Minimal Pair List Vowels 1 /i/ versus all consonants, 64 pairs

   Minimal pair: Vowels 1 /i/ versus all consonants, 64 pairs

A contrast between a vowel and a consonant normally has a different status from that between vowel and vowel or consonant and consonant, since the syllable structure and stress pattern are bound to be upset. This may not be so in the case of consonants which can be syllable nuclei (namely /l/, /r/ and the nasals).

12 of the 24 consonants displayed minimal pairs with /i/. If no contrast is reported below, then no minimal pairs showed up in this dictionary. As one might expect, the only longer groups are those consonants which cluster readily, namely /s/ and /t/, and those which can be syllabic, namely /n/ and /l/.

/i/ versus /t/
cm stem
debauchee debauched
divorcee divorced
foresee forced
lessee lest
marquee marked
Parsee passed
Parsee past
pelisse pelts
seeing sting
/i/ versus /d/
bargee barged
internee interned
mortgagee mortgaged
/i/ versus /k/
decease discs
Ealing cling
RC ask
receipt risked
/i/ versus /tS/
ranee ranch
/i/ versus /f/
Ealing fling
/i/ versus /s/
bootee boots
draftee drafts
draftee draughts
Ealing sling
eating sting
maquis macs
maquis max
marquee marks
marquee marques
tempi temps
warrantee warrants
/i/ versus /z/
internee internes
internee interns
vendee vends
/i/ versus /l/
axes axles
bawbee bauble
  bawbees baubles
bootee Bootle
feeing fling
internee internal
keying cling
Kiev clef
nominee nominal
Parsee parcel
  Parsees parcels
pupae pupil
seeing sling
settee settle
  settees settles
suttee subtle
tempi temple
/i/ versus /m/
Louise looms
/i/ versus /n/
lessee lessen
  lessees lessens
lessee lesson
  lessees lessons
Louise loons
Parsee parson
  Parsees parsons
RC arson
suttee Sutton
/i/ versus /r/
being bring
  beings brings
teeing Tring
/i/ versus /w/
seeing swing