Incorporate worcation into your English learning


While working from home is becoming more commonplace, more and more people are doing "wortation" while spending vacations away from the office. "Work + vacation = workation" is a work style that originally started overseas.

How about trying to relax and work on learning English in a place away from everyday life, like worcation? Study in a cottage in the woods, on the beach terrace, or in a luxury hotel room in the city to change your mood and improve your efficiency! Here, we will teach you how to effectively practice English learning worcation.

Why Worcation Listens to Learning English

Some people may think, "You don't have to travel and study ...", but if you dare to study while traveling, you can get effects that you don't have in your daily life.

It will be easier to acquire new knowledge

Being in nature or in a different hotel room will reset your body and soul and prepare you to accept new things. Studying at home is an extension of what you normally do, but by daring to work, you will be motivated to acquire new knowledge from scratch.

Easy to secure study time

I tend to get calls, want to watch TV news, and stop studying at home. However, if you go to Worcation and decide that "study time is from 9:00 to 12:00", you can definitely secure the study time. Also, by deciding to take a walk from the afternoon, you will have plenty of time to relax.

Makes it easier to remember what you have learned

It seems that human memory is easy to remember and remember when combined with something else impressive. For example, if you have the experience of reading aloud in English at a cottage in Karuizawa, you will see the bright greenery and feel the refreshing breeze, and at the same time, the content you read aloud will come back to life.

What you need to do to learn English with wocation

I think there are many people who usually study English while using a computer at home or using a smartphone when going out. If you plan to stay outside your home on vacation, you need to be prepared to study comfortably while traveling. Let's see what you should be careful about.

What kind of place do you recommend?

Studying while staying at a hotel or inn can be a refreshing experience, but if possible, you'll want to use the outdoor terrace, garden benches, and large parks for studying. Make sure your accommodation has such facilities and that there is a large park nearby.

If you can't afford to travel far, we recommend hotels in the city. It's also a good idea to check if there is a lounge that you can use for studying or if there is a cafe nearby that looks comfortable.

Things to check in advance

A comfortable internet environment is essential for watching English videos and listening to audio. Check if Wi-Fi is connected in the lounge or garden as well as in the hotel or inn room. Just in case, it is convenient to bring a mobile Wi-Fi router so that you can use it outdoors. If you don't normally use it, you can rent it in advance.

Depending on the hotel, you may be able to watch news channels such as CNN in the United States and BBC in the United Kingdom on TV. By using these broadcasts, you can be immersed in English all day long as if you were staying abroad.

What kind of study can you do with worcation?

Even those who are usually busy and studying little by little have a chance to work on one thing during wo-cation. Take this opportunity to do what you couldn't do before.

Read aloud your favorite book carefully

Many people say that even if they try to try an English novel, they could only read a few pages a day. During your vacation, you can read as many books as you like. You can read aloud without hesitation if you are in a hotel/ryokan room or in the nature where there are no people around.

Challenge listening to movies and dramas

When listening to overseas movies and dramas, I think I was studying in small pieces, such as 10 minutes or 20 minutes a day. With worcation, you can do the following learning all at once.

1. Watch a movie or drama by covering the subtitles with paper, etc.
2. The second time, subtitles are put out to check how well the content was understood.
3. Hide the subtitles again and challenge how much you can hear.
4. It is even more convenient to use services that have English subtitles, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime original works.

Challenge the English diary with a video

Speaking of a diary, you can usually write something or keep a diary by voice recording, but if you are in worcation, you can shoot a video while walking in nature and talk about the scene you are watching and hearing in English. You can keep a video diary as it is. For example, you can use this expression.

The birds are chirping.

I can hear the sound of the sea wave.

The evening sun is setting.

The sky is full of stars.

If you upload the created video to SNS, you can record it as a memory of worcation.

You can take online English lessons for EnglishPhonetics as well as during worcation. Turn on the video and show your teacher what's going on around you. If you explain something like I'm having a holiday on the seaside. ( I can study more efficiently. ), The conversation with the teacher will surely be lively.

It's a good idea to take a lesson at the end of the day and explain what happened that day and what you'll do the next day. Even with the same teacher and the same level of lessons as usual, you will surely feel very fresh.


Some people say that studying more efficiently is done not only in the house but also in cafes and park benches. English learning worcation has developed this. Let's change your mood and concentrate on improving your ability.

In line with the growing popularity of worcation, we may have launched a great deal on consecutive nights at hotels and inns, such as "Worcation at a hot spring inn." Please take advantage of these plans and realize your own worcation experience.