks.

Unless you need highly specialized words or phrases, simple English is usually enough. Let's start by increasing the number of drawers for simple expressions.


My daily routine every morning is to make a pot of coffee and drink it. ↓
I drink
coffee every morning.

Continue learning every day

Continuing learning every day is essential to developing your speaking ability.

It is very important to continue learning, not just in English. Research from specialized institutions has also shown that daily continuation strengthens the cranial nerve circuit, and conversely, the more blanks there are, the more the cranial nerve circuit built by learning is lost.

However, it is not easy to establish new habits in your daily life. In many cases, learning plans that are made in advance do not go as planned, and it seems that motivation often declines.

It is also important not to aim for perfection in order to continue learning. Let's accumulate small goals that are easy to continue, such as "It's OK to just open the teaching materials every day" and "10 minutes is fine on a busy day".

Reference: Visualization of flexible changes in the brain due to learning a foreign language-Continuation proves power with brain images-

Create opportunities to talk to natives

It is effective to provide practical opportunities to improve speaking. It will be better training if the other party is native.

By listening directly to the intonation and intonation of a native speaker, you can correct your own pronunciation and intonation.

Also, one of the merits is that you can be exposed to "English thinking" such as actively asserting yourself and expressing your opinions clearly. If you don't have any acquaintances or friends with native speakers, have a place to practice online English conversation.

For those who are busy with work and cannot take time to take English conversation classes during the day, we recommend EnglishPhonetics English Conversation, which is held from 6 am to 1 pm every day. Reservations can be made up to 5 minutes before the day, so you can flexibly train your speaking according to your schedule.


In this article, I explained tips for improving speaking and recommended teaching materials.

Speaking tends to be difficult to learn in English, but the key to improving is to select teaching materials according to your purpose and level.

Don't forget to continue the "output" of talking with native speakers while studying pronunciation and vocabulary.