How to take online English conversation


If you want to start online English conversation, I think it is the desire of everyone to be able to speak English well. So, this time, I would like to introduce the "how to take online English conversation" that is common to "successful people" who have become able to speak English through online English conversation. Let's learn the secrets from successful people together and make online English conversation fruitful!

Secrets of successful people-preparation before lessons

Continuing online English conversation is of utmost importance. However, the hurdles of feeling broken or troublesome on the way come to everyone. Therefore, successful people are devising ways to successfully break through such hurdles. First of all, let's learn successful examples by focusing on the part related to preparation before the lesson.

Take lessons at a fixed time

First of all, from this very important device. It seems that many successful people take fixed lessons every day at a fixed time, such as from 8 am every day or from 10:00 pm before going to bed at night. Taking lessons in the morning seems to be particularly difficult, but as you get used to it, it becomes a habit and taking lessons seems to become a part of your life. Habituation is the biggest secret to continuing, so if you're starting online English conversation now, think you've been fooled and book a lesson at the same time every day and continue for a month.

Make friends to attend together

If you are starting online English conversation, make an English conversation companion to accompany you. Successful online English conversations often have these English conversation companions. Ideally, the people you will accompany you with are people you often meet and talk to, such as company friends and school friends. By doing so, you will be able to have online English conversations on a daily basis, such as "How about lessons recently?" And "Did you finish that teaching material?" Even if you tend to be frustrated if you are alone, having friends makes it difficult to throw out on the way.

Start with simple teaching materials

It seems that many successful online English conversations started with teaching materials that they felt easy without putting a burden on themselves. For example, instead of entering English conversation level 1 from the beginning, you can start from the beginning of grammar. It can be said that the teaching materials that give you a little leeway make it easier for you to feel the joy of "doing" and "speaking", and it is less likely that you will continue to have difficulty. To get used to speaking English, it may be a good idea to start with simple teaching materials.

Prepare a phrase in advance

For those who tend to feel nervous and it is painful, it seems that there are many successful people who imagined the content of "what to say today" in advance before the lesson, prepared a phrase for that, and challenged and survived. is. For example, when I was asked "How are you doing today?" At the beginning of the lesson, I thought in advance that I would say "I had a problem at the company today and it was difficult, but I managed to survive." Translate it into a phrase and write it down on a piece of paper. By doing so, you will be able to speak as expected during the lesson, and the teacher will relieve your tension. Also, it seems that the fun of the lesson will be doubled because of the joy that was conveyed.

On the contrary, do not prepare anything

It's the exact opposite of what I said before, but for those who feel that "preparation is troublesome and I don't want to take it" or "preparation is a pain", the secret to success is to not prepare anything. .. To be honest, just taking a lesson and taking an English shower without any preparation is enough to make you move forward. So, let's proceed with the lesson just by turning on Skype when it's time, without preparing for dressing such as makeup and toothpaste, let alone preparation and review. If the style is right, the less burden will be less painful and the lessons will be easier to continue.

Do not seek perfection in the lesson environment

Looking at those who take lessons every day, they take lessons regardless of location, such as taking lessons on their smartphones while walking, stopping at a cafe to open a computer, or taking lessons in a quick free time in the park. And it seems. Anyway, it is important to continue English conversation, so if you are too trapped in the place of the lesson and it hinders your attendance, you will not have any children. Instead of thinking "I'm not at home during the lesson time today, let's stop taking the lesson", I take the lesson "anytime, anywhere" with a casual feeling like "Oh, that bench is free, so let's take it there" Being prepared is the key to success.

Secrets of successful people-lesson attendance sequel

Not only the attitude and preparation before the lesson, but also the ingenuity after the lesson is necessary to lead the online English conversation to success. Even though it's a device, it's just a little simple, so please take a look.

Make the next reservation immediately after the lesson

It's easy, but it's a lot of successful people to make the next appointment right after a lesson. When the lesson is over and you close your computer saying "I'll decide the next schedule later", I will use one energy to open the computer again to make the next reservation. Also, I often hear the failure story that "again later" will be two or three days later, and I will somehow move away from online English conversation without making a reservation for the next lesson. When the lesson is over, let's make the next reservation for the time being. Once the schedule is decided, it will be a great opportunity to continue the lesson automatically.

Incompatible teachers will be cut off immediately

In online English conversation with many teachers, some teachers will suit you and others will not. The key to successful online English conversation is to find a few teachers that suit you. To do this, if you think "I didn't fit this teacher", you should immediately find another teacher without worrying about it. Therefore, it is necessary to try various teachers at first and find a teacher that suits you, but after a month, you will have a "list of teachers that suits you" and it will be easier to continue the lesson, so it is cheap. Please keep in mind.

Find your own pace

Even if you are motivated when you are just starting online English conversation, even if you take lessons every day, if you are overwhelmed in your daily life, it may be a mental burden for some people and it may be difficult to continue. Of course, it's faster to improve your English conversation by taking it every day, but if you overdo it and end up quitting in a month, it's a good idea.

Some of the people who have been speaking English for a long time actually keep the pace eight times a month. First, set your own "goal". For the time being, if you have the goal of "I want to finish the overseas business trip level within 3 months", it may be necessary to concentrate on taking one lesson every day for 3 months. However, it is important in the long run to change to 8 times a month and find your own pace instead of getting tired and quitting. Successful people seem to find their own pace from time to time and continue to make English conversation a part of their daily lives.