Don't fail in online English conversation! 22 successful study methods


Many of you who are starting online English conversation may be wondering how to proceed. If you want to start online English conversation, you definitely want to do it in a way that works. This time, I would like to introduce the study methods and utilization methods that lead to the success of online English conversation. Let's start with what you think you can easily do.

22 Study Methods for Successful Online English Conversation

For those who continue to have online English conversation, there are various hints such as devising ways to make it as easy as possible and making it fun. This time, we will introduce all the study methods that help you succeed.

Be sure to book the next lesson

First of all, it is important to encourage continuation, and it is recommended that you make a reservation for the next lesson after one lesson. If you try to make a reservation later, the "later" may become "1 week later" or "2 weeks later". If it's a lesson you can take every day, be sure to book tomorrow's lesson before closing the online English conversation screen.

Beginners prepare cheat sheets

If you are a beginner in English conversation, write down frequently used English sentences in a notebook in advance and practice using them while watching them during the lesson. A cheat sheet is a "Cheat Sheet", a so-called "cheat sheet". At first, you can talk while looking at the list to remember important sentences. For example, you can take lessons with peace of mind and prevent excessive tension just by writing a sentence such as "Could you say that again?".

Take lessons even 10 minutes a day

If you take a course every day, you may occasionally have some errands or get tired. Even in such a case, if you can take it for only 10 minutes, it is recommended to take a lesson. There is no problem if you tell the teacher in advance, "I have something to do today, so can I finish the free talk for 10 minutes?" By keeping it uninterrupted, you can prevent it from dropping out of online English conversation.

Use teaching materials as much as possible

It seems that some online English conversation ends with free talk every time, but if possible, choose online English conversation with teaching materials. Of course, it is necessary to improve your speaking ability through free talk, but well-crafted teaching materials are useful for increasing new knowledge.

Make a rotation with your favorite teacher

Immediately after starting online English conversation, I think you will try various teachers. Some teachers may not be very compatible. In such a case, don't worry, try another teacher. After a while, you will meet teachers with similar hobbies and values, so it is a good idea to find 4-5 such teachers and take lessons in order. Different teachers speak differently, so it's important to make rotations and experience various English.

I don't care about clothes and makeup

In online English conversation, you can see your own screen, so there are various hurdles such as "I have to make up" and "I have to change my clothes", so it may be a hassle to attend. So, from the beginning, let's face without fashion with the feeling that "no makeup" and "pajamas" are the norm. Doing so will lower the bar for taking online English conversation and make it easier to continue.

Let's find an environment that can be received anywhere

If you take an online English conversation every day, you may say, "I have something to do today, so I can't take it." However, even on such a day, you may be able to take classes on the go in a little spare time. Feel free to think about taking a lunch break at a park, internet cafe, company meeting room, etc. Taking classes on smartphones is also very comfortable these days.

Occasionally take classes on your smartphone

It is also recommended that you become accustomed to taking classes on your smartphone so that you can take classes anytime, anywhere. It tends to be exaggerated when it comes to opening and starting up a computer, but when the time comes, a smartphone that quickly takes out the smartphone and connects with the teacher will help continue online English conversation. If you haven't used it yet, please give it a try.

If you are nervous, prepare for it

If you are new to English and feel very nervous about speaking in English, it is a good idea to take a quick look at the materials and prepare for them. By doing so, the knowledge of "what to do today" will give you more room and ease your tension. If you have time to spare, be sure to prepare for it.

Talk a lot during the lesson

Since you are connected to a native teacher, let's talk as much as possible during the lesson. For example, if you have any questions in the lesson, not only answer "Yes" and "No", but also add more detailed information, and finally answer the questions "What do you think of the teacher?" And "How about the teacher?" It would be nice. By doing so, the conversation will continue and you will be able to speak a lot.

Think about what to talk about in advance

When a lesson starts, it often starts with an ice break such as "What did you do today?" When asked suddenly, English may not come out immediately asking "what did you do today?", Which may increase tension from the beginning. Therefore, it is a good idea to think about "speaking today" in English before the lesson. You can easily enter the ice break and get off to a good start.

Take lessons in the morning

If possible, consider taking the course as soon as you wake up in the morning. It is difficult to determine the attendance time depending on the schedule of the day, and it is difficult to make it a habit, but in the morning, the time to wake up is usually the same. You can wake up in the morning and stay in your pajamas, so if you take a lesson instead of an alarm, you can have a refreshing day!

After the lesson, write a sentence in your notebook

If you use the teaching materials, you will learn 2-3 "Today's Grammar" a day. As soon as the lesson is over, open the notebook and write one sentence at a time using the grammar, and it will be a review. It will take about a minute, but your knowledge will be firmly established and you will improve efficiently.

Make time to use English in your daily life

If you are exposed to English everyday in online English conversation, you will want to use it in real life. Make time to interact with natives, for example, having a cup of tea with a native friend at a cafe once a week, or going to a sports bar where foreigners gather. You can actually use the English you have learned, and the fun will be synergistic and it will be easier to continue the lesson.

Set a goal

Having goals and goals for everything will motivate you, give you an idea of how far you have improved toward your goals, and make it easier for you to move forward. For example, be sure to set "English goals" that suit your life first, such as "get 800 points with TOEIC within a year" or "arrange an overseas trip by yourself instead of a pack tour". prize.

Start with simple teaching materials

If you are good at English, you may find it easy to see the teaching materials. However, when you actually talk about it, you may be depressed if you can't speak at all. rest assured. If you are good at English, the pace of progress should be faster. Starting with something that you think is a little easier, building confidence little by little, and accumulating small successes will double the fun of online English conversation.

Don't neglect what you don't understand

There are many people who pretend to understand what the teacher is saying in online English conversation. However, if you pretend to understand it, the conversation after that will not be established and you will feel uncomfortable. Of course I don't know! Please ask the teacher again until you understand. The teacher will teach you until you understand.

Make the most of your lessons in your life

For example, if you have a small question or question, such as not knowing how to write in the English email necessary for work, write it in a notebook or memo in advance and listen to it in the lesson. You don't necessarily have to advance the teaching materials in the lessons, you can ask the questions and questions that come up each time. The knowledge gained there is more impressive and has the characteristic of being easy to settle.

Measure progress using tests etc.

As you continue your online English conversation, you may experience some slack. At such times, it is important to quantify your current abilities through speaking tests and qualification tests. By visualizing how much you have improved compared to the beginning and what your future challenges are, you will be able to clear your next goals and motivate yourself. Also, by feeling "I'm improving steadily", it should create motivation to "I will continue to do my best".

I try to change the teaching materials once in a while

In order to continue online English conversation, it is important to feel "fun". If you use the same materials every time, you may get tired of it, so try to keep the lessons timeless by including discussion materials and free talks once a week. There is no problem if you ask the teacher "I want to use this teaching material today".

Speak just words

Of course, in online English lessons, it is desirable to speak in writing, but if you are a beginner, we recommend that you do not be afraid to make mistakes and speak. It can be just words or messed up grammar. If you make a mistake, the teacher will correct it and teach you the correct sentence, and it will be easier for you to remember the wrong time and to fix the correct sentence.

Find a teacher with the same hobby

There are many teachers in online English conversation, but especially find one who has the same hobby. For example, if you like cars, you can take a car lover's lesson once a week and have time to talk about the latest car situation. By talking about common hobbies in English, learning English will not be a pain, and learning English by using "English car magazines" and "Youtube videos of cars in English" as information gathering for lessons. The width also expands.


Online English conversation is economical and easy to get started. That is why it is important to be able to continue. In order to continue, it is important that "it is not painful", "it is not troublesome", "it is easy to continue", "it feels a sense of accomplishment", and "it is fun". By clearing these points one by one, you should be able to succeed in online English conversation.