How to improve online English conversation skills for free?


Now that globalization is progressing and the corona is terrible, some people may be considering online English conversation. However, it can be a little daunting for people who don't usually speak English to suddenly learn English online. On top of that, many people may wonder if they can really speak English through online English conversation.

So, this time, I will introduce how to achieve good results in online English conversation, touching on four matters that tend to be done. If you're wondering how to improve your online English conversation, check it out.

Identifying 4 issues in online English conversation

When you're just starting online English conversation, you're full of expectations that you can study English conversation at home. However, it is also true that some people feel a big gap between ideals and reality. How can I continue studying effectively? From here, I will introduce four matters that tend to be done in online English conversation.

1. I can't choose the lesson that suits me

Even if you say "online English conversation" in one word, there are various lessons such as those that mainly deal with everyday conversation and those that specialize in English used in the business scene. If you want to be able to speak English at work, you have to learn mainly phrases that are often used in the business scene to feel the effect. When choosing an online English conversation class, check the content and curriculum of the materials and choose the lesson that suits your purpose.

2. I can't stay motivated and can't continue

Some people may have started online English conversation, but eventually withdrew because they couldn't continue their lessons. It's not limited to English conversation, but once you lose your motivation, you can sympathize with the feeling of annoyance.

It may be unavoidable that you can't continue without motivation, but if you really want to improve your English conversation, you have to think of ways to stay motivated. I will explain the hints for that in detail later.

3. In the lesson and on the waist

People who don't normally use English will feel a little uneasy when asked to speak English. There is no end to thinking about whether the words and phrases are correct and whether the pronunciation is strange. Even in online English conversation, it seems that there are many people who feel anxious and sick at first.

However, that does not improve English conversation. I created an opportunity to speak English one-on-one, so it doesn't make sense if I don't speak it. Even if you make a mistake in English, you will not be laughed at or angry by the teacher. It is natural to fail at the beginning of learning. Let's talk openly.

4. Do not touch English outside the lesson

When you finish your online English lessons, you will feel relieved and want to take a break with the sense of accomplishment that you have studied. However, it is to not review as it is. If you haven't reviewed what you learned after the lesson, or if you haven't prepared before the lesson, you won't be able to establish what you've learned unless you create an opportunity to use English outside the lesson.

Since I am taking English conversation lessons, I need to devise my own way so that I can absorb everything I have learned. If you want to improve your English conversation, try to create opportunities to experience English other than online English conversation.

Points to improve in online English conversation 1 | Examination of lessons

So far, I have introduced four points that are often used in online English conversation. Avoiding these will prevent you from making big mistakes. However, if you start online English conversation, you want to improve as much as possible. From here, I will explain how to choose the lesson that suits you from the many online English conversations.

Try multiple teachers to find one that works well

Many online English conversations have a system that allows you to choose your own teacher for each lesson. The point of choosing an instructor is to choose a person who suits your level and the purpose of learning English conversation. Also, if you are nervous, make it easier to talk. I think that the atmosphere at the time of conversation and gender are also involved. Some people say that it's easier to talk to people of the same sex.

The only way to find a teacher that suits you is to actually talk. You may be nervous at first, but take lessons from different teachers until you find the one you want.

Choose a lesson that suits your purpose

Choosing a lesson that suits your purpose is the key to improving your English conversation. For example, if your goal is to prepare for Eiken speaking, it is a good idea to choose a lesson with appropriate teaching materials and a dedicated curriculum. If you only have free talk lessons every time, you may feel a gap instead of improving, and your motivation may drop. When that happens, it's a waste to have the desire to learn.

Some online English conversation classes have hands-on lessons and some will explain the lessons in detail, so be sure to carefully scrutinize and choose the one that suits your purpose.

Points to improve in online English conversation 2 | Maintaining motivation

As I explained in the second that I tend to do in online English conversation, no matter how good the environment is, it is difficult to continue learning if you cannot maintain motivation. Here's how to stay motivated to improve your English conversation.

Set a deadline and set specific goals

To stay motivated, first make a clear decision about when you want to be. If you work with the desire to be able to speak English vaguely, you will be spoiled that you will improve someday even if you do not do your best now, and the lesson itself will not continue. This is a common mistake in online English conversation.

It is also necessary to set a deadline when deciding the required number of lessons and course content. Also, if you have a deadline, you will be able to drive yourself and you will naturally be motivated to study.

Declare that you are having online English conversation

Proclaiming that you are having online English is also an effective way to stay motivated. The reason is that if you declare it to others, you will be asked how you feel about online English conversation and how much your conversation has improved, and you will feel a moderate amount of pressure.

It's a little embarrassing to think that you've just started and quit immediately, or that you're doing online English conversation but your English conversation hasn't improved much. This pressure is motivating to continue. If you're worried about staying motivated, try declaring to your family, friends, colleagues, etc. that you're having online English conversation.

Schedule online English lessons fixed weekly

Many online English conversations can be scheduled to suit the student's schedule. It's nice to have a high degree of freedom for busy working people. On the other hand, there are many people who find it difficult to set their own learning pace and continue because it is not enforceable.

It's not limited to online English conversation, but if you can't make it a habit, you won't be able to continue doing anything. Therefore, it is recommended to decide the lesson schedule in advance. It's a good idea to fix the day of the week and the time of day. It may be a little difficult until you get used to it, but as you become more familiar with your life, you will be able to continue your lessons.

Be sure to make the next reservation after the lesson

Once you're away from English conversation, it's easy to lose motivation and move away from lessons. To prevent this, make it a habit to make the next appointment immediately after each lesson.

Even if it is difficult to make the next reservation, it is better to make the next reservation as soon as possible. You can easily cancel your online English conversation, so you can make a reservation on a tentative schedule. When choosing a popular teacher, it's better to be even faster.

Points to improve in online English conversation 3 | Initiatives outside the lesson

You understand that just taking lessons online will not improve your English conversation. However, many people do not know exactly what to do. For such people, we will introduce in detail the learning efforts outside the lesson from here.

Prepare for lessons

Preparation is essential to improve your English conversation. Before taking a lesson, it may be about 10 minutes, so check the materials used for the day and prepare for it. Even a little preparation will give you more room in your heart. This will allow you to work more enthusiastically than usual, resulting in a higher quality of learning.

On the other hand, if you don't prepare for it, you won't understand everything and you'll get sick. Start lightly for a few minutes and you'll gradually get used to it.

Input English outside the lesson

You should think of online English lessons as a place to output what you have learned rather than input. To make the limited time of lessons meaningful, you need to make your own input time.

For example, there are many contents that you can experience English for free, such as reading foreign books and English newspapers, watching English news, overseas dramas and movies. Let's utilize these and accumulate English words and phrases actually used by native speakers. What I learned will gradually take root by repeating the output in the next lesson.

Be sure to review what you have learned after the lesson

It's easy to be happy when the lesson is over, but don't let your guard down here. It is important to review it when you are done. Check the English words and phrases learned in the lesson repeatedly and make them your own.

You can take notes during the lesson, so it's a good idea to have a notebook for English conversation. Also, it's a good idea to get into the habit of investigating what you didn't understand during the lesson.

Challenge exams such as TOEIC and Eiken

It's hard to tell how much you're improving your English just by taking online English lessons. Therefore, we recommend that you try a qualification test such as TOEIC or Eiken. You can check your overall English proficiency as well as speaking.

Knowing your own abilities will make it easier for you to plan your future studies, and you can expect to be more motivated by feeling your own growth, which will help you improve your English conversation.

Points to improve in online English conversation 4 | Preparation during lessons

Of course, it is important to prepare and review, but it is also very important how you spend your lessons. It can be said that the outcome of the lesson depends on how you prepare to take it. Here are some points to keep in mind during the lesson.

Set your own goals for each lesson

Of course it is important to set the final goal of online English conversation, but set your own goals for each lesson. For example, it can be as simple as "use one expression you learned last time" or "use three or more input expressions".

The recommendation is to say hello in a different pattern than last time. Let's start with the simple ones first. Having a goal allows you to focus more on your lessons, and achieving it will motivate you.

Speak as much as you can during the lesson

Online English conversation is basically one-on-one lessons. Only the teacher can see it, so don't be afraid to make mistakes and talk as much as you can during the lesson. Until you get used to it, you may get stuck in words or you may not come up with a phrase, but you will learn more from there.

The point of speaking a lot in English is to avoid simple expressions such as "YES" and "NO". Speaking in as long a sentence as possible will improve your speaking ability. In addition, English conversation consists of exchanging words with the other party. Try not to create silence during the lesson.

Don't hesitate to ask questions or requests to the instructor

Instead of leaving the lesson content to the instructor, make your own requests and questions. Basically, you don't get angry at anything related to the lesson, so don't hesitate.

For example, let's tell more and more what you need to improve your English ability, such as "I want you to teach me in detail if the pronunciation is wrong" and "I want you to handle themes according to the range of questions because you will receive the TOEIC". It is more efficient to actively communicate the genre you want to study and the field you want to develop, and have them take lessons according to it.


This time, as a way to improve online English conversation, I introduced it while touching on the that tends to be done. Don't be afraid to make mistakes and try to speak a lot, and if you continue the lesson, you will definitely improve. Of course, don't forget to set goals and prepare and review.