Minimal Pair List Consonants /t/ versus /s/, 1352 pairs

   Minimal pair: Consonants /t/ versus /s/, 1352 pairs

The spelling of /t/ is usually <t>, <te> or <tt>, but we also often see <ght> in sight . The /s/ sound is <s>, <ss>, <sce> or <ce>. I have excluded several pairs which the computer identified where the sounds are reversed, making them not strictly minimal, such as abates/abased or acts/axed .

The contrast is between a plosive and a fricative, both voiceless and close together in the mouth. The sounds are widespread in most of the world's languages, and the contrast is not a problem for learners, apart from Thais who have trouble when the sounds occur in syllable-final position.

The length of the list is mainly accounted for by 539 -s and -ed endings added to verbs ending in voiceless consonants. These are listed separately. The length is also partly accounted for by 200 occurrences of -ant versus -ance and similar pairs. These would be transcribed with final /nt/ or /ns/ clusters. Once again I have listed these separately. The interesting point is that the /ns/ cluster is effectively indistinguishable from the /nts/ cluster; the tongue cannot avoid passing through the /t/ position as it moves from /n/ to /s/. Therefore I might have included pairs with print/prints as well as print/prince , though I have not done so.

Taboo word pairs include art/arse , crapped/craps , fart/farce , pit/piss , wanked/wanks and fucked/fucks .

Interesting pairs include:

autumn awesome
dentist densest
latitude lassitude
looted lucid
mortal morsel
plaited placid
syntax tintacks
teenier senior
turpentine serpentine

The mean density value is 4.7%, but this comes down to 2.1% if we exclude the pairs arising from inflectional changes only. Also excluding those cases, the list makes 371 semantic distinctions, a loading of 61%. Including the inflectional varieties raises this loading to 82%.

Ordinary minimal pairs (613)

abate abase 
  abating abasing 
abatement abasement 
act axe
  acting axing
advert adverse 
animate animus
apt apse 
art arse
at ass 
ate S 
ate ace
attend ascend 
  attended ascended 
  attending ascending 
  attends ascends 
attendance ascendance
  attendants ascendants 
attention ascension 
  attentions ascensions 
attest assessed 
autumn awesome
avert averse 
bait base
  baiting basing
baronet baroness 
Bart baas
bass bat
benefice benefit
bet Bess 
betide beside 
  betides besides 
Betty Bessie 
bounties bounces 
bounty bouncy 
brittle bristle 
bruit Bruce 
brute Bruce
but bus 
butt bus
  butting busing 
canter cancer 
  canters cancers 
Capt caps
caught coarse
caught course
cent sense
centre censer 
  centres censers 
centre censor
  centred censored 
  centring censoring 
  centres censors
chant chance 
  chanting chancing 
chapped chaps
checked Czechs 
checked cheques
cincture tincture
  cinctures tinctures
cinder tinder
  cinders tinders
city cissy 
  cities cissies 
cleft clefs 
coked coax 
content consent 
  contented consented 
  contenting consenting 
  contents consents 
contort consort 
  contorted consorted 
  contorting consorting 
  contorts consorts 
convert converse 
  converting conversing 
  converts conversed 
convoked convokes
Copt cops
copped copse
cornet cornice
cot cos 
court coarse
  courtly coarsely 
court course
  courting coursing 
curt curse 
cut cuss 
date dace 
debase debate
  debased debates
  debasing debating
deceit decease 
dent dense 
dentist densest 
detect dissect
  detected dissected
  detecting dissecting
  detects dissects
  detection dissection
detention dissension
  detentions dissensions
dhotis doses
divert diverse 
dot doss 
  dotting dossing 
dotage dosage 
dote dose 
  doting dosing 
doubt douse
  doubting dousing
duties deuces 
effed F's 
eft F's
egret egress 
eight ace 
eighties aces  
fart farce 
fate face 
fault false 
fertility facility 
fête face
  fêting facing
fillet Phyllis 
fleet fleece
  fleeting fleecing 
fort force 
forties forces 
fought force
franked Franks 
GATT gas
get guess
  getting guessing
ghat gorse
graft graphs
grate grace 
  grating gracing 
grateful graceful 
  gratefully gracefully 
great grace
greet grease 
  greeting greasing 
groat gross
haughty horsy
hit hiss 
  hitting hissing 
hurt hearse 
intense incense 
intent intense 
  intently intensely 
invert inverse 
Janet Janice
jet Jess 
jetty Jessie 
jot joss 
jute juice 
Kate case
kit kiss 
  kitting kissing 
kitties kisses 
knight nice
  knightly nicely
knout nous
larked lakhs 
lat lass 
late lace 
latitude lassitude 
let less 
letter lesser 
lied lease 
light lice 
locked lochs 
loot loose 
  looter looser 
  looting loosing 
looted lucid
lot loss 
lout louse 
Luton loosen
mallet malice 
mat mass
  matting massing 
mate mace  
matt mass
met mess
might mice 
mint mince 
  minting mincing 
mite mice
moot moose 
mortal morsel 
  mortals morsels 
motley Mossley 
mutt muss 
naught Norse 
net ness 
nettle nestle 
  nettled nestled 
  nettles nestles 
  nettling nestling 
night nice
  nightly nicely
nitre nicer 
numerate numerous
Oct ox
oddity odyssey
  oddities odysseys
omit amiss 
palate palace
palette palace 
part pass
  parting passing
parties passes
partly parsley 
pate pace 
  pates paced 
pâté passé
peat peace
pennant penance 
pert purse
pervert perverse 
petal pestle 
  petaled pestled 
  petals pestles 
Pete peace
phut fuss 
pit piss 
  pitting pissing 
pities pisses 
plaited placid 
plate place 
  plating placing 
potty posse 
  potties posses 
precipitate precipitous
  precipitately precipitously
print prince 
protest processed 
purport purpose
put puss 
putt pus 
ranted rancid 
rate race 
  rating racing 
rectum Wrexham
reflective reflexive
regret regress 
  regretting regressing 
relict relics 
remit remiss 
resort resource
retold resoled 
revert reverse 
  reverting reversing 
revertible reversible 
rift riffs 
right rice
rite rice
satiety society
scent sense
  scenting sensing
scrips script
seat cease 
  seating ceasing 
sect secs 
sect sex
sent sense
settle Cecil 
shucked Shucks 
sip tip
  sipping tipping
  sipped tipped
sleight slice
slight slice
  slighting slicing 
sort sauce 
  sorting saucing 
sort source
  sorting sourcing  
sorter saucer 
  sorters saucers 
spate space 
spite spice 
  spiting spicing 
starlet starless 
stepped steppes
suck tuck
  sucking tucking
  sucked tucked
suite tweet
  suites tweets
surfeit surface 
  surfeiting surfacing
surf turf
  surfing turfing
swaddle twaddle
  swaddled twaddled
  swaddles twaddles
  swaddling twaddling
swain twain
  swains twains
Swede tweed
  Swedes tweeds
sweet tweet
  sweets tweets
  sweeter tweeter
swig twig
  swigged twigged
  swigging twigging
  swigs twigs
swill twill
  swilled twilled
swine twine
swinge twinge
  swinges twinges
swirl twirl
  swirled twirled
  swirling twirling
  swirls twirls
switch twitch
  switched twitched
  switches twitches
  switching twitching
syntax tintacks
T C 
  T's C's 
table sable 
  tables sables 
tabor sabre 
  tabors sabres 
tack sac 
  tacks sacs
tack sack
  tacked sacked
  tacking sacking 
  tacks sacks
Tadley sadly
tag sag 
  tagged sagged 
  tagging sagging 
  tags sags 
tail sail
  tailed sailed 
  tailing sailing 
  tails sails
tail sale 
  tails sales
tailor sailor 
  tailors sailors 
taint saint
  tainted sainted 
  taints saints 
take sake 
takes sakes 
tale sail
  tales sails
tale sale
  tales sales  
talkie Sauchie 
tallow sallow 
tally sally 
  tallying sallying 
  tallied sallied 
  tallies sallies 
tamale Somali 
  tamales Somalis 
tame same
tameness sameness 
tammy Sammy 
tank sank 
tanned sand 
tap sap 
  taps saps
  tapping sapping 
  tapped sapped
tarry sari 
tassel tattle
  tasseled tattled
  tassels tattles
tat sat 
tatter satyr 
  tatters satyrs 
taught sort 
taut sort
tauter sorter 
tawse soars 
tawse tors
tax sacs
tax sacks
tax sax
  taxes saxes 
team seam 
  teamed seamed 
  teaming seaming 
  teams seams 
team seem
  teams seems  
tear sear 
  tears sears 
tease seize
  teased seized 
  teases seizes 
  teasing seizing 
Tech sec
  Techs secs
Techs sex  
Ted said
tee see
  teeing seeing 
  tees sees
teen scene
  teens scenes
teen seen  
teenier senior 
teethed seethed 
  teething seething 
tell cell 
  tells cells 
tell sell  
  telling selling 
  tells sells
teller cellar 
  tellers cellars 
temps tempt
tend send 
  tending sending 
  tends sends
tender sender 
  tenders senders 
tenet senate 
  tenets senates 
tenet tennis
tens sends 
tense sense 
  tensed sensed 
  tenses senses 
  tensing sensing 
tent tense
text sexed 
Thai sigh
  Thais sighs
Thame same
throttle throstle
  throttles throstles
tick sick
  ticked sicked
  ticking sicking 
  ticks sicks
tickle sickle 
  tickles sickles 
tidal sidle 
tide side 
  tides sides 
tideways sideways 
tiding siding 
  tidings sidings 
tidied sided 
tie sigh 
  ties sighs 
  tying sighing 
  tied sighed
tight cite 
  tights cites 
tight sight
  tights sights
tight site
  tights sites    
till sill
  tills sills 
tilt silt 
  tilted silted 
  tilting silting 
  tilts silts 
tine sign
  tined signed 
  tines signs 
tinge singe 
  tinged singed  
  tinges singes 
  tinging singeing 
tingle single 
  tingled singled 
  tingles singles 
  tingling singling 
tinker sinker 
  tinkers sinkers 
tip sip 
  tipped sipped
  tips sips
  tipping sipping
tire sire 
  tired sired 
  tires sires 
  tiring siring 
to sou 
toad sowed 
toe so 
toe sew	   
  toes sews
  toeing sewing
toe sow
  toes sows
  toeing sowing 
toil soil 
  toiled soiled 
  toiling soiling 
  toils soils 
told sold 
told soled
toll sole 
  tolling soling 
  tolls soles 
  tolled soled
tolled sold  
ton sun
  tonning sunning 
tone sown 
tong song
  tongs songs 
tonic sonic 
too sou
toot suit 
  tooted suited 
  tooting suiting 
  toots suits 
tooth sooth 
top sop 
  tops sops
  topped sopped
  topping sopping
tope soap 
  topes soaps 
  toped soaped
  toping soaping 
topi soapy 
toque soak 
  toques soaks 
tor saw
  tors saws
tor soar 
  tors soars
tor sore  
  tors sores
tore saw
tore soar
tore sore
torn sawn 
tort sort
  torts sorts 
tot toss
  totting tossing
touch such 
tough sough 
  toughs soughs 
tougher suffer 
tow so
tow sew
  tows sews
  twoing sewong
tow sow
  tows sows    
  towing sowing
tower sour 
  towered soured 
  towering souring 
  towers sours 
toy soy 
trait trace
traitor tracer
  traitors tracers
trite trice
tub sub 
  tubs subs 
tuck suck 
  tucked sucked
  tucks sucks
  tucking sucking
tucker succour 
  tuckers succours 
tuft toughs
tun sun
tunny sonny 
  tunnies sonnies 
tup sup 
  tups sups 
turd surd 
turf serf 
  turfs serfs
turpentine serpentine 
turves serves 
tutu Sotho 
  tutus Sothos 
tweet suite 
  tweets suites 
'twill swill
two sou
  twos sous 
Tyne sign
ungrateful ungraceful
unit Eunice 
whacked wax
went whence
wert worse
whittle whistle
  whittled whistled
  whittles whistles
  whittling whistling
wrecked Rex 
yet yes
yetis yeses
zealot zealous

Pairs contrasting -ed and -s inflexions after voiceless consonants (539)

ached aches
angle-parked angle-parks
aped apes
asked asks
attacked attacks
autographed autographs
backed backs
baked bakes
balked balks
banked banks
barked barks
barracked barracks
basked basks
bathed baths
beefed beefs
bellyached bellyaches
bellylaughed bellylaughs
berthed berths
biffed biffs
biked bikes
bilked bilks
bivouacked bivouacs
blacked blacks
bleeped bleeps
blinked blinks
blocked blocks
bluffed bluffs
booked books
braked brakes
bricked bricks
briefed briefs
brooked brooks
bucked bucks
buffed buffs
bulked bulks
bumped bumps
bunked bunks
burked burkes
burlesqued burlesques
burped burps
caked cakes
calked calks
camped camps
capped caps
carped carps
chafed chafes
chaffed chaffs
chalked chalks
champed champs	
checked checks
cheeked cheeks
cheeped cheeps
chinked chinks
chipped chips
chirped chirps
chirruped chirrups
chocked chocks
choked chokes
chopped chops
chucked chucks
clacked clacks
clamped clamps
clanked clanks
clapped claps
clasped clasps
clerked clerks
clicked clicks
clinked clinks
clipped clips
cloaked cloaks
clocked clocks
clucked clucks
clumped clumps
clunked clunks
cocked cocks
coked cokes
conked conks
cooked cooks
cooped coops
coped copes
copped cops
coughed coughs
counterattacked counterattacks
cracked cracks
cramped cramps
cranked cranks
crapped craps
creaked creaks
cricked cricks
crimped crimps
crisped crisps
croaked croaks
crocked crocks
crooked crooks
cropped crops
crosschecked crosschecks
cuffed cuffs
cupped cups
damped damps
deadlocked deadlocks
debarked debarks
debriefed debriefs
debunked debunks
decamped decamps
decked decks
decoked decokes
defrocked defrocks
developed develops
diked dikes
dipped dips
disembarked disembarks
disliked dislikes
docked docks
doffed doffs
doped dopes
double-checked double-checks
double-parked double-parks
draped drapes
dripped drips
drooped droops
dropped drops
ducked ducks
dumped dumps
dunked dunks
duped dupes
dwarfed dwarfs
earmarked earmarks
earthed earths
eavesdropped eavesdrops
egotripped egotrips
eked ekes
eloped elopes
embarked embarks
encamped encamps
engulfed engulfs
entrapped entraps
enveloped envelops
enwrapped enwraps
equipped equips
escaped escapes
evoked evokes
faked fakes
flaked flakes
flanked flanks
flapped flaps
flecked flecks
flicked flicks
flipped flips
flocked flocks
flopped flops
fluffed fluffs
flunked flunks
forked forks
freaked freaks
frisked frisks
frolicked frolics
frothed froths
fucked fucks
funked funks
galloped gallops
galumphed galumphs
gaped gapes
gasped gasps
gawped gawps
gazumped gazumps
golfed golfs
goofed goofs
gossiped gossips
graphed graphs
grasped grasps
groped gropes
grouped groups
gulped gulps
gypped gyps
hacked hacks
half-tracked half-tracks
handcuffed handcuffs
handicapped handicaps
happed haps
hardbacked hardbacks
harked harks
harped harps
hawked hawks
heaped heaps
hedgehopped hedgehops
heliographed heliographs
helped helps
hiccoughed hiccoughs
highjacked highjacks
hiked hikes
hitchhiked hitchhikes
hocked hocks
honked honks
hoodwinked hoodwinks
hooked hooks
hooped hoops
hoped hopes
hopped hops
horsewhipped horsewhips
huffed huffs
humpbacked humpbacks
humped humps
hunchbacked hunchbacks
husked husks
inked inks
interlinked interlinks
interlocked interlocks
invoked invokes
irked irks
jacked jacks
jack-knifed jack-knifes
jampacked jampacks
jaywalked jaywalks
jerked jerks
joked jokes
jumped jumps
kicked kicks
kidnapped kidnaps
kinked kinks
kipped kips
knapped knaps
knifed knifes
knocked knocks
lacked lacks
landscaped landscapes
lapped laps
larked larks
laughed laughs
leafed leafs
leaked leaks
leaped leaps
licked licks
liked likes
limped limps
linked links
lipped lips
lisped lisps
lithographed lithographs
loafed loafs
locked locks
looked looks
looped loops
loped lopes
lopped lops
luffed luffs
lumped lumps
lurked lurks
mafficked mafficks
mapped maps
marked marks
masked masks
milked milks
mimeographed mimeographs
mimicked mimics
mocked mocks
moped mopes
mopped mops
mothproofed mothproofs
mucked mucks
muffed muffs
name-dropped name-drops
narked narks
necked necks
nicked nicks
nipped nips
outflanked outflanks
outranked outranks
outstripped outstrips
overcooked overcooks
overcropped overcrops
overlapped overlaps
overleaped overleaps
overlooked overlooks
overstepped oversteps
overstocked overstocks
overtopped overtops
overtrumped overtrumps
overworked overworks
packed packs
padlocked padlocks
panicked panics
paperbacked paperbacks
paragraphed paragraphs
parked parks
peaked peaks
pecked pecks
peeped peeps
pepped peps
perked perks
photographed photographs
picked picks
picnicked picnics
pimped pimps
pinked pinks
piped pipes
pipped pips
piqued piques
pitchforked pitchforks
planked planks
plonked plonks
plopped plops
plucked plucks
plumped plumps
pocked pocks
poked pokes
politicked politicks
popped pops
postmarked postmarks
pricked pricks
primped primps
prinked prinks
proofed proofs
propped props
provoked provokes
puffed puffs
puked pukes
pulped pulps
pumped pumps
quacked quacks
quaffed quaffs
quaked quakes
quipped quips
racked racks
raked rakes
ramped ramps
ranked ranks
ransacked ransacks
raped rapes
rapped raps
rasped rasps
razorbacked razorbacks
reaped reaps
rebuffed rebuffs
rebuked rebukes
recapped recaps
recapped recaps
recouped recoups
redeveloped redevelops
reefed reefs
reeked reeks
regrouped regroups
remarked remarks
reproofed reproofs
reshaped reshapes
restocked restocks
revamped revamps
revoked revokes
ricked ricks
ripped rips
risked risks
rocked rocks
romped romps
roofed roofs
rooked rooks
roped ropes
roughed roughs
rubbernecked rubbernecks
rubber-stamped rubber-stamps
rucked rucks
sacked sacks
sapped saps
scalloped scallops
scalped scalps
scamped scamps
scoffed scoffs
scooped scoops
scraped scrapes
scrapped scraps
scrimped scrimps
scrimshanked scrimshanks
scuffed scuffs
seeped seeps
shacked shacks
shaped shapes
shellacked shellacs
shipped ships
shipwrecked shipwrecks
shirked shirks
shocked shocks
shopped shops
shrieked shrieks
shrimped shrimps
sicked sicks
side-slipped side-slips
sidestepped sidesteps
sidetracked sidetracks
sipped sips
skimped skimps
skipped skips
skulked skulks
skylarked skylarks
slacked slacks
slaked slakes
slapped slaps
sleeked sleeks
slipped slips
sloped slopes
slopped slops
sloughed sloughs
slumped slumps
smacked smacks
smirked smirks
smoked smokes
snaked snakes
snapped snaps
sneaked sneaks
snicked snicks
sniffed sniffs
sniped snipes
snipped snips
snooped snoops
snuffed snuffs
soaked soaks 
soaped soaps
socked socks
soft-soaped soft-soaps
sopped sops 
soughed soughs
soundproofed soundproofs
souped soups
spanked spanks
sparked sparks
spatchcocked spatchcocks
specked specks
spiked spikes
spindle-shanked spindle-shanks
spoofed spoofs
squawked squawks
squeaked squeaks
stacked stacks
staffed staffs
staked stakes
stalked stalks
stamped stamps
steeped steeps
stepped steps
stereotyped stereotypes
stocked stocks
stoked stokes
stomached stomachs
stomped stomps
stooped stoops
stopped stops
strafed strafes
strapped straps
streaked streaks
striped stripes
stripped strips
stroked strokes
stropped strops
stuffed stuffs
stumped stumps
sucked sucks
sulked sulks
supped sups
swamped swamps
swanked swanks
swapped swaps
swiped swipes
swooped swoops
tacked tacks
talked talks
tamped tamps
tanked tanks
taped tapes
tapped taps
tarmacked tarmacs
tasked tasks
telegraphed telegraphs
telescoped telescopes
thanked thanks
thumped thumps
thwacked thwacks
ticked ticks
tipped tips
tomahawked tomahawks
toped topes
topped tops
touch-typed touch-types
tracked tracks
trafficked traffics
tramped tramps
transshipped transships
trapped traps
trekked treks
tricked tricks
tripped trips
triumphed triumphs
trooped troops
trumped trumps
tucked tucks
turfed turfs
tweaked tweaks
typed types
unblocked unblocks
uncorked uncorks
understocked understocks
undocked undocks
unearthed unearths
unfrocked unfrocks
unhooked unhooks
unlocked unlocks
unmasked unmasks
unpacked unpacks
unpicked unpicks
unwrapped unwraps
unzipped unzips
upped ups
usurped usurps
vamped vamps
videotaped videotapes
vouchsafed vouchsafes
waked wakes
walked walks
walloped wallops
wanked wanks
warped warps
waterproofed waterproofs
whacked whacks
whelped whelps
whipped whips
whisked whisks
whopped whops
winked winks
wiped wipes
wisecracked wisecracks
wolfed wolfs
worked works
worshipped worships
wreaked wreaks
wrecked wrecks
wricked wricks
yanked yanks
yapped yaps
yelped yelps
yoked yokes
zapped zaps
zipped zips

Pairs contrasting -ant and -ent adjectives with matching -ance and -ence nouns (200).

abhorrent abhorrence 
absent absence 
abundant abundance 
accident accidence 
acquiescent acquiescence 
adherent adherence 
adolescent adolescence 
affluent affluence 
ambient ambience 
ambivalent ambivalence 
arrogant arrogance 
assistant assistance 
attendant attendance 
brilliant brilliance 
beneficent beneficence 
benevolent benevolence 
clairvoyant clairvoyance 
cognizant cognizance 
coincident coincidence 
competent competence 
complacent complacence 
complaisant complaisance 
compliant compliance 
concordant concordance 
concurrent concurrence 
confident confidence 
confluent confluence 
consequent consequence 
consistent consistence 
consonant consonance 
constant Constance 
continent continence 
convalescent convalescence 
convenient convenience 
convergent convergence 
corpulent corpulence 
correspondent correspondence 
decadent decadence 
defiant defiance 
dependant dependence
different difference 
diffident diffidence 
diligent diligence 
discordant discordance 
disobedient disobedience 
dissident dissidence 
dissonant dissonance 
distant distance 
divergent divergence 
dominant dominance 
ebullient ebullience 
effervescent effervescence 
efflorescent efflorescence 
effulgent effulgence 
elegant elegance 
eloquent eloquence 
emergent emergence 
eminent eminence 
entrant entrance 
equivalent equivalence 
evanescent evanescence 
evident evidence 
excellent excellence 
existent existence 
exorbitant exorbitance 
expedient expedience 
extravagant extravagance 
exuberant exuberance 
flamboyant flamboyance 
fluorescent fluorescence 
fragrant fragrance 
grandiloquent grandiloquence 
hesitant hesitance 
ignorant ignorance 
immanent immanence 
imminent imminence 
impatient impatience 
impenitent impenitence 
impermanent impermanence 
impertinent impertinence 
important importance 
impotent impotence 
improvident improvidence 
imprudent imprudence 
impudent impudence 
inadvertent inadvertence 
incandescent incandescence 
incident incidence 
incoherent incoherence 
incompetent incompetence 
incontinent incontinence 
inconvenient inconvenience 
independent independence 
indifferent indifference 
indigent indigence 
indolent indolence 
indulgent indulgence 
inelegant inelegance 
innocent innocence 
insignificant insignificance 
insistent insistence 
insolent insolence 
insouciant insouciance 
instant instance 
instants instanced 
intelligent intelligence 
interdependent interdependence 
intolerant intolerance 
intransigent intransigence 
iridescent iridescence 
irrelevant irrelevance 
irreverent irreverence 
lenient lenience 
luxuriant luxuriance 
magnificent magnificence 
magniloquent magniloquence 
malevolent malevolence 
munificent munificence 
negligent negligence 
nescient nescience 
nonchalant nonchalance 
obedient obedience 
observant observance 
obsolescent obsolescence 
omnipotent omnipotence 
omniscient omniscience 
opulent opulence 
overconfident overconfidence 
patient patience 
penitent penitence 
permanent permanence 
persistent persistence 
pertinent pertinence 
pestilent pestilence 
petulant petulance 
phosphorescent phosphorescence 
pleasant pleasance 
precedent precedence 
predominant predominance 
pre-existent pre-existence 
preponderant preponderance 
prescient prescience 
present presence 
prevalent prevalence 
prominent prominence 
protuberant protuberance
provident providence 
prudent prudence 
prurient prurience 
pursuant pursuance 
purulent purulence 
putrescent putrescence 
quiescent quiescence 
radiant radiance 
recalcitrant recalcitrance 
recurrent recurrence 
redolent redolence 
redundant redundance 
refulgent refulgence 
relevant relevance 
reliant reliance 
reluctant reluctance 
reminiscent reminiscence 
remittent remittance 
renascent renascence 
repentant repentance 
repugnant repugnance 
resident residence 
resilient resilience 
resistant resistance 
resonant resonance 
resplendent resplendence 
resurgent resurgence 
reticent reticence 
reverent reverence 
salient salience 
sapient sapience 
self-confident self-confidence 
self-important self-importance 
senescent senescence 
sequent sequence 
significant significance 
silent silence 
somnolent somnolence 
subservient subservience 
succulent succulence 
superabundant superabundance 
tolerant tolerance
transcendent transcendence
transient transience
translucent translucence
transparent transparence
truculent truculence
tumescent tumescence
turbulent turbulence
variant variance
vehement vehemence
vigilant vigilance
violent violence
virulent virulence