Minimal Pair List Consonants /d/ versus /z/: 2,941 pairs

   Minimal pair: Consonants /d/ versus /z/: 2,941 pairs

This is by some way the longest of the lists and has been the most difficult to edit. Nearly all the pairs (2,420) arise from adding an inflection, past tense or past participle versus 3rd-person or plural, to the same stem. The pairs that are not just the result of adding an inflection (516) are listed separately at the beginning.

The /d/ sound may be spelled with <d>, <de> or <dd>. The /z/ sound has many spellings including <s>, <se>, <z>, <zz> and <ss> in scissors . Since some of these overlap with the spelling of /s/, there is plenty of potential for mispronunciation. Notice that the assimilations of /ndz/ to /nz/ amd /ldz/ to /lz/ make minimal pairs such as band/bands and wield/wields as well as band/banns and wield/wheels . The tongue has to pass through the /d/ position in moving from /n/ or /l/ to /z/.

Notice too how the homograph lead makes pairs with leas and Les and the homograph rowed makes pairs with rose and rouse .

The contrast is between a stop and a fricative, both voiced and in the same region of the mouth. Both sounds are widespread in many languages, so this is not a problem for learners.

Taboo word pairs are niggard/niggers , peed/peas , shagged/shags and weed/wees .

Interesting pairs include:

deafer zephyr
insider incisor
leopard lepers
perdition position
readiness resinous
tankard tankers
valid valleys
weasel wheedle

The mean density value is very high at 15.5%. Taking just the first section of the list there are 454 semantic distinctions giving a loading of 88%.

abound abounds
abscond absconds
ad as 
add as
afraid affrays 
aged ages
aid A's 	 
almond almonds
altered altars 	  
amend amends
append appends
applaud applause 
apprehend apprehends
armed alms 
armoured amahs
ascend ascends
aside assize  
astound astounds
attend attends	 
background backgrounds
bald balls
band bans	 
band bands
band banns
banded bandies	  
battleground battlegrounds
bawd boars
bawd bores
bayed baize 
bayed beys
bead B's 
beard beers
beaux bode	
befriend befriends
bend bens	 
bend bends
Bernard burners
bid biz
bide buys	
bind binds
bind bines
bird burrs
blade blaze	  
blend blends
blind blinds   
blonde blondes
bloodhound bloodhounds	  
board boars	 
board bores
bold boles	
bond bonds	
bored boars
bored bores
bound bounds   
boyfriend boyfriends
braid braes 
braid brays 
brand brands
brayed braise
breed breeze
breeding breezing
breeds breezed	   
brigand brigands
bud buzz
bustard busters
buzzard buzzers
candid candies
card cars
cawed cause 
cedar Caesar 
  cedars Caesars 
cede C's
cede seize
  ceding seizing
Chad Chas
Chard chars
chord cause
chord caws	
command commands
commend commends
compound compounds
comprehend comprehends
condescend condescends
confound confounds
contend contends
cord cause 
  corded causes 
  cording causing 
cord caws
corralled chorales
correspond corresponds
countermand countermands 
coward cowers  	   
cummerbund cummerbunds
D zee	 
dachshund dachshunds
damned dams
dead Z 
deafer zephyr
deed D's 	
defend defends
demand demands
den Zen	   
depend depends
descend descends
dewed dues		
diamond diamonds
died dyes
dip zip
  dipped zipped
  dipping zipping
  dips zips
dipper zipper
  dippers zippers
disband disbands	  
distend distends
dither zither
  dithers zithers
divide devise 
  dividing devising 
dividend dividends
do zoo
  do's zoos
does dud
dogged doggies
doom zoom
  dooming zooming
  dooms zoomed
doted dhotis 
doughy Zoe 
dryad driers 
dude dews
dude dues	   
dumbfound dumbfounds
dyed dies	
emend emends  
end ends
end N's	   		  
errand errands
expand expands
expend expends
expound expounds
extend extends
fade phase
  fading phasing
fairground fairgrounds
fared fairs
fawned fauns
Fed fez	  
fend fends
fend fens
feud fuse
  feuding fusing
field feels   	  
field fields
fiend fiends
find finds
find fines	 
firebrand firebrnds
flared flairs
flowed floes
ford fours	
found founds   
friend friends
frigid fridges 	
frond fronds  
fund funds
galled Gauls  
garland garlands
gaud gauze
gaudy gauzy
  gaudier gauzier
  gaudiest gauziest
gerund gerunds
gild gills	   
girlfriend girlfriends
glade glaze	  
gland glands
goad goes 
godsend godsends
gold goals 
grade grays
grade graze
  graded grazes
  grading grazing
grndstand grandstands
greyed graze 	
greyhound greyhounds
grieved greaves    
grind grinds
ground grounds
guild gills
guide guise
guide guys
guyed guise	  
hand hands
hared hairs
hawed whores
heard hers
held hells
hewed hues
hid his
hide hies 
hide highs	 
hind hinds
hoarder hawser 
  hoarders hawsers 
hoard haws
hoard whores
hold holes
hold wholes
holed wholes
horde haws	
horde whores	
hound hounds
hued hews	
husband husbands
I'd I's
id is	   
impend impends
impound impounds
inside incise 
insider incisor 
  insiders incisors 
intend intends
ironed ions   
island islands
jade J's 
kidded kiddies
knead knees
knighted nighties
ladder lazar
  ladders lazars
lade lays  
lade laze
  lading lazing
lady lazy
  ladies lazes
laid lays
laid laze
laird lairs	
land lands  
laud laws	  
lead leas
lead lees	  
lend lends
lend lens
leopard lepers
lead Les 
levied levees 
load lows
lode lows
lord laws
lucid looses
made maize
made maze
maid maize
maid maze	  
mainland mainlands
marred Mars	   
mastermind masterminds
Maud maws
meddled medals	  
mend mends
mend mens
midden mizen
  middens mizens
middle mizzle
  middles mizzled
  middling mizzling
mild miles	  	 
millpond millponds
mind minds
mind mines
misapprehend misapprehends
misunderstand misunderstands
mode mows
mood moos
mourned morns
mould moles	
mound mounds
mounted Mounties 
muddy muzzy
  muddier muzzier
  muddiest muzziest
mustard musters
node knows 
node noes
node nose
nude news
niggard niggers
noddle nozzle
  noddles nozzles
odd oz
ode O's
ode owes	 
offend offends
oodles ouzels 	 
ordinand ordinands
overspend overspends
owed O's
padded paddies 
paled pails
pandered pandas 
panted panties
parted parties
pawed pause
pedant peasant
  pedants peasants 
  pedantry peasantry 
  pedantries peasantries 
peered piers
perdition position
pervade purveys
planed plains	  
playground playgrounds
plead pleas	 
plead please
  pleading pleasing
  pleadingly pleasingly
plumbed plums
poled polls
polled poles   	  
pond ponds
portend portends
potted potties	
pound pounds  
prayed praise
prayed preys   
pretend pretends
preyed praise 
preyed prays
pride prise
  priding prising
pride pries		
propound propounds
proud prows
peed P's 
peed peas
pseud sues
puddle puzzle
  puddles puzzled
  puddling puzzling
puddler puzzler
  puddlers puzzlers
queued cues
queued Q's
quid quiz
raid raise
  raided raises
  raiding raising
raider raiser
  raiders raisers
read res
readiness resinous		
rebound rebounds
recommend recommends
redound redounds
redound resound
  redounded resounded
  redounding resounding
  redounds resounds	
refund refunds
remand remands
remind reminds
rend rends  
rend wrens	
reprimand reprimands
rescind rescinds
resound resounds
respond responds   
reverend reverends
riband ribands
riband ribbons
ride rise
  ridden risen
  riding rising
  ridings risings
rider riser
  riders risers
rigid ridges  
rind rinds
rolled rôles
road rose 
road rows  
rood roos
rood rues
rood ruse	  
round rounds
rowdies rouses 
rowed rose	 
rowed rouse
rubicund Rubicons 
rude roos 
rude rues
rude ruse	 
rued roos
rued ruse
sand sans	
sand sands	 
saraband sarabands
savoured savers	   
sawed sores
screed screes
sculled skulls	 
seamed seems  
second seconds
seed C's
seed seize
  seeding seizing
seemed seams
send sends
shade chaise 	
shard shahs	 
shooed shoes 
shrewd shrews
side sighs	   
side size
  siding sizing
sighed size  
sleighed slays 
slowed sloes
snood snooze
  snoods snoozed
soared saws
soared sores	 
sold soles
sold souls	 
sound sounds
spade spays  
sparred spas
spend spends
staid stays	  	
stand stands
stander stanza
  standers stanzas
stared stairs  
stipend stipends	
strand strands
studded studies
sunned sons	  
superintend superintends
surd sirs 
surround surrounds
suspend suspends
sword saws
sword sores		
synod sinners 	   
tailed tales
tankard tankers
taxied taxes 
teed teas
teed tease
teed T's 
tend tens
tend tends	
thousand thousands
tide ties
tided tidies
toad toes	
toad tows	  
told tolls
towed toes
trade trays	   
transcend transcends
treated treaties  
trend trends
turned terns   
unbend unbends
unbind unbinds
underspend underspends
understand understands
unwind unwinds	 
vagabond vagabonds
valid valleys  	
veiled vales
veined vanes  
vend vends
wailed Wales 
wailed whales	 
wad was
wadded wadis 
wade ways
wade weighs	 
wand wands
waned wains 
ward wars  
weald weals	 
weald wheels
weald wields
weasel wheedle
  weasels wheedled
weed wheeze
  weeded wheezes
  weeding wheezing
weedy wheezy
  weedier wheezier
  weediest wheeziest
weekend weekends
wield weals	   
wield wheels
wield wields
weighed ways
weird weirs	  
weld wells 
wend wens
wend wends
who'd whose
wide wise
  widely wisely
  wider wiser
  widest wisest
wind winds
withstand withstands
woad woes		
wound wounds
you'd U's 
you'd use
wretched retches 
wretched wretches

-ED versus -S endings:

abandoned abandons
abhorred abhors
abjured abjures
absolved absolves
absorbed absorbs
abstained abstains
acclaimed acclaims
accompanied accompanies
accrued accrues
accustomed accustoms
achieved achieves
acidified acidifies
acquired acquires
addled addles
adhered adheres
adjoined adjoins
adjourned adjourns
adjured adjures
ad-libbed ad-libs
administered administers
admired admires
adored adores
adorned adorns
adventured adventures
affirmed affirms
aggrieved aggrieves
agreed agrees
ailed ails
aimed aims
aired airs
alarmed alarms
aligned aligns
allayed allays
allied allies
allowed allows
alloyed alloys
allured allures
altered alters
ambled ambles
amplified amplifies
anchored anchors
angered angers
angled angles
annealed anneals
annoyed annoys
annulled annuls
answered answers
appalled appals
apparelled apparels
appealed appeals
appeared appears
appertained appertains
applied applies
appliquéed appliqués
apportioned apportions
approved approves
aquaplaned aquaplanes
argued argues
armoured armours 
arraigned arraigns
arrayed arrays
arrived arrives
articled articles
ascertained ascertains
ascribed ascribes
aspired aspires
assailed assails
assayed assays
assembled assembles
assigned assigns
assumed assumes
assured assures
atoned atones
atrophied atrophies
attained attains
attired attires
attuned attunes
auctioned auctions
auditioned auditions
augured augures 
availed avails
averred avers
avowed avows
awakened awakens
awed awes
baa'd baas
babbled babbles
babied babies
backfired backfires
backpedalled backpedals
badgered badgers
baffled baffles
bagged bags
bailed bails
balconied balconies	  
balled balls
ballooned balloons
bamboozled bamboozles
banged bangs
banned bans
bantered banters
barbecued barbecues
barbed barbs
bared bares
bargained bargains
barnstormed barnstorms
barrelled barrels
bartered barters
bastinadoed bastinadoes
bathed bathes
battened battens
battered batters
battled battles
beamed beams
beatified beatifies
beautified beautifies
beavered beavers
beckoned beckons
bedevilled bedevils
bedroomed bedrooms
beetled beetles
befouled befouls
beggared beggars
begged begs
beguiled beguiles
behaved behaves
behoved behoves
belaboured belabours
belayed belays
beleaguered beleaguers
belied belies
believed believes
belittled belittles
bell-bottomed bell-bottoms
belled belles
bellied bellies
bellowed bellows
belonged belongs
bemoaned bemoans
bequeathed bequeaths
bereaved bereaves
buried buries
beseemed beseems
beshrewed beshrews
besmeared besmears
bestirred bestirs
bestowed bestows
bestrewed bestrews
betokened betokens
betrayed betrays
betrothed betroths
bettered betters
bevelled bevels
bewailed bewails
bewildered bewilders
bibbed bibs
bickered bickers
bicycled bicycles
billed bills
billowed billows
blabbed blabs
blabbered blabbers
blackballed blackballs
blackened blackens
blacklegged blacklegs
blackmailed blackmails
blamed blames
blared blares
blasphemed blasphemes
blathered blathers
blazoned blazons
blessed blesses
blethered blethers
blistered blisters
bloodstained bloodstains
bloomed blooms
blossomed blossoms
blow-dried blow-dries
blowed blows
blubbered blubbers
bludgeoned bludgeons
blued blues
blue-pencilled blue-pencils
blundered blunders
blurred blurs
blustered blusters
bobbed bobs
bodied bodies
bogged bogs
boggled boggles
boiled boils
bolstered bolsters
bombed bombs
boned bones
boobed boobs
booed boos
boomed booms
bootlegged bootlegs
bordered borders 
bored bores
borrowed borrows
bothered bothers
bottled bottles
bottomed bottoms
boughs bowed
boys buoyed
bragged brags
braided braises
braiding braising
braids braised
brained brains
branded brandies
braved braves
brawled brawls
brayed brays
brazened brazens
breathed breathes
brewed brews
bribed bribes
bridals bridled
brightened brightens
brimmed brims
bristled bristles
broadened broadens
broiled broils
brooded bruises
brooding bruising
broods bruised
browned browns
bubbled bubbles
buckled buckles
budded buddies
buddies buzzes
budding buzzing
bugged bugs
buggered buggers
bullied bullies
bummed bums
bundled bundles
bunged bungs
bungled bungles
bunkered bunkers
burbled burbles
burdened burdens
burgeoned burgeons
burgled burgles
burned burns
burrowed burrows
burthened burthens
busied busies
bustled bustles
butchered butchers
buttered butters
buttoned buttons
buttonholed buttonholes
cabled cables
cackled cackles
cajoled cajoles
calcified calcifies
calcined calcines
calendered calendars 
called calls
calmed calms
calved calves
cambered cambers
campaigned campaigns
cancelled cancels
caned canes
cankered cankers
canned cans
canoed canoes
canopied canopies
cantered canters
caparisoned caparisons
capered capers
captained captains
captured captures
cared cares
careened careens
careered careers
caricatured caricatures
carolled carols
carried carries
cartooned cartoons
cashiered cashiers
castled castles
catalogued catalogues
catcalled catcalls
catered caters
caterwauled caterwauls
cautioned cautions
caved caves
cavilled cavils
cawed caws
censored censors 
censured censures
centred centres
certified certifies
chagrined chagrins
chained chains
chaired chairs
championed champions
channelled channels
chaperoned chaperons
charmed charms
chartered charters
chastened chastens
chattered chatters
chawed chaws
cheapened cheapens
checkered checkers
cheered cheers 
chewed chews
chilblained chilblains
chilled chills
chimed chimes
chiselled chisels
chivied chivies
collared collars 
chortled chortles
christened christens
chronicled chronicles
chuckled chuckles
chugged chugs
chummed chums
churned churns
ciphered ciphers
circled circles
circumscribed circumscribes
claimed claims
clambered clambers
clammed clams
clamoured clamours
clanged clangs
clarified clarifies
classified classifies
clattered clatters
Claud clause
cleaned cleans
cleared clears
cleaved cleaves
clewed clews
climbed climbs
clobbered clobbers
clogged clogs
cloistered cloisters
clothed clothes
clowned clowns
cloyed cloys
clubbed clubs
clustered clusters
cluttered clutters
coaled coals
coarsened coarsens
cobbled cobbles
cocooned cocoons
coddled coddles
codified codifies
cohered coheres
coined coins 
coiled coils
cold-shouldered cold-shoulders
coloured colours
combed combs
combined combines
commandeered commandeers
commingled commingles
commissioned commissions
committed committees
communed communes
compèred compères
compared compares
compelled compels
compiled compiles
complained complains
complied complies
concealed conceals
conceived conceives
concerned concerns
concurred concurs
condemned condemns
conditioned conditions
condoled condoles
condoned condones
coned cones
confabbed confabs
conferred confers
configured configures
confined confines
confirmed confirms
conformed conforms
congealed congeals
conjectured conjectures
conjoined conjoins
conjured conjures
conkers conquered
conned cons
connived connives
conserved conserves
considered considers
consigned consigns
consoled consoles
conspired conspires
constrained constrains
construed construes
consumed consumes
contained contains
contemned contemns
continued continues
contoured contours
contravened contravenes
contrived contrives
controlled controls
convened convenes
conveyed conveys
convoyed convoys
cooed coos
cooled cools
copied copies
copper-bottomed copper-bottoms
coppered coppers
cordoned cordons
corned corns
cornered corners
co-starred co-stars
cottoned cottons
councils counselled
counted counties
countered counters
countermined countermines
countersigned countersigns
countervailed countervails
coupled couples
court-martialed court-martials
cousins cozened
covered covers
cowed cows
crabbed crabs
crackled crackles
cradled cradles
crammed crams
craned cranes
crannied crannies
crash-dived crash-dives
craved craves
crawled crawls
crayoned crayons
creamed creams
crewed crews
cribbed cribs
cried cries
crimed crimes
crimsoned crimsons
crinkled crinkles
crippled cripples
crocheted crochets
crooned croons
cross-examined cross-examines
cross-questioned cross-questions
crowed crows
crowned crowns
crucified crucifies
cruder cruiser
crumbled crumbles
crumpled crumples
cubed cubes
cuddled cuddles
cudgeled cudgels
culled culls
cultured cultures
cumbered cumbers
curbed curbs
curd curs
curdled curdles
cured cures
curled curls
curried curries
cursed curses
curtailed curtails
curtained curtains
curtseyed curtseys
curved curves
cushioned cushions
cussed cusses
cycled cycles
cyclostyled cyclostyles
dabbed dabs
dabbled dabbles
dallied dallies
damascened damascenes
dammed damns
dampened dampens
dandled dandles
deigned deigns
dangled dangles
dappled dapples
dared dares
darkened darkens
darned darns
daubed daubs
dawdled dawdles
dawned dawns
daydreamed daydreams
dazzled dazzles
deadened deadens
deafened deafens
debagged debags
debarred debars
debugged debugs
decayed decays
deceived deceives
deciphered deciphers
declaimed declaims
declared declares
declassified declassifies
declined declines
decontrolled decontrols
decoyed decoys
decreed decrees
decried decries
deemed deems
deepened deepens
defamed defames
deferred defers
defied defies
defiled defiles
defined defines
deflowered deflowers
deformed deforms
defrayed defrays
dehorned dehorns
deified deifies
delayed delays
delivered delivers
delved delves
demeaned demeans
demobbed demobs
demurred demurs
denied denies
deplaned deplanes
deplored deplores
deployed deploys
depraved depraves
deprived deprives
derailed derails
derequisitioned derequisitions
derived derives
descaled descales
described describes
descried descries
deserved deserves
designed designs
desired desires
despaired despairs
despoiled despoils
destined destines
destroyed destroys
detailed details
detained detains
determined determines
deterred deters
dethroned dethrones
detoured detours
detrained detrains
devalued devalues
devilled devils
devolved devolves
devoured devours
dewed dews
dialled dials
dibbled dibbles
dickered dickers
diddled diddles
died dies
differed differs
dignified dignifies
dilly-dallied dilly-dallies
dimmed dims
dimpled dimples
dined dines
dinned dins
dirtied dirties
disabled disables
disagreed disagrees
disallowed disallows
disappeared disappears
disapproved disapproves
disarmed disarms
disarrayed disarrays
disavowed disavows
disbelieved disbelieves
disburdened disburdens
discerned discerns
disciplined disciplines
disclaimed disclaims
discoloured discolours
discontinued discontinues
discovered discovers
disdained disdains
disembodied disembodies
disembowelled disembowels
disencumbered disencumbers
disentangled disentangles
disfavoured disfavours
disfigured disfigures
disheartened disheartens
dishonoured dishonours
disillusioned disillusions
disinclined disinclines
disinterred disinters
dismantled dismantles
dismayed dismays
dismembered dismembers
disobeyed disobeys
disordered disorders
disowned disowns
dispelled dispels
displayed displays
disproved disproves
disqualified disqualifies
disrobed disrobes
dissatisfied dissatisfies
dissembled dissembles
dissevered dissevers
dissolved dissolves
distempered distempers
distilled distils
distrained distrains
disturbed disturbs
dithered dithers
dive-bombed dive-bombs
dived dives
diversified diversifies
dividers divisors
divined divines
dizzied dizzies
doctored doctors
doddered dodders
dogged dogs
doled doles
dolled dolls
domed domes
domineered domineers
donned dons
doodled doodles
doomed dooms
doubled doubles
dovetailed dovetails
dowered dowers
downed downs
dragged drags
dragooned dragoons
drained drains
drawled drawls
dreamed dreams
dribbled dribbles
dried dries
drilled drills
drip-dried drip-dries
drivelled drivels
drizzled drizzles
droned drones
drooled drools
drowned drowns
drubbed drubs
drugged drugs
drummed drums
dry-cleaned dry-cleans
dubbed dubs
duelled duels
dulled dulls
dunned duns
dwindled dwindles
dyed dyes
earned earns
ebbed ebbs
echoed echoes
eddied eddies
edified edifies
egged eggs
elbowed elbows
electrified electrifies
embalmed embalms
embargoed embargoes
embezzled embezzles
embittered embitters
emblazoned emblazons
embodied embodies
emboldened emboldens
embroidered embroiders
embroiled embroils
empaled empales
empanelled empanels
emplaned emplanes
employed employs
empowered empowers
emptied empties
emulsified emulsifies
enabled enables
enamelled enamels
enamoured enamours
enchained enchains
encircled encircles
encored encores
encountered encounters
encumbered encumbers
endangered endangers
endeared endears
endeavoured endeavours
endowed endows
endued endues
endured endures
enfeebled enfeebles
engendered engenders
engineered engineers
engraved engraves
enjoined enjoins
enjoyed enjoys
enkindled enkindles
enlightened enlightens
enlivened enlivens
ennobled ennobles
enplaned enplanes
enquired enquires
enraptured enraptures
enrolled enrolls
enshrined enshrines
enslaved enslaves
ensnared ensnares
ensued ensues
ensured ensures
entailed entails
entangled entangles
entered enters
entertained entertains
enthralled enthralls
enthroned enthrones
entitled entitles
entombed entombs
entrained entrains
entreated entreaties
entwined entwines
envenomed envenoms
envied envies
environed environs
equalled equals
erred errs
eschewed eschews
espied espies
essayed essays
esteemed esteems
evened evens
evolved evolves
examined examines
excelled excels
exclaimed exclaims
exemplified exemplifies
exhaled exhales
exhumed exhumes
exiled exiles
expelled expels
expired expires
explained explains
explored explores
extolled extols
fabled fables
fagged fags
failed fails
fared fares 
falsified falsifies
faltered falters
fancied fancies
fanned fans
farmed farms
farrowed farrows
fashioned fashions
fastened fastens
fathered fathers
fathomed fathoms
fatigued fatigues
fattened fattens
fawned fawns 
favoured favours
feared fears
feathered feathers
featured features
feed fees
feigned feigns
felled fells
ferried ferries
festered festers
festooned festoons
fettered fetters
fevered fevers
fibbed fibs
fiddle fizzle
fiddled fiddles
fiddles fizzled
fiddling fizzling
figured figures
filed files
filibustered filibusters
filled fills
filmed films
filtered filters
fined fines
fingered fingers
fired fires
firmed firms
fizzled fizzles
flagged flags
flailed flails
flared flares 
flamed flames
flattened flattens
flattered flatters
flavoured flavours
flawed flaws
flayed flays
flickered flickers
flowed flows 
flogged flogs
floundered flounders
floured flours
flurried flurries
flustered flusters
fluttered flutters
foaled foals
foamed foams
fobbed fobs
fogged fogs
foiled foils
followed follows
fondled fondles
fooled fools
footled footles
footslogged footslogs
forayed forays
forearmed forearms
foredoomed foredooms
foregathered foregathers
foreordained foreordains
foreshadowed foreshadows
foreshortened foreshortens
forestalled forestalls
forewarned forewarns
formed forms
fortified fortifies
fostered fosters
fouled fouls
foundered founders
fractured fractures
framed frames
frayed frays
freckled freckles
freed frees
freewheeled freewheels
frescoed frescoes
freshened freshens
fricasseed fricassees
fried fries
frightened frightens
frilled frills
frittered fritters
frivolled frivols
frizzled frizzles
frowned frowns
fructified fructifies
fuddled fuddles
fuelled fuels
fulfilled fulfils
fumbled fumbles
fumed fumes
functioned functions
funnelled funnels
furled furls
furrowed furrows
furthered furthers
gabbled gabbles
gabled gables
gagged gags
gained gains
gambled gambles
gamed games
ganged gangs
gangrened gangrenes
gaoled gaols
garbed garbs
garbled garbles
gargled gargles
garnered garners
garrisoned garrisons
gasified gasifies
gathered gathers
gardened gardens
geared gears
gelled gels
gemmed gems
gendarmeries gendarmeries
genned gens
gerrymandered gerrymanders
gestured gestures
gibbered gibbers
gibed gibes
giggled giggles
gingered gingers
ginned gins
girdled girdles
gladdened gladdens
glared glares
gleamed gleams
gleaned gleans
glimmered glimmers
glistened glistens
glistered glisters
glittered glitters
gloried glories
glorified glorifies
gloved gloves
glowed glows
glowered glowers
glued glues
gnawed gnaws
gobbled gobbles
goggled goggles
gonged gongs
gored gores
governed governs
gowned gowns
grabbed grabs
grained grains
grappled grapples
gratified gratifies
gravelled gravels
greyed greys
griddle grizzle
griddles grizzled
grieved grieves 
grilled grilles
grimed grimes
grinned grins
grizzled grizzles
groaned groans
groined groins
groomed grooms
grooved grooves
grovelled grovels
growled growls
grubbed grubs
grumbled grumbles
guaranteed guarantees
guffawed guffaws
guillotined guillotines
gulled gulls
gummed gums
gunned guns
gurgled gurgles
guttered gutters
guyed guys
guzzled guzzles
hackneyed hackneys
had has
hadn't hasn't
haggled haggles
hailed hails
hared hares 
hallooed halloos
hallowed hallows
halls hauled
halved halves
hammed hams
hammered hammers
hampered hampers
handled handles
hanged hangs
hankered hankers
happened happens
harangued harangues
harboured harbours
hardcovered hardcovers
hardened hardens
harmed harms
harpooned harpoons
harried harries
harrowed harrows
hassled hassles
hastened hastens
hawed haws
healed heals
hearkened hearkens
heartened heartens
heaved heaves
heckled heckles
hectored hectors
he'd he's
heightened heightens
hemmed hems
hewed hews
hindered hinders
hired hires
hived hives
h'mmed h'ms
hobbled hobbles
hobnailed hobnails
hobnobbed hobnobs
hoed hoes
hogged hogs
holed holes
holidayed holidays
hollered hollers
holloas hollowed
holystoned holystones
honed hones
honeycombed honeycombs
honeyed honeys
honeymooned honeymoons
honoured honours
hoodooed hoodoos
Hoovered Hoovers
horned horns
horrified horrifies
hovered hovers
howled howls
huddled huddles
hued hues
hugged hugs
hulled hulls
humbled humbles
humbugged humbugs
humidified humidifies
hummed hums
humoured humours
hungered hungers
hurdled hurdles
hurled hurls
hurrahed hurrahs
hurried hurries
hurtled hurtles
hustled hustles
hymned hymns
hyphened hyphens
identified identifies
idled idles
ignored ignores
illumed illumes
illumined illumines
imagined imagines
imbibed imbibes
imbued imbues
immured immures
impaired impairs
impelled impels
imperilled imperils
implied implies
implored implores
importuned importunes
imprisoned imprisons
improved improves
impugned impugns
inclined inclines
incurred incurs
indemnified indemnifies
indentured indentures
inferred infers
inflamed inflames
informed informs
inhaled inhales
initialled initials
injured injures
inlaid inlays
inscribed inscribes
inspanned inspans
inspired inspires
installed installs
instilled instils
intensified intensifies
interfered interferes
interleaved interleaves
intermarried intermarries
intermingled intermingles
interned interns
interred inters
intertwined intertwines
intervened intervenes
interviewed interviews
intoned intones
intrigued intrigues
inured inures
invade inveighs
inveigled inveigles
involved involves	  
ironed irons
issued issues
ivied ivies
jabbed jabs
jabbered jabbers
jagged jags
jambs jammed
jangled jangles
japanned japans
jarred jars
jawed jaws
jeered jeers
jellied jellies
jetted jetties
jettisoned jettisons
jewelled jewels
jibbed jibs
jigged jigs
jiggered jiggers
jiggled jiggles
jingled jingles
jived jives
jobbed jobs
jockeyed jockeys
jogged jogs
joggled joggles
joined joins
jollied jollies
jostled jostles
journeyed journeys
joyed joys
juddered judders
jugged jugs
juggled juggles
jumbled jumbles
justified justifies
keeled keels
keened keens
kenned kens
kennelled kennels
keyed keys
killed kills
kindled kindles
kitted kitties
kneed knees
kneeled kneels
knuckled knuckles
kowtowed kowtows
labelled labels
laboured labours
lacquered lacquers
laddered ladders
ladled ladles
lagged lags
lambed lambs
lamed lames
lampooned lampoons
larned larns
lassoed lassoes
lathered lathers
laundered launders
laurelled laurels
laved laves
layered layers
leagued leagues
leaned leans
leapfrogged leapfrogs
learned learns
leavened leavens
lectured lectures
leered leers
lengthened lengthens
lessened lessens
lettered letters
levelled levels
levered levers
levied levies
libelled libels
lied lies
lightened lightens
lightered lighters
likened likens
limbed limbs
limbered limbers
limed limes
lined lines
lingered lingers
liquefied liquefies
listened listens
littered litters
lived lives
livened livens
liveried liveries
loaned loans
loathed loathes
lobbed lobs
lobbied lobbies
lobed lobes
lowed lows
logged logs
loitered loiters
lolled lolls
longed longs
loomed looms
loosened loosens
lop-eared lop-ears
loured lours
louvered louvres
loved loves
lowered lowers
lugged lugs
lulled lulls
lumbered lumbers
lured lures
machined machines
maddened maddens
magnified magnifies
mailed mails
maimed maims
maintained maintains
majored majors
malfunctioned malfunctions
maligned maligns
malingered malingers
manacled manacles
mangled mangles
manhandled manhandles
manicured manicures
manned mans
mannered manners
manoeuvred manoeuvres
mantels mantled
manufactured manufactures
manured manures
marbled marbles
marooned maroons
married marries
marred mars
marshalled marshals
martyred martyrs
marvelled marvels
massacred massacres
mastered masters
mattered matters
matured matures
mauled mauls
maundered maunders
meandered meanders
measured measures
meddled meddles 
mellowed mellows
mentioned mentions
metalled metals
mewed mews
miaoued miaous
microfilmed microfilms
middled middles
mildewed mildews
milled mills
mimed mimes
mined mines
mingled mingles
ministered ministers
mired mires
mirrored mirrors
misapplied misapplies
misbehaved misbehaves
miscalled miscalls
miscarried miscarries
misconceived misconceives
misconstrued misconstrues
misfired misfires
misgoverned misgoverns
mishandled mishandles
misinformed misinforms
mislaid mislays
misnamed misnames
misspelled misspells
mistimed mistimes
mizzled mizzles
moaned moans
mobbed mobs
modelled models
modified modifies
moiled moils
moistened moistens
mollified mollifies
mollycoddled mollycoddles
moneyed monies
monitored monitors
monkeyed monkeys
monocled monocles
mooed moos
mooned moons
moored moors 
mourned mourns 
mortared mortars
mortified mortifies
moseyed moseys
mothered mothers
motioned motions
motored motors
mottled mottles
mouldered moulders
mouthed mouths
moved moves
mowed mows
mudded muddies
muddle muzzle
muddled muddles
muddles muzzled
muffled muffles
mugged mugs
mulled mulls
mullioned mullions
multiplied multiplies
mumbled mumbles
mummified mummifies
munitioned munitions
murdered murders
murmured murmurs
muscled muscles
mushroomed mushrooms
mustered musters
mutinied mutinies
muttered mutters
muzzled muzzles
mystified mystifies
nabbed nabs
nagged nags
nailed nails
named names
narrowed narrows
nattered natters
neared nears
needled needles
negatived negatives
neighboured neighbours
neighed neighs
nerved nerves
nestled nestles
nettled nettles
neutered neuters
nibbled nibbles
nickelled nickels
nicknamed nicknames
niggled niggles
nobbled nobbles 
numbered numbers
nosedived nosedives
notified notifies
nullified nullifies
numbed numbs
nurtured nurtures
nuzzled nuzzles
obeyed obeys
obscured obscures
observed observes
obtained obtains
occasioned occasions
occupied occupies
occurred occurs
offered offers
ogled ogles
oiled oils
okayed okays
omened omens
opened opens
opined opines
oppugned oppugns
ordained ordains
ordered orders
orphaned orphans
ossified ossifies
outbraved outbraves
outlawed outlaws
outlined outlines
outlived outlives
outmanoeuvred outmanoeuvres
outnumbered outnumbers
outplayed outplays
outrivalled outrivals
outsailed outsails
outside outsize
outspanned outspans
outstayed outstays
outvied outvies
outweighed outweighs
overawed overawes
overburdened overburdens
overcalled overcalls
overclothed overclothes
overflowed overflows
overhauled overhauls
overlaid overlays
overmastered overmasters
overpaid overpays
overplayed overplays
overpowered overpowers
overruled overrules
oversewed oversews
overshadowed overshadows
oversimplified oversimplifies
overstayed overstays
overstrained overstrains
overturned overturns
overvalued overvalues
overwhelmed overwhelms
owed owes
owned owns
oxeyed oxeyes
pacified pacifies
paddled paddles
paid pays
paled pales 
pained pains
paired pairs
palavered palavers
palled palls
palled pals
palmed palms
palsied palsies
paltered palters
pampered pampers
pandered panders 
panelled panels
panhandled panhandles
panned pans
panoplied panoplies
papered papers
paralleled parallels
parboiled parboils
parcelled parcels
pardoned pardons
parleyed parleys
parodied parodies
paroled paroles
parried parries
partied parties
partitioned partitions
partnered partners
pastured pastures
patrolled patrols
patted patties
pattens patterned
pattered patters
pawed paws
paved paves
pawned pawns
pealed peals
pearled pearls
pedalled pedals
peered peers
peeved peeves
pegged pegs
pencilled pencils
penned pens
pensioned pensions
peopled peoples
peppered peppers
perceived perceives
performed performs
perfumed perfumes
perilled perils
perjured perjures
permed perms
persevered perseveres
personified personifies
perspired perspires
pertained pertains
perturbed perturbs
pestered pesters
pestled pestles
petaled petals
petered peters
petitioned petitions
petrified petrifies
philandered philanders
phoned phones
photocopied photocopies
pickled pickles
pictured pictures
piddled piddles
pied pies
piffled piffles
pigeonholed pigeonholes
pigged pigs
piled piles
pilfered pilfers
pillared pillars
pillowed pillows
pimpled pimples
pined pines
pinged pings
pinioned pinions
pinnacled pinnacles
pinned pins
pioneered pioneers
pitied pities
plagued plagues
plained plains
planed planes
planned plans
plastered plasters
played plays
plied plies
ploughed ploughs
plugged plugs
plumbed plumbs
plumed plumes
plundered plunders
poisoned poisons
poled poles
polled polls 
pommelled pommels
pondered ponders
pooh-poohed pooh-poohs
pooled pools
portioned portions
portrayed portrays
positioned positions
postponed postpones
postured postures
potbellied potbellies
pottered potters
powdered powders
power-dived power-dives
powered powers
powwowed powwows
prayed prays
prattled prattles
prawned prawns
preachified preachifies
precised precises
preconceived preconceives
preconditioned preconditions
predestined predestines
predetermined predetermines
preened preens
preferred prefers
prefigured prefigures
preoccupied preoccupies
preordained preordains
prepared prepares
prescribed prescribes
preserved preserves
presumed presumes
prettified prettifies
prevailed prevails
previewed previews
preyed preys
price-controlled price-controls
prickled prickles
pried pries
primed primes
primmed prims
principals principled
probed probes
proclaimed proclaims
procured procures
profaned profanes
proffered proffers
profiled profiles
profiteered profiteers
programmed programmes
prolonged prolongs
pronged prongs
propelled propels
propertied properties
prophesied prophesies
proportioned proportions
propositioned propositions
prorogued prorogues
proscribed proscribes
prospered prospers
proved proves
provisioned provisions
prowled prowls
pruned prunes
pub-crawled pub-crawls
puckered puckers
puddled puddles
puled pules
pulled pulls
pummelled pummels
punctured punctures
punned puns
purified purifies
purloined purloins
purred purrs
pursued pursues
purveyed purveys
putrefied putrefies
puttered putters
puzzled puzzles
quadrupled quadruples
quailed quails
qualified qualifies
quantified quantifies
quarantined quarantines
quarrelled quarrels
quarried quarries
quartered quarters
quavered quavers
queened queens
queered queers
quelled quells
queried queries
questioned questions
queued queues
quibbled quibbles
quickened quickens
quietened quietens
quivered quivers
raffled raffles
raftered rafters
ragged rags
railed rails
rained rains
raisers razored
rallied rallies
rambled rambles
ramified ramifies
rammed rams
rankled rankles
ransomed ransoms
rarefied rarefies
ratified ratifies
rationed rations
rattled rattles
raved raves
ravelled ravels		
rayed rays
reaffirmed reaffirms
reappeared reappears
reared rears
rearmed rearms
reasoned reasons
reassembled reassembles
reassured reassures
rebelled rebels
received receives
recalled recalls
recaptured recaptures
reckoned reckons
reclaimed reclaims
reclined reclines
recoiled recoils
reconciled reconciles
reconditioned reconditions
reconnoitred reconnoitres
reconsidered reconsiders
re-covered re-covers
recovered recovers
rectified rectifies
recurred recurs
recurved recurves
recycled recycles
reddened reddens
redeemed redeems
redefined redefines
redeployed redeploys
redesigned redesigns
rediscovered rediscovers
redoubled redoubles
re-echoed re-echoes
reeled reels
refashioned refashions
refereed referees
referred refers
refilled refills
refined refines
re-formed re-forms
reformed reforms
refrained refrains
refuelled refuels
regained regains
regaled regales
registered registers
reinsured reinsures
reissued reissues
rejigged rejigs
re-joined re-joins
rejoined rejoins
rekindled rekindles
relayed relays
relied relies
relieved relieves
relined relines
relived relives
remained remains
remarried remarries
remedied remedies
remembered remembers
remodelled remodels
removed removes
renamed renames
rendered renders
rendezvoued rendezvous
reneged reneges
renewed renews
reopened reopens
repaid repays
repaired repairs
repealed repeals
repelled repels
repined repines
replayed replays
replied replies
reprieved reprieves
reproved reproves
required requires
requisitioned requisitions
rescued rescues
resembled resembles
reserved reserves
resettled resettles
reshuffled reshuffles
resigned resigns
resoled resoles
resolved resolves
respired respires
restored restores
restrained restrains
restructured restructures
resumed resumes
retired retires
retailed retails
retained retains
retooled retools
retrieved retrieves
returned returns
revalued revalues
revealed reveals
revelled revels
revered reveres
reviewed reviews
reviled reviles
revived revives
revivified revivifies
revolved revolves
revved revs
rewired rewires
rhymed rhymes
ribboned ribbons
ribbed ribs
ricocheted ricochets
riddled riddles
ridiculed ridicules
riffled riffles
rifled rifles
rigged rigs
riled riles
rimmed rims
ringed rings
ripened ripens
rippled ripples
rivalled rivals
rived rives
roamed roams
roared roars
robbed robs
robed robes
rolled rolls
Roneoed Roneos
roomed rooms
rumoured rumours
rootled rootles
rosinned rosins
rough-dried rough-dries
roughened roughens
rowed rows
roved roves
rubbed rubs
rubbered rubbers
ruddled ruddles		   
rued rues
ruffled ruffles
ruined ruins
ruled rules
rumbled rumbles
rumpled rumples
ruptured ruptures
rustled rustles
sabred sabres
saddened saddens
saddled saddles
sagged sags
said says
sailed sails
salaamed salaams
salaried salaries
sallied sallies
sallowed sallows
salved salves
sampled samples
sanctified sanctifies
sanctioned sanctions
sandalled sandals
sandpapered sandpapers
satisfied satisfies
sauntered saunters
sautéed sautés
saved saves
savoured savours 
sawed saws
scaled scales
scampered scampers
scanned scans
scared scares
scarified scarifies
scarpered scarpers
scarred scars
scatterbrained scatterbrains
scattered scatters
sceptered sceptres
scheduled schedules
schemed schemes
schooled schools
scored scores
scorned scorns
scoured scours
scowled scowls
scrabbled scrabbles
scragged scrags
scrambled scrambles
scrammed scrams
scrawled scrawls
screamed screams
screened screens
screwed screws
scribbled scribbles
scrubbed scrubs
scrupled scruples
scuffled scuffles
sculled sculls
sculptured sculptures
scuppered scuppers
scurried scurries
scuttled scuttles
scythed scythes
sealed seals
seamed seams
seared sears
seasoned seasons
secured secures	  
seemed seems
seesawed seesaws
seethed seethes
seined seines
semaphored semaphores
sequestered sequesters
serge surge
served serves
settled settles
severed severs
sewed sews
shackled shackles
shadowed shadows
shagged shags
shallowed shallows
shambled shambles
shamed shames
shammed shams
shampooed shampoos
shanghaied shanghais
shared shares
sharpened sharpens
shattered shatters
shaved shaves
sheared shears
sheathed sheathes
shelled shells
sheltered shelters
shelved shelves
shewed shews
shied shies
shillyshallied shillyshallies
shimmered shimmers
shingled shingles
shinned shins
shivered shivers
shoaled shoals
shooed shoos 
shored shores
shortened shortens
shouldered shoulders
shoved shoves
shovelled shovels
showered showers
shrilled shrills
shrined shrines
shrived shrives
shrivelled shrivels
shrugged shrugs
shuddered shudders
shuffled shuffles
shunned shuns
shuttered shutters
shuttled shuttles
sickened sickens
sidled sidles
sieved sieves
sighed sighs	  
signed signs
signalled signals
signified signifies
silvered silvers
simmered simmers
simpered simpers
simplified simplifies
singled singles
sinned sins
siphoned siphons
sired sires
sizzled sizzles
skedaddled skedaddles
skewered skewers
skied skies
skilled skills
skimmed skims
skinned skins
skippered skippers
skittered skitters
skittled skittles
slackened slackens
slammed slams
slandered slanders
slanged slangs
slaughtered slaughters
slaved slaves
slavered slavers
sleeved sleeves
sleighed sleighs 
slewed slews
slimmed slims
slippered slippers
slithered slithers
slivered slivers
slobbered slobbers
slowed slows 
slogged slogs
slugged slugs
slumbered slumbers
slummed slums
slurred slurs
smartened smartens
smeared smears
smelled smells
smiled smiles
smoothed smooths
smothered smothers
smouldered smoulders
smuggled smuggles
snaffled snaffles
snagged snags
snared snares
snarled snarls
sneered sneers
snickered snickers
sniffled sniffles
sniggered sniggers
snivelled snivels
snogged snogs
snored snores
snowballed snowballs
snowed snows
snubbed snubs
snuffled snuffles
snuggled snuggles
soared soars
sobbed sobs
sobered sobers
softened softens
soft-pedalled soft-pedals
soft-soldered soft-solders
soiled soils
sojourned sojourns
soled soles
soldered solders
soldiered soldiers
solidified solidifies
solved solves
sunned suns 
soothed soothes
sorrowed sorrows
soured sours
sowed sows
spangled spangles
spanned spans
spared spares
sparkled sparkles
sparred spars
spattered spatters
spawned spawns
spayed spays
speared spears
specified specifies
speckled speckles
spectacled spectacles
speechified speechifies
spelled spells
spewed spews
spied spies
spieled spiels
spilled spills
spin-dried spin-dries
spiralled spirals
splayed splays
splintered splinters
spluttered splutters
spoiled spoils
sponsored sponsors
spooned spoons
sprained sprains
sprawled sprawls
sprayed sprays
spreadeagled spreadeagles
sprigged sprigs
spring-cleaned spring-cleans
sprinkled sprinkles
spurned spurns
spurred spurs
sputtered sputters
squabbled squabbles
squalled squalls
squandered squanders
squared squares
square-toed square-toes
squealed squeals
squeegeed squeegees
squired squires
squirmed squirms
stabbed stabs
stabled stables
staggered staggers
stained stains
staled stales
stalled stalls
stammered stammers
stapled staples
stared stares 
starred stars
startled startles
starved starves
stationed stations
staved staves
stayed stays
steadied steadies
steals steeled
steamed steams
steamrollered steamrollers
steepened steepens
steered steers
stemmed stems
stencilled stencils
stewed stews
stiffened stiffens
stifled stifles
stiles styled
stilled stills
stippled stipples
stirred stirs
stockinged stockings
stokehold stokeholes
stoned stones
stonewalled stonewalls
stored stores
storeyed storeys
stormed storms
stowed stows
straddled straddles
straggled straggles
straightened straightens
strained strains
strangled strangles
stratified stratifies
strawed straws
strayed strays
streamed streams
streamlined streamlines
strengthened strengthens
strewed strews
strolled strolls
structured structures
struggled struggles
strummed strums
stubbed stubs
stuccoed stuccoes
studied studies
stultified stultifies
stumbled stumbles
stunned stuns
stupefied stupefies
stuttered stutters
stymied stymies
subbed subs
subdued subdues
subjoined subjoins
suborned suborns
subpoenaed subpoenas
subscribed subscribes
subserved subserves
subsumed subsumes
succoured succours
succumbed succumbs
suckled suckles
suede swayed
suffered suffers
sugared sugars
sullied sullies
summed sums
summered summers
summoned summons
sunbathed sunbathes
sunburned sunburns
sundered sunders
supervened supervenes
supplied supplies
surrendered surrenders
surveyed surveys
survived survives
sustained sustains
swabbed swabs
swaddled swaddles
swaggered swaggers
swallowed swallows
swanned swans
swarmed swarms
swathed swathes
swayed sways
sweetened sweetens
swelled swells
sweltered swelters
swerved swerves
swigged swigs
swilled swills
swindled swindles
swirled swirls
swivelled swivels
swooned swoons
syllabified syllabifies
syllabled syllables
tabled tables
tabooed taboos
tackled tackles
tagged tags
tailed tails
tailored tailors
tallied tallies
tamed tames
tampered tampers
tangled tangles
tanned tans
tapered tapers
tapestried tapestries
tarred tars
tarried tarries
tasseled tassels
tattered tatters
tattled tattles
tattooed tattoos
taxied taxis
teamed teams
teetered teeters
teethed teethes
telephoned telephones
tempered tempers
tendered tenders
termed terms
terrified terrifies
testified testifies
tethered tethers
textured textures
thawed thaws
thickened thickens
thieved thieves
thinned thins
threatened threatens
thrilled thrills
thrived thrives
throbbed throbs
thronged throngs
throttled throttles
thrummed thrums
thumbed thumbs
thundered thunders
tickled tickles
tied ties
tightened tightens
tilled tills
tiled tiles
timbered timbers
timed times
tinctured tinctures
tined tines
tinged tings
tingled tingles
tinkered tinkers
tinkled tinkles
tinned tins
tinselled tinsels
tippled tipples
tiptoed tiptoes
tired tires
titled titles
tittered titters
tittle-tattled tittle-tattles
toadied toadies
tobogganed toboggans
toddled toddles
togged togs
toiled toils
tolled tolls
toned tones
tongued tongues
tonned tons
tonsured tonsures
tooled tools
tootled tootles
toppled topples
torpedoed torpedoes
tortured tortures
totalled totals
tottered totters
toughened toughens
toured tours
tousled tousles
towed tows
towelled towels
towered towers
toyed toys
trailed trails
trained trains
trammelled trammels
trampled tramples
transcribed transcribes
transferred transfers
transfigured transfigures
transformed transforms
transmogrified transmogrifies
transpired transpires
traveled travels
travestied travesties
trawled trawls
treadled treadles
treasured treasures
trebled trebles
treed trees
trembled trembles
trepanned trepans
trephined trephines
trews trued
trickled trickles
tried tries
trifled trifles
triggered triggers
trilled trills
trimmed trims
tripled triples
trolled trolls
troubled troubles
truckled truckles
trundled trundles
tugged tugs
tumbled tumbles
tuned tunes
tunnelled tunnels
turbaned turbans
turned turns 
tussled tussles
tutored tutors
twaddled twaddles
twanged twangs
twiddled twiddles
twigged twigs
twined twines
twinkled twinkles
twinned twins
twirled twirls
twittered twitters
typified typifies
uglified uglifies
umpired umpires
unbarred unbars
unbosomed unbosoms
unbuckled unbuckles
unburdened unburdens
unbuttoned unbuttons
unchained unchains
uncoupled uncouples
uncovered uncovers
uncurled uncurls
undeceived undeceives
underlined underlines
undermined undermines
underpaid underpays
underpinned underpins
underscored underscores
undersigned undersigns
understudied understudies
undervalued undervalues
unfastened unfastens
unfurled unfurls
unified unifies
uniformed uniforms
unlearned unlearns
unmanned unmans
unnerved unnerves
unplugged unplugs
unravelled unravels
unrolled unrolls
unsaddled unsaddles
unscrambled unscrambles
unscrewed unscrews
unsettled unsettles
unsheathed unsheathes
untied unties
unveiled unveils
upholstered upholsters
upturned upturns
ushered ushers
uttered utters
vacationed vacations
valeted valets
valued values
varied varies
veered veers
veiled vales 
veined veins
veneered veneers
ventured ventures
verified verifies
versified versifies
vestured vestures
vetoed vetoes
victualled victuals
vied vies
viewed views
vilified vilifies
visaed visas
vitrified vitrifies
volleyed volleys
volunteered volunteers
vowed vows
waddled waddles
waffled waffles
wagered wagers
wagged wags
waggled waggles
wailed wails
waived waives
waivers wavered
wakened wakens
walled walls
wallowed wallows
wandered wanders
waned wanes 
wangled wangles
wantoned wantons
warbled warbles
wared wares
warmed warms
warned warns
warranted warranties
watered waters
waylaid waylays
weakened weakens
weaned weans
wearied wearies
weathered weathers
webbed webs
weed wees
weighed weighs
welcomed welcomes
welled wells
weltered welters
whanged whangs
wheedled wheedles
whiled whiles
whimpered whimpers
whined whines
whinnied whinnies
whirled whirls
whirred whirrs
whiskered whiskers
whispered whispers
whistled whistles
whitened whitens
whittled whittles
widened widens
widowed widows
wigged Whigs 
wiggled wiggles
willed wills
winged wings
winkled winkles
winnowed winnows
wintered winters
wired wires
withered withers
wived wives
wobbled wobbles
wondered wonders
wooed woos
wormed worms
worried worries
worsened worsens
wrangled wrangles
wreathed wreathes
wrestled wrestles
wriggled wriggles
wrinkled wrinkles
writhed writhes
wronged wrongs
X-rayed X-rays
yammered yammers
yarned yarns
yawed yaws
yawned yawns
yearned yearns
yelled yells
yellowed yellows
yenned yens
yodelled yodels
yowled yowls
zeroed zeros
zigzagged zigzags
zoned zones
zoomed zooms