What is a really effective way to practice English pronunciation?


I've been worried about English pronunciation so far, "How can I pronounce English like a native speaker?"

I'm sure there are many people who aim to improve with various practice methods.

If you pronounce English better, you will not only be able to communicate smoothly in practice, but you will also be able to speak English positively and comfortably and confidently.

This time, for those who haven't improved their English pronunciation with the practice methods they have tried so far, what should be a really effective practice method? I will explain about!

Three elements to be included in English pronunciation practice

If you search the internet, you will find a page that tells you how to practice various pronunciations.

The number of apps that allow you to learn English by yourself is increasing.

In order to improve English pronunciation, it is necessary to select a practice method that can aim for a certain effect and aim to improve the level according to the content.

However, what is worrisome here is

"Can we find out how to practice English pronunciation that really works?"

That point.

Certainly, there are various practice methods in the world that claim to be "pronunciation correction," so many people may be wondering what to choose.

Now let's talk about three elements that should be included in pronunciation practice.

1. First of all, you can understand with your head

It is important to change your consciousness.

For example, when doing muscle training, it is easier to get the effect if you know where to train, such as "I am using this muscle now", rather than just blindly imitating the movement of the instructor. increase.

It can be said that it is important to "understand with your head" even when practicing pronunciation, considering that you can repeat the practice more effectively because you can understand the object to be conscious by understanding. increase.

Discovering Sounds first provides training that seems to have nothing to do with English pronunciation, such as muscle training around the mouth, but what is needed to improve English pronunciation, why adopt that practice method? I will explain if it will be effective.

If each practice method has a purpose and you have a concrete understanding of the expected effects, your consciousness will change naturally.

If you change your consciousness, you will understand that "I am doing △△ for ○○ now", and since I am always convinced, it will be easier to get the effect.

2. Know how to practice repeatedly by yourself

When it comes to practicing English pronunciation, you can't expect dramatic effects after trying it once or twice.

By repeating the same practice, it becomes easier to pronounce English, and in the end, you will be able to pronounce beautiful English naturally without thinking about it.

Therefore, even if you go to school, the amount of practice will be insufficient if you practice only during the lesson time.

You need to be sure to remember and learn how to practice so that you can practice at home as you would at school.

3. There is a track record of actually improving pronunciation with that practice method.

There are many ways to practice English pronunciation, such as books and apps, but the one you should choose is

"Practice method that can be expected to have a certain effect".

In that case, it is natural to choose a method that has a proven track record of improving English pronunciation in that practice method.

Discovering Sounds' proprietary pronunciation correction exercises have been highly successful for the past 15 years.

Our students are

・ It became possible to clearly understand the pronunciation of English, which is not found in Japanese.

・ Because it is an exercise based on theory, it is easy to remember and you can feel the feeling of learning.

I feel a certain effect.

If you choose a practice method that people who have actually tried it feel the effect, you can expect the same high effect with the same practice method.

If you can get results that do not disappoint, let's do our best! I'm sure there are many people who think that.

Your motivation will also increase!

Three Common Misconceptions About How to Practice English Pronunciation

If you think that you should succeed this way and choose the wrong method, you will never improve your English pronunciation and waste your time.

Here, I would like to explain three points that many people misunderstand when correcting English pronunciation.

Misunderstanding (1) Learn English pronunciation from native speakers!

I think there are still many people who think that Japanese teachers are not good at learning English pronunciation.

First of all, this is a misunderstanding.

When I try to learn pronunciation from a native instructor, I can't get out of the " impersonation " level forever unless I understand the specific method of "how to pronounce?" And the difference between Japanese and English pronunciation methods.

Rather, it is the strength of Japanese teachers to be able to explain the pronunciation method logically.

That's why Discovering Sounds offers lessons by Japanese teachers with a deep knowledge of pronunciation.

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Misunderstanding (2) Shadowing is the most effective!

Shadowing that is pronounced over the English voice.

If you have a certain level of English proficiency, you will often use shadowing practice methods aimed at strengthening pronunciation on a daily basis.

Many people believe that shadowing can dramatically improve English pronunciation, but in reality the effect is not good enough.

This is because repeated shadowing does not improve the pronunciation itself unless you have the basics of pronunciation.

Shadowing is effective in getting used to the rhythm of English and grasping the knack of how to add intonation, but it is not expected to have the effect of being able to pronounce each English sound accurately.

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Misunderstanding (3) If you study abroad, you will learn pronunciation naturally

There is no mistake in the fact that you can improve your English naturally by putting yourself in an English-only environment.

However, in English pronunciation, we cannot expect much change just by spending days immersed in English.

"If you study abroad for the time being, your English will become fluent."

For sure, there is some reason to get used to "somehow telling".

However, pronunciation does not improve on its own.

English pronunciation can only be mastered by learning "how to pronounce".

It cannot be said that 100% imitation can be achieved just by listening to it.


How was it? In this article, as a way to choose an effective English pronunciation practice method,

1. Can be understood by the head

2. You can repeat it yourself

3. There is a track record of actually improving pronunciation with practice methods

I introduced three points.

If the English pronunciation practice methods you have tried so far have not worked, you may have understood why they did not work.

Discovering Sounds lessons will surely improve and improve your English pronunciation with detailed explanations by Japanese teachers.

If you are interested, please take a trial lesson!