How to write an address in English


Today people rarely write letters, rather type; rarely put them in the mailbox - rather click on the "send" icon. What can I say, 80% of electronic correspondence has replaced the “paper” one. And in vain: it is the good old traditional letters that are an indispensable training of lexical skills for English learners. In addition, no one has canceled the tradition of greeting cards and photo news from abroad. Therefore, it is very important to be able to properly observe the culture of writing and be able to write an address in English.

Earlier, we analyzed in detail what language means are recommended to be used in the text of an informal and business letter . But here's the problem: you wrote a letter, but how to send it? The address must also be correct! Therefore, in this article we will devote time to this important nuance.

So, where to put the address on the letterhead? In our scheme, the form itself is indicated by the number 1. No. 2 is the sender's address, No. 3 is the date. If you send a postcard, then the address of the recipient is indicated.

An example of a correct address in English

Of course, if you are not writing an official letter, but a personal one, then there can be no question of any form. Therefore, it remains only to correctly write the address on the envelope. The name and surname of the sender is indicated in the first line at the top. Then the “rule on the contrary” applies: we write the address in the reverse order to Russian - house, street, city, state, index. The same is repeated already in place with the address of the recipient.

In order not to be unfounded, here is an example of such an envelope design (we indicate a non-existent address).