Minimal Pair List Vowels 1 and 10, /i/ and /ʌ/ 300 pairs

   Minimal pair: Vowels 1 and 10, /i/ and /ʌ/ 300 pairs
  The /i/ vowel exhibits its common spellings of <ee> and <ea>, as well as several less common spellings in media , Riesling and keyed . The /ʌ/ vowel is normally spelled with <u> but also <oo> in blood , <ou> in touch and rough , and <oCe> in money and shove .

The difference in length and articulatory position means that this contrast is unlikely to be a problem for any learners.

Interesting pairs include:

increased encrust
seaman summon
senior sunnier

The density value is 4.5%. The 164 semantic distinctions give a semantic loading of 54%.

anneal annul
  annealed annulled
  annealing annulling
  anneals annuls
B's buzz
bead bud
  beading budding
  beads buds
beady buddy
beak buck
  beaks bucks
beam bum
  beamed bummed
  beaming bumming
  beams bums
bean bun
  beans buns
beast bused
beast bust
  beasts busts
beat but
beat butt
  beating butting
beats butts
beaten button
beater butter
  beaters butters
beef buff
  beefed buffed
  beefing buffing
  beefs buffs
been bun
bees buzz
beet but
beet butt
  beets butts
beta butter
  betas butters
bleed blood
  bleeding blooding
  bleeds bloods
breather brother
  breathers brothers
cease suss
  ceased sussed
  ceases susses
  ceasing sussing
cedes suds
cheek chuck
  cheeked chucked
  cheeking chucking
  cheeks chucks
chic shuck
clique cluck
  cliques clucks
creaks crux
cream crumb
  creams crumbs
creased crust
creeks crux
creeper crupper
  creepers cruppers
D's does
deal dull
  dealer duller
  dealing dulling
  deals dulls
dean done
dean dun
  deans duns
deed dud
  deeds duds
deem dumb
demist dumbest
dream drum
  dreamed drummed
  dreamer drummer
  dreamers drummers
  dreaming drumming
  dreams drums
E's us
ease us
eater utter
  eaters utters
even oven
  evens ovens
feast fussed
feat phut
fees fuzz
feet phut
fiend fund
  fiends funds
fleeter flutter
gleam glum
grebe grub
  grebes grubs
grief gruff
he'll hull
heal hull
  healed hulled
  healing hulling
  heals hulls
heat hut
  heated hutted
  heats huts
heel hull
  heeled hulled
  heeling hulling
  heels hulls
increased encrust 
keel cull 
  keeled culled 
  keeling culling 
  keels culls 
keening cunning 
keep cup 
  keeping cupping 
  keeps cups 
keeper cuppa
  keepers cuppas 
keyed cud 
kneel null
leaf luff
  leafed luffed
  leafing luffing
  leafs luffs
league lug
  leagued lugged
  leagues lugs
  leaguing lugging
leak luck
leaky lucky
  leakier luckier
  leakiest luckiest
leaks luxe
leal lull
leased lust
leash lush
  leashes lushes
least lust
leave love
  leaves loves
  leaving loving
leek luck
leeks luxe
Leix lush
lever lover
  levers lovers
lief luff
Lille lull
mead mud
  meads muds
meagre mugger
meal mull
  meals mulls
meanie money
  meanies monies
meany money
measles muzzles
meat mutt
  meats mutts
media muddier
meed mud
  meeds muds
meek muck
meet mutt
  meets mutts
mete mutt
  metes mutts
meter mutter
  meters mutters
metre mutter
  metres mutters
neat nut
Neil null
peace pus
peak puck
  peaks pucks
peat put
peat putt
peaty putty
peaty puttee
peek puck
  peeks pucks
peep pup
  peeps pups
peke puck
  pekes pucks
Pete put
Pete putt
peter putter
  petered puttered
  petering puttering
  peters putters
piece pus
pique puck
  piques pucks
reader rudder
  readers rudders
ream rum
reedy ruddy
  reedier ruddier
  reediest ruddiest
reef rough
  reefed roughed
  reefer rougher
  reefing roughing
  reefs roughs
reef ruff
  reefed ruffed
  reefing ruffing
  reefs ruffs
reek ruck
  reeked rucked
  reeking rucking
  reeks rucks
renal runnel
Riesling rustling
  Rieslings rustlings
Riga rugger
scene son
  scenes sons
scene sun
  scenes suns
scheme scum
scream scrum
  screams scrums
Seaford suffered
seam some
seam sum
  seamed summed
  seaming summing
  seams sums
seaman summon
seamen summon
seeds suds
seek suck
seeker sucker
  seekers suckers
  seeking sucking
  seeks sucks
seeker succour
  seekers succours
seem some
seem sum
  seemed summed
  seeming summing
  seems sums
seen son
seen sun
seep sup
  seeped supped
  seeping supping
  seeps sups
semen summon
senior sunnier
sheaves shoves
sheen shun
sheet shut
  sheeting shutting
  sheets shuts
Sikh suck
  Sikhs sucks
skeet scut 
  skeets scuts 
ski'd scud 
sleet slut
  sleets sluts
speed spud
  speeds spuds
steed stud
  steeds studs
streak struck
stream strum
  streamed strummed
  streaming strumming
  streams strums
street strut
  streets struts
teach touch
  teachable touchable
  teaches touches
  teaching touching
teak tuck
teat tut
  teats tuts
teens tonnes
teens tons
teens tuns
teeny tunny
theme thumb
  themes thumbs
treacle truckle
wean one 
  weans ones 
wean won
wreak ruck 
  wreaked rucked 
  wreaking rucking 
  wreaks rucks