Remember the rule of articles on the example of a bedroom


  • The article 'the' is used to identify the object: When I wake up I check the clock.
  • The article 'a' is used to indicate an unfamiliar noun: There is a couch in my room.
  • The article 'a' is used when listing or listing items: I have a clock, a computer and a lamp in my room.

We analyzed the statistics of mistakes that students make during video lessons and found that about 10% are articles in English. And this is strange, because the rules are very simple. Therefore, we decided to write another article about articles, but to tell it not in dry grammatical “stamps”, but to make an association with the room. This will make it easier to remember. Our teachers guarantee that after reading this short article, you will not forget this rule. This workout can be done alone and not a bit shy. So, let's begin.

What is the first thing you do when you get out of bed? It's safe to say that you

  • Make the bed
  • Open the window
  • open the internet
  • Check the clock
  • open the curtains
  • Go to the bathroom

And when do you do it? Naturally, in the morning . Let's not forget that we also use the definite article 'the:' in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening with parts of the day.

You may ask why make the bed and not make a bed ? Yes, because the bed is definitely yours! The same can be said about the clock, and about the curtains, and about the bathroom. With the Internet it is even easier: it is always used with the article the.

Waking up and washing, you look around your home. What do you see there? Well at least

  • A bed
  • A table
  • a computer
  • a window
  • A chair
  • A mirror
  • A couch

Why do we see the indefinite article 'a?' next to these objects? There are at least two explanations. First, there are such structures as:

  • There is a…
  • I have a…

After them, the singular noun must be followed by the article 'a'. Secondly, this is the first time you mention these objects, so the article 'a' is put again. By the way, one more argument can be made in favor of 'a' - as a rule, lists of things are also compiled with this article.

Let's summarize:

Table. Rule of articles in English

We use the article 'a' to denote a singular noun. A noun is a thing, object, or person.

We use the article 'the' when we know what kind of clock, curtains, etc. it is.

Mandatory :

Can :

Use the article 'a' only with a single number: a computer, an umbrella

Use the article 'the' with both singular and plural: the computer, the curtains

  • I wake up in the morning.
  • I check the clock, make the bed and go to the bathroom.
  • In the bathroom I look in the mirror.
  • After the bathroom I return to my room.
  • There is a computer, a table, a chair and a wardrobe in the room.
  • I also have curtains there.
  • You can see a picture and a portrait of my family in the room.