Colorful idioms


Idioms are a very difficult layer of vocabulary to learn, especially if this vocabulary is in a foreign language. However, this routine can be turned into pleasure. Today, our source of pleasure is “colored” set expressions.

Table. English color idioms




As black as coal - black as night
As black as night - black as night

As red as cherry - deep red

As red as a poppy - deep red
As red as a ruby - deep red

As red as blood - deep red
As white as a ghost - as
white as a sheet As white as a sheet - as white as a sheet

Black and blue - bruised

To catch someone red-handed - catch someone red-handed To raise a white flag - give up, throw a white flag

Black and white - one-sided, uncompromising

In the red - in debt, unprofitable White elephant - an unnecessary acquisition

Black eye - a bruise under the eye

Out of the red - paid off debts To whitewash something - cover / hide something

Blackout - turning off the light

To paint the town red - have fun, revel


Black sheep - black sheep

Red-carpet treatment – top-level reception

To give someone the green light - give the green light, give permission to someone

To blackmail - blackmail

Red in the face - confused

Green around the gills - sick, green with pain

To blacklist - blacklist

Red-letter day - red day of the calendar

Green-eyed monster - envy, jealousy

In the black - successful, profitable

To see red - rage

Greenhorn is a naive person




In the pink (of condition) - healthy as a bull

To have a yellow streak

Blue in the face - furious, heated

Pink slip - notice of dismissal

Yellow-bellied - cowardly

Blue-ribbon - exceptional, the best

To see pink elephants - hallucinate


To get the blues - get upset

Tickled pink - flattered, satisfied

To get gray hair - turn gray with excitement

Out of the blue - unexpectedly

Gray area - a dark spot on the map, an undiscussed issue

To talk a blue streak - chatter

Gray matter - the gray matter of the brain