Minimal Pair List Consonant /ʤ/ versus null, 215 pairs

   Minimal pair: Consonant /ʤ/ versus null, 215 pairs

The /ʤ/ sound is spelled with <j>, <ge>, <dge> or <gy> in gyrate . Many of the pairs arise from replacing an -age noun ending with a -y adjective ending, such as leakage/leaky . I am not sure of the status of one pair which has different stress, contingent/continent .

The density value is 5.6%. The set makes 146 semantic distinctions, giving a loading of 68%.

age A
angel anal
Angie Annie
arrange arraign
  arranged arraigned
  arranging arraigning
backstage backstay
baggage baggy
bandage bandy
  bandaging bandying
  bandaged bandied
barge bar
  barged barred
barged bard
baronage barony
Belgium bellum
bilge bill
binge bin
  bingeing binning
  binged binned
carriage carry
change chain
  changed chained
  changing chaining
charge char
  charged charred
charged chard
college collie	
contingent continent 
courage curry
djinn in
djinn inn
  djinns inns
doge dough
dotage dhoti
flange flan
fledged fled
foraged forehead
forge for
forge fore
forge four
forged ford
  G's E's
gage gay
gaol ail	
  gaols ails
  gaoled ailed
  gaoling ailing 
gaol ale
  gaols ales  
gauge gay
gel ell	
  gels ells
gel L
  gels L's
gem M
  gems M's
gen N
gene e'en
genie eenie
genned end
Geoff F
Georgie orgy
gerund errand
  gerunds errands
Giles aisles
Giles isles
gill ill
  gills ills     
gin in
gin inn
  gins inns
gorge gore
  gorged gored
grange grain
gyrate irate
hedged gead
huge hew
huge hue
intermarriage intermarry
  J's A's
jacks axe
jade aid
  jades aids
  jaded aided
Jake ache
jam am
jamb am
jangle angle
  jangles angled
  jangling angling
  jangled angled
Janus anus
jape ape
  japes apes
jar are
jargon argon
Jarrow arrow
jaw awe
  jaws awes
  jawed awed
  jawing awing
jaw or
jaw oar
  jaws oars
jaw ore
  jaws ores
jay A
  jays A's                
Jean e'en   
jeer ear
  jeers ears
jerk irk
  jerks irks
  jerked irked
  jerking irking
Jess S
jet ate
Jews ooze
jiffy iffy
Jill ill
jingle ingle
  jingles ingles
jinx inks
Joe O
Joe owe
jockey oche
  jockeys oches
John on
joke oak
  jokes oaks
  joked oaked
joker ochre
  jokers ochres
jolly Ollie
Jonah owner
Jordan Auden
joust oust
  jousts ousts
  jousted ousted 
  jousting ousting
jowl owl
  jowls owls
joy Oy
judder udder
  judders udders
junction unction
leakage leaky
liege lea
liege lee
mange main
marge mar
marriage marry
message messy
mingy mini		   
page pay
  paged paid   
  paging paying
peerage peri
peonage peony
pledged pled
pottage potty
purge purr
  purged purred
rage ray
raged raid
range rain
  ranged rained	
  ranging raining
range rein
  ranged reined	 
  ranging reining
range reign
  ranged reigned 
  ranging reigning
remarriage remarry
ridged rid
rummage rummy
sage say
savage savvy
Scrooge screw
serge sir	  
shortage Shorty
siege sea
siege see
singe sin
  singed sinned		 
  singeing sinning
sledged sled
soldier solar
spinach spinney
sponge spun
stage stay	
  staged stayed	  
  staging staying
staged staid  	 
strange strain
stranger strainer
  strangers strainers
surge sir 
surged surd
Swanage Swannee
tillage Tilly
tinge tin
  tinged tinned
tonnage tunny
urge err
  urged erred
wage way  
wage weigh
  waged weighed		 
  waging weighing
wedged wed