How to train your English speaking ability for TOEFL


In conversations, you may follow the other person's words, such as "If I was you ..." or "You wouldn't do it." In the English-speaking world, this is a game called Finish the Sentence, where you give various themes and compete for how interesting you can complete a sentence.

Take advantage of this Finish the Sentence game for everyday English learning. It will be a speaking training that can be done by one person, and at the same time it will be a practice to guess the other person's story.

Let's improve the ability to compose sentences by saying the continuation

First, let's introduce the basics of the game Finish the Sentence and what kind of English skills you can use to improve your English.

How to play Finish the Sentence

For example, suppose you have a sentence that begins with:

I can't stop myself from… (... I can't stop myself)

The possible answers are as follows.

eating sweets

buying everything I see

thinking about you

You can win the person who answers first in the group, or you can answer one by one and give points to the person who gave the most interesting answer. You can prepare a theme and have fun in a group of several people, or you can share a theme with two people. When trying alone, there is a way to divide the time by "how many answers can be answered within 3 minutes".

What kind of English ability can you train?

Gain the power to compose sentences

In the example sentence above, from is followed by the ing form of a noun or verb. In this way, you can practice assembling sentence shapes.

Gain speaking ability

You can improve your speaking ability by saying it aloud. Especially when speaking, you can't go back and make corrections, and you have to say things that come to your mind one after another, but familiarizing yourself with this game will help you develop the ability to speak in a flowing manner. ..

Gain the ability to guess the other person's story

In conversation, you can predict the future from the way the other person's story is cut out, such as "To tell the truth ..." and "(Is it useless?)". Once you get used to this, listening will be much easier. Even in English, let's be able to talk while predicting the continuation of the other party's story.

Challenge the English game "Say to the end"!

Let's actually try Finish the Sentence. Try to say the words you came up with that apply to the underlined part of the following sentence (try to say it aloud from the beginning of the sentence).

Easy game for beginners

The best season for me is… (My favorite season is…)

Examples of answers: spring, summer, autumn/fall, winter

The most boring movie ever is… (The most boring movie so far…)

Example answer: (Let's look up the original English title and say it)

â–¼ Intermediate Grammar Challenge

The first thing to do in the morning is… (The first thing to do in the morning is…)

Example answer: washing my face

* Answer with a noun or gerund, to infinitive, and that clause.

Today I feel happy because… (I feel happy because…)

Example of answer: my hair looks great.

* Because it is after the conjunction because, it is in the form of a sentence of subject + verb.

Advanced brain teaser game

I like my boss when… (I like my boss when…)

Example answer:

he/she's nice to me.

he/she's out. (When not)

My life would be much better if…

Example answer:

I weighed 5 kg less. (If you weigh 5 kg less)

I had the TOEIC score of 800 or more (if the TOEIC score is 800 or higher)

* Make the verb the past tense and make it the subjunctive mood.

Let's practice online

The Internet has Finish the Sentence games designed for English learners. Let's try various subjects online.

Wordwall Finish the Sentence …

Turn the roulette wheel on the screen with the "Spin It" button and try to say the continuation of the sentence at the stop. for example,

If I could live anywhere, I would… (If I could live anywhere, I would…)

If you stop at live in a cottage on the seaside.

Answer like this.

Baamboozle Finish the Sentence

A page where you can enjoy various themes in a game format. Look at various themes, think about the answer yourself, and say it (editing and playing the answer is a paid service). for example,

I can't believe I actually… when I was younger .

If so, swam in the nearby river.

Put it like this. In this way, it is possible to fill in the middle of a sentence instead of the end.

As you get used to this game, you will be able to read ahead of the other person's words. Try it in an online English conversation EnglishPhonetics lesson. For example, if the teacher says Let's go onto… (let's go…), think in my head the next section. When you say We really had a… (spent…), you say good time today. And complete the sentence in your head.

If you can predict what the teacher says, the lesson will go smoothly, and if you say something different from what you expected, you can immediately judge that "Today is different from usual". Take lessons to learn how to use the Finish the Sentence game in everyday conversation.