What happens if you improve your English pronunciation?


I'm sure there are many people who want to master English pronunciation, but why?

I'm sure there

"I want to be able to speak cool!"

"I want to be able to speak English that can be understood by native speakers!"

I think there are various reasons.

In this article, I will explain the specific benefits of what changes when you improve your English pronunciation!

Three benefits of improving English pronunciation
There are many benefits to improving English pronunciation, but here are three of the most beneficial.

The benefits of strengthening English pronunciation are not just "the pronunciation is beautiful and you can speak coolly" .

The following three merits introduced here will be extremely significant as a result of improving the overall level of English proficiency.

Let's explain the merits of each!

1. Improve your listening skills
Once you learn English pronunciation, you will be able to understand the origin and mechanism of English pronunciation by yourself, so even if you stand on the side of listening to English, the feeling you hear will be completely different.

If it is a sound that can be uttered with your own mouth, even if it is uttered from another person's mouth, the sound will come into your head properly as "English".

Sounds that were previously processed like "noise" enter the brain as English, and as a result, comprehension is greatly improved.

To put it simply, you can understand what you can say even if you hear it from others.

Pronunciation correction brings about a synergistic effect of listening UP.

2. Speaking power improves
Correcting English pronunciation is also related to improving speaking ability.

The reason is that I can be confident in my English.

Even if you are not confident in your English pronunciation and couldn't be proactive in speaking English, if you are confident in the English you speak after correcting your pronunciation, you will naturally have the opportunity to speak "I want to speak more!" You will be able to be positive about it.

The more opportunities you have to speak, the more you will become accustomed to speaking.

If you are not confident in your English pronunciation, you will not be able to be proactive in speaking situations.

When your pronunciation improves, it also has the effect of overcoming that barrier and further improving your speaking ability.

3. Communication becomes smooth
If the English pronunciation remains Japanese, it often interferes with conversations with native speakers.

Even if you think that you pronounced it correctly, it will not be transmitted no matter how many times you repeat it. In such a situation, smooth communication will not be realized easily.

The better your English pronunciation, the easier it will be for the other person to understand your English.

As a result, communication will proceed smoothly, and you will be able to convey deeper stories and more thoughts than ever before.

Especially in the business scene, in order to give the other person a sense of trust, the pronunciation and speaking style that makes people think "this person can do it!" Is a great weapon.

All you need to do to improve your English pronunciation is "exercise"!
Considering that there are many benefits to improving English pronunciation, I would like to work on pronunciation correction right away.

But the point here is to "correct the pronunciation in a really meaningful and effective way."

Even if you blindly imitate native English or repeat shadowing many times, you will not get the desired effect.

In order to improve English pronunciation, it is necessary to first understand how English pronunciation is uttered, and then practice to learn how to utter in the same way as native speakers.

What is Discovering Sounds Native Muscle Exercise?
The mouth, tongue, and throat that we Japanese move naturally when we use Japan on a daily basis.

You don't have to be aware of how to move them. Because Japanese is our mother tongue.

However, when speaking English, there are many different parts, such as using muscles that we do not normally use and tongue movements that are different from usual.

Now you know that you need exercises to master those movements!

Native muscle exercises are exercises that help you get used to moving parts of your muscles, throat, tongue, etc., just like native English speakers.

By doing native muscle exercises, you will be able to produce completely different "native English sounds".

The benefits of improving English pronunciation are so great that pronunciation correction is essential in the process of mastering English.

Discovering Sounds lessons are thoroughly taught by a Japanese teacher. One of the attractions is the sense of security that you can proceed while checking with the instructor each time you have any questions or concerns.

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I'm sure you'll be able to see how you can master pronunciation in this way!

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In this article, "Benefits beyond expectations! What happens if you improve your English pronunciation? I introduced about!