Minimal Pair List Vowels 6 and 10, / ɒ / versus /ʌ/ 323 pairs

   Minimal pair: Vowels 6 and 10, / ɒ / versus /ʌ/ 323 pairs

The /ɒ/ vowel is usually spelled <o> but we also find <a> after <w> in wander . The /ʌ/ vowel is normally spelled <u>, but we also find <o> in colour and <ou> in tough .

This contrast is between two short vowels, fairly close in tongue positions. It is a recognised problem for Dutch, Danish and French speakers, but not in general for speakers of 5-vowel languages like Italian or Swahili.

The only taboo word pairs are bomb/bum , cont./cunt and fox/fucks .

Interesting pairs include:

bonkers bunkers
collar colour
florid flurried
gosling guzzling
horrid hurried
solid sullied warrior worrier

The density value is 4.62%. The pairs make 155 semantic contrasts, giving a loading of 48.1%.

amok amuck
begone begun
blonder blunder
body buddy
  bodied budded
  bodies buddies
bog bug
  bogged bugged
  bogging bugging
  bogs bugs
boggy buggy
bomb bum
  bombed bummed
  bombing bumming
  bombs bums
bonkers bunkers
Bonn bun
bonny bunny
borrow burrow
  borrowed burrowed
  borrowing burrowing
  borrows burrows
boss bus
  bossed bused
  bosses buses
  bossing busing
box bucks
choc chuck
  chocked chucked
  chocking chucking
  chocks chucks
choler colour
  cholers colours
clock cluck
  clocked clucked
  clocking clucking
  clocks clucks
cob cub
  cobs cubs
cod cud
coddle cuddle
  coddled cuddled
  coddles cuddles
  coddling cuddling
col cull   
  cols culls
collar colour
  collared coloured
  collaring colouring
  collars colours
Colombia Columbia
comma comer
  commas comers
conning cunning
cont cunt
cop cup
  copped cupped
  copping cupping
  cops cups
coppers cuppas
Copt cupped	   
corrie curry
  corries curries
cot cut
  cots cuts
cottar cutter
  cottars cutters
cough cuff
  coughed cuffed
  coughing cuffing
  coughs cuffs
crocks crux
cropper crupper
  croppers cruppers
crotch crutch
  crotches crutches
dobbin dubbin
dock duck
  docked ducked
  docking ducking
  docks ducks
dog dug
  dogs dugs
dog Doug
doll dull
  dolled dulled
  dolling dulling
  dolls dulls
dollar duller
don done
don dun
  donned dunned
  donning dunning
  dons duns
donjon dungeon
  donjons dungeons
dossed dost
flocks flux
florid flurried
fog fug
  fogs fugs
foggy fuggy
  foggier fuggier
  foggiest fuggiest
fond fund
fosse fuss
  fosses fusses
fox fucks
golf gulf
  golfs gulfs
golly gully
goner gunner
  goners gunners
gosh gush
gosling guzzling
got gut
hob hub
  hobs hubs
hobby hubby
  hobbies hubbies
hog hug
  hogged hugged
  hogging hugging
  hogs hugs
Hon Hun
honk hunk
  honks hunks
horrid hurried
  horridly hurriedly
hot hut
  hotted hutted
jog jug
  jogged jugged
  jogging jugging
  jogs jugs
joggle juggle
  joggled juggled
  joggles juggles
  joggling juggling
jot jut
  jots juts
  jotted jutted
  jotting jutting
knob nub
  knobs nubs
knot nut
  knotted nutted
knotty nutty
  knottier nuttier
  knottiest nuttiest
loch luck
lochs luxe
lock luck
locks luxe
loft luffed
log lug
  logged lugged
  logging lugging
  logs lugs
loll lull
  lolled lulled
  lolling lulling
  lolls lulls
long lung
  longs lungs
lost lust
mock muck
  mocked mucked
  mocking mucking
  mocks mucks
Mod mud
model muddle
  modelled muddled
  modelling muddling
  models muddles
Mods muds
moll mull
  molls mulls
mosque musk
moss muss
mosses musses
monster Munster
nozzle nuzzle
  nozzles nuzzles
op up
opt upped
otter utter
  otters utters
oz us
plonk plunk
  plonks plunks
pock puck
  pocks pucks
podgy pudgy
  podgier pudgier
  podgiest pudgiest
pommel pommel
  pommels pommels
pomp pump
pond punned
pop pup
  pops pups
poppet puppet
  poppets puppets
poppy puppy
  poppies puppies
pot putt
  pots putts
  potted putted
  potting putting
potter putter
  pottered puttered
  pottering puttering
  potters putters
potty puttee
  potties puttees
potty putty  
rhomb rum
rob rub
  robbed rubbed
  robbing rubbing
  robs rubs
robber rubber
  robbers rubbers
  robbery rubbery
roc ruck 
  rocs rucks
rock ruck
  rocked rucked
  rocking rucking
  rocks rucks
romp rump
  romps rumps
Ron run
Ronnie runny
rot rut
  rots ruts
  rotted rutted
  rotting rutting
scholar sculler
  scholars scullers
scoff scuff
  scoffed scuffed
  scoffing scuffing
  scoffs scuffs
Scot scut
  Scots scuts
shock shuck
  shocked shucked
  shocking shucking
  shocks shucks
shot shut
  shots shuts
shone 'shun
shone shun 
slog slug
  slogged slugged
  slogging slugging
  slogs slugs
slosh slush
slot slut
  slots sluts
smog smug
snob snub
  snobs snubs
snog snug
  snogs snugs
sob sub
  sobbed subbed
  sobbing subbing
  sobs subs
soccer succour
sock suck
  socked sucked
  socking sucking
  socks sucks
sodden sudden
sods suds
soft soughed
solid sullied
song sung
sop sup
  sopped supped
  sopping supping
  sops sups
spotter sputter
  spotters sputters
stock stuck
stomp stump
  stomped stumped
  stomping stumping
  stomps stumps
strong strung
sorry Surrey
toff tough
toffee toughie
  toffees toughies
toff tough
  toffs toughs
tog tug
  togged tugged
  togging tugging
  togs tugs
Tommy tummy	
tongs tongues
top tup	   
  topped tupped
  topping tupping
  tops tups
tot tut
  totted tutted
  totting tutting
  tots tuts
wan one	 
wan won
wander wonder
  wandered wondered
  wandering wondering
  wanders wonders	  
warrior worrier
  warriors worriers  
wrong rung
  wrongs rungs