[IPA Sounds] Minimal Pair List Diphthong /oɪ/ versus null, 17 pairs

   Minimal pair: Diphthong /oɪ/ versus null, 17 pairs

The /oɪ/ sound is spelled with <oi> or <oy>.

As /oɪ/ is fairly rare, only occurring in 784 words in the dictionary, this was a fairly easy list to work out manually. The /oɪ/ sound is usually stressed, which means that removing it rarely leaves a free-standing word. A number of pairs arise from -ing forms of verbs, such as foiling/fling . Notice how both cloying and coiling come down to cling when the /oɪ/ is deleted. The pair coyote/coat only works for the two-syllable pronunciation of coyote .

The density value is 2.1%. The set makes 14 semantic distinctions, giving a loading of 82%.

alloy Al
annoy an
boiling bling
borzoi bores
carboy carb
cloying cling
coiling cling
coyote coat
  coyotes coats
doyenne den
  doyennes dens
foiling fling   
foyer fey
gargoyle gargle
  gargoyles gargles
soiling sling
toying ting