Minimal Pair List Consonant /p/ versus null, 916 pairs

   Minimal pair: Consonant /p/ versus null, 916 pairs

The consonant /p/ occurs in initial, medial and final environments, and enters freely into clusters. This accounts for the size of this list. There are a number of cases of multiple pairings such as lea/leap and lea/plea .

Interesting pairs include:

annals panels
arrest oppressed
attrition patrician
latitude platitude
concession conception
tenancies tenpences

Notice, however, that tenancies/tenpences would not be minimal in rapid speech since the /n/ of tenpences would be assimilated to /m/.

The list makes 579 semantic distinctions, giving a loading of 63%.

act packed
act pact
  acts pacts
ad pad
  ads pads
add pad
  added padded
  adding padding
  adds pads
addition perdition
addle paddle
  addled paddled
  addles paddles
  addling paddling
adze pads
aeon paean
  aeons paeans
aeon peon
  aeons peons
affect perfect
  affected perfected
  affecting perfecting
  affection perfection
  affects perfects
ah pa
ah pah
ah par
ah parr
Al alp
Al apple
Al pal
Ali pally
Alice palace
all pall
all Paul
all pawl
Allah pallor
alley pally
alms palms
Alnwick panic
altar palter
  altars palters
alter palter
  altered paltered
  altering paltering
  alters palters
am amp
am Pam
amah palmer
  amahs palmers
amah Parma
an pan
and panned
anger panga
  angers pangas
Ann pan
annals panels
ant pant
  ants pants
antes panties
anther panther
  anthers panthers
any penny
arable parable
arc park
arch parch
  arched parched
  arches parches
  arching parching
arcs parks
are pa
are pah
are par
  ares pars
are parr
  ares parrs
ares parse
arid parried
ark park
  arks parks
arm palm
  armed palmed
  arming palming
  arms palms
armour palmer
armour Parma
army palmy
arrest oppressed
arse pass
  arses passes
arson parson
art part
Art part
article particle
  articles particles
artisan partisan
  artisans partisans
arts parts
arty party
ascent percent
ashen passion
ass apse
ass asp
assent percent
assertion aspersion
  assertions aspersions
asses apses
assist persist
  assistance persistence
  assistant persistent
  assisted persisted
  assisting persisting
  assists persists
aster pasta
Aston pastern
at apt
at pat
ate pet
attar apter
attar patter
attitude aptitude
  attitudes aptitudes
attrition patrician
aught port
auk pork
averse perverse
  aversion perversion
  aversions perversions
avert pervert
  averted perverted
  averting perverting
  averts perverts
awe paw
  awed pawed
  awes paws
  awing pawing
awe pore
  awed pored
  awes pores
awe pour
  awed poured
  awes pours
awes pause
awl pall
  awls palls
awl Paul
awl pawl
  awls pawls
awning pawning
axe packs
axe pax
  axes paxes
B beep
be beep
bee beep
Bella Belper
Bert burped
bleat bleeped
bliss blips
bum bump
bumming bumping
bur burp
burr burp
C seep
cam camp
car carp
Carl carpal
cart carped
cat capped
catcher capture
  catchers captures
catcher catchup
caw Corp
cease seeps
cede speed
  ceded speeded
  cedes speeds
  ceding speeding
cell sepal
  cells sepals
cell spell
  cells spells
cellar speller
  cellars spellers
cent spent
cert spurt
  certs spurts
chat chapped
chatter chapter
  chatters chapters
cheat cheeped
chit chipped
choral corporal
Chris crisp
chum chump
cirrus syrups
clam clamp
  clamming clamping
class clasp
  classed clasped
  classing clasping
coarse corpse
commute compute
  commuted computed
  commuter computer
  commuters computers
  commutes computes
  commuting computing
concession conception
  concessions conceptions
coo coop
  cooing cooping
coot cooped
core Corp
corps Corp
corse corpse
  corses corpses
cos cops
cos copse
cot copped
cot Copt
  cots Copts
coup coop
course corpse
  courses corpses
cram cramp
  cramming cramping
crass craps
crease creeps
crew croup
critic cryptic
  critically cryptically
cross crops
cull couple
  culled coupled
  culling coupling
  culls couples
cuss cups
cuss cusp
cut cupped
D deep
dam damp
  damming damping
damn damp
  damning damping
death depth
  deaths depths
deist deepest
delete deplete
  deleted depleted
  deletes depletes
  deleting depleting
  deletion depletion
deuce dupes
dew dupe
dollar dollop
dolour dollop
drew droop
drew drupe
dross drops
due dupe
dumb dump
  dumber dumper
dummy dumpy
E pea
E pee
each peach
Ealing pealing
Ealing peeling
earl pearl
  earls pearls
earl purl
  earls purls
early pearly
  earliest pearliest
earth Perth
ease peas
ease pease
ease pees
ease P's
east pieced
eat peat
eat Pete
eater peter
  eaters peters
eaves peeves
eel peal
  eels peals
eel peel
  eels peels
egg peg
  egged pegged
  egging pegging
  eggs pegs
eke peak
  eked peaked
  ekes peaks
  eking peaking
eke peek
  eked peeked
  ekes peeks
  eking peeking
eke peke
  ekes pekes
eke pique
  eked piqued
  ekes piques
  eking piquing
eking Peking
elf pelf
emend impend
  emended impended
  emending impending
  emends impends
emulsion impulsion
  emulsions impulsions
end penned
ending pending
eon paean
  eons paeans
eon peon
  eons peons
err per
err purr
  erred purred
  erring purring
  errs purrs
Erse purse
E's peas
E's pease
E's pees
E's P's
Esther pester
eve peeve
  eves peeves
ewe pew
  ewes pews
excel expel
  excelled expelled
  excelling expelling
  excels expels
filly fillip
filly Philip
flat flapped
flit flipped
floss flops
fosse fops
G jeep
gas gaps
gee jeep
ghat gawped
gnat knapped
gnat napped
gore gawp
gorse gawps
grass grasp
  grassed grasped
  grassing grasping
grease grippes
Greece grippes
grew group
grit gripped
gull gulp
  gulling gulping
ha harp
Halle haply
hammer hamper
  hammered hampered
  hammering hampering
  hammers hampers
hart harped
hat happed
he heap
heart harped
heat heaped
hell help
hem hemp
hiss hips
Hoo hoop
Hoo whoop
hoot hooped
hoot whooped
hot hopped
hum hump
  humming humping
ill pill
  ills pills
immune impugn
immunity impunity
in pin
Inc pink
inch pinch
  inched pinched
  inches pinches
  inching pinching
ink pink
  inked pinked
  inking pinking
  inks pinks
inn pin
  inning pinning
  inns pins
ins pins
insect inspect
  insects inspects
intercession interception
  intercessions interceptions
irk perk
  irked perked
  irking perking
  irks perks
it pit
  its pits
  it's pits
itch pitch
  itched pitched
  itches pitches
  itching pitching
Julie julep
key keep
  keying keeping
kiss kips
kit kipped
knee neap
knit nipped
lad plaid
  lads plaids
lakh plaque
  lakhs plaques
lam lamp
lamb lamp
land planned
lank plank
lark plaque
  larks plaques
lash plash
  lashed plashed
  lashes plashes
  lashing plashing
lass laps
lass lapse
  lasses lapses
lat lapped
lat plait
latitude platitude
  latitudes platitudes
latter platter
lea leap
lea plea
leach pleach
  leached pleached
  leaches pleaches
  leaching pleaching
lead plead
  leading pleading
  leads pleads
  lead pled
leas pleas
leas please
lease leaps
led pled
ledge pledge
  ledges pledges
lee leap
lee plea
leech pleach
  leeches pleaches
Leeds pleads
lees pleas
lees please
Leigh leap
Leigh plea
leisure pleasure
let leapt
lied leaped
lied pleat
lieu loop
limb limp
limit limpet
  limits limpets
limn limp
  limning limping
list lisped
lit lipped
Lodz plods
loo loop
loom plume
  loomed plumed
  looming pluming
  looms plumes
loose loops
loot looped
loss lops
lot lopped
lot plot
  lots plots
Louis loopy
lover plover
  lovers plovers
luck pluck
  luckiest pluckiest
  luckily pluckily
  lucky plucky
lug plug
  lugged plugged
  lugging plugging
  lugs plugs
lumme lumpy
lumme plummy
lunge plunge
  lunged plunged
  lunges plunges
  lunging plunging
lush plush
  lusher plusher
  lushest plushest
lute looped
luxe plucks
Lymm limp
marl Marple
mass maps
mat mapped
matt mapped
moss mops
N pen
  N's pens
Nat knapped
Nat napped
Nice neaps
niece neaps
nil nipple
nit nipped
oar paw
  oars paws
oar pore
  oars pores
oar pour
  oars pours
oars pause
Oct pocked
odd pod
  odds pods
o'er paw
o'er pore
o'er pour
Ollie Polly
Ollie poly
Ollie polyp
omit permit
  omits permits
  omitted permitted
  omitting permitting
  omission permission
oodles poodles
or paw
or pore
or pour
ore paw
  ores paws
ore pore
  ores pores
ore pour
  ores pours
ores pause
Ossett posset
otter potter
  otters potters
ought port
ox pocks
ox pox
Phyllis fillips
pseud spewed
quay keep
quit quipped
R pa
R pah
R par
R parr
ram pram
  rams prams
ram ramp
  ramming ramping
rank prank
  ranks pranks
rat rapped
rat rapt
rat wrapped
rattle prattle
  rattled prattled
  rattler prattler
  rattlers prattlers
  rattles prattles
  rattling prattling
RC Parsee
re- pre-
re reap
reach preach
  reached preached
  reaches preaches
  reaching preaching
recast precast
recede precede
  receded preceded
  recedes precedes
  receding preceding
recession precession
  recessions precessions
recession reception
  recessions receptions
recondition precondition
  reconditioned preconditioned
  reconditions preconditions
record ripcord
  records ripcords
refer prefer
  reference preference
  references preferences
  referential preferential
  referred preferred
  referring preferring
  refers prefers
regnant pregnant
res Pres
resent present
  resented presented
  resenting presenting
  resents presents
reserve preserve
  reserved preserved
  reserves preserves
  reserving preserving
resident president
  residences presidencies
  residency presidency
  residential presidential
  residents presidents
rest pressed
resume presume
  resumed presumed
  resumes presumes
  resuming presuming
retention pretension
rhomb prom
  rhombs proms
rhomb romp
Rhyl ripple
rick prick
  ricked pricked
  ricking pricking
  ricks pricks
rig prig
  rigs prigs
rill ripple
  rills ripples
rim prim
  rimmed primmed
  rimming primming
  rims prims
rink prink
  rinks prinks
rinse prince
  rinses princes
risen prison
Rita praetor
rivet privet
rocks prox
rocs prox
rod prod
  rods prods
rood prude
  roods prudes
roof proof
  roofed proofed
  roofing proofing
  roofs proofs
R's parrs
R's pars
R's parse
rude prude
rue Pru
rued prude
rum rump
rune prune
  runes prunes
said sped
Sam spam
sand spanned
sank spank
sans spans
sat sapped
sat spat
satyr spatter
  satyrs spatters
saw spore
  saws spores
sawn spawn
scar scarp
scent spent
scholar scollop
scoot scooped
sea seep
seat seeped
sec spec
  secs specs
sec speck
  secs specks
sect specked
sector spectre
  sectors spectres
see seep
  seeing seeping
seed speed
  seeded speeded
  seediest speediest
  seedily speedily
  seeding speeding
  seeds speeds
  seedy speedy
seek speak
  seeker speaker
  seekers speakers
  seeking speaking
  seeks speaks
sell sepal
  sells sepals
sell spell
  selling spelling
  sells spells
seller speller
  sellers spellers
send spend
  sender spender
  senders spenders
  sending spending
  sent spent
set Sept
sett Sept
setter sceptre
  setters sceptres
sex specks
sex specs
shah sharp
she sheep
she'll spiel
shield spieled
shit shipped
shot shopped
sic spick
sick spick
sieve spiv
  sieves spivs
Sikh speak
  Sikhs speaks
sill spill
  sills spills
silt spilt
simmer simper
  simmered simpered
  simmering simpering
  simmers simpers
sin spin
  sinning spinning
  sins spins
Sioux soup
sir spur
  sirs spurs
sirrah syrup
sit sipped
sit spit
  sits spits
  sitting spitting
skim skimp
  skimming skimping
skit skipped
slash splash
  slashed splashed
  slashes splashes
  slashing splashing
slat slapped
slender splendour
slew sloop
slit slipped
slit split
  slits splits
  slitting splitting
slosh splosh
  sloshed sploshed
  sloshes sploshes
  sloshing sploshing
slot slopped
sluice sloops
slum slump
  slumming slumping
soar spore
  soars spores
solecism solipsism
some sump
son spun
soon spoon
sore spore
  sores spores
sort sport
  sorted sported
  sorting sporting
  sorts sports
sot sopped
sot spot
  sots spots
sou soup
sought sport
steal steeple
  steals steeples
steel steeple
  steels steeples
steely steeply
stele steeply
stet stepped
still stipple
  stilled stippled
  stilling stippling
  stills stipples
suds spuds
Sue soup
sue spew
  sued spewed
  sues spews
  suing spewing
suit souped
sum sump
sun spun
sunk spunk
surd spurred
suss sups
swat swapped
sweat swept
tat tapped
tenancies tenpences
terse turps
thumb thump
  thumbing thumping
till tipple
  tilled tippled
  tilling tippling
  tills tipples
tiller tippler
  tillers tipplers
tit tipped
toss tops
tot topped
tourney turnip
tram tramp
trill triple
  trilled tripled
  trilling tripling
  trills triples
truce troops
truce troupes
true troop
true troupe
truer trooper
truer trouper
truing trooping
'twere twerp
U pew
  U's pews
ugh per
ugh purr
urge purge
  urged purged
  urges purges
  urging purging
use pews
use puce
utter putter
  uttered puttered
  uttering puttering
  utters putters
Wallace wallops
wallah wallop
war warp
wart warped
watt whopped
we weep
wee weep
  weeing weeping
well whelp
  welling whelping
welt whelped
wet wept
what whopped
whet wept
whit whipped
who hoop
who whoop
wit whipped
wore warp
wot whopped
wrest pressed
wrick prick
  wricked pricked
  wricking pricking
  wricks pricks
writ ripped
wrong prong
  wronged pronged
  wrongs prongs
X pecks
yell yelp
  yelling yelping
yew pew
  yews pews
you pew
you'll pule
yule pule