Minimal Pair List Consonants /p/ versus /m/, 640 pairs

   Minimal pair: Consonants /p/ versus /m/, 640 pairs

The spelling of /p/ is always either <p> or <pp>. The /m/ sound is spelled <m>, <mm> or <mb> in a few words such as comb . The homograph poll shows up in minimal pairs with mole and moll .

Although both sounds are bilabials, the contrast between a voiceless plosive and a voiced nasal continuant is large enough to remove any problems for learners.

The only pairs involving any taboo words are crap/cram and piss/miss and their inflections.

A theme which recurs is the father/mother contrast which comes up in grandpa/grandma , pa/ma , patron/matron , patriarch/matriarch , patricide/matricide and patrimony/matrimony . Other interesting pairs include:

deepen demon
palace malice
partial marshal
pedal meddle
pillion million
pimento memento
Spartan smarten

The mean density value is 4.3%. The list makes 322 semantic distinctions, a loading of 50%.

ape aim 
  aping aiming 
appear ameer 
  appears ameers 
append amend 
  appended amended 
  appending amending 
  appends amends 
beep beam 
cap cam 
cape came 
capon caiman 
  capons caimans 
carp calm 
  carping calming 
clap clam 
  clapped clammed
  clapping clamming 
  claps clams
clapper clamour 
  clappers clamours 
cope comb 
  coped combed
  copes combs
  coping combing
coping coaming 
  copings coamings 
copper comma
  coppers commas 
Corp corm
crap cram 
  crapped crammed
  crapping cramming 
  craps crams
creep cream 
  creeping creaming 
  creeps creams
creepy creamy 
  creepier creamier 
  creepiest creamiest 
cup come 
  cupping coming 
  cups comes
cuppa comer
  cuppas comers 
deep deem 
deepen demon 
  deepens demons 
deepest demist
depot demo 
  depots demos 
dip dim 
  dipped dimmed
  dipper dimmer 
  dipping dimming 
  dips dims
dope dome 
gape game 
  gaping gaming 
  gapes games
grandpa grandma 
  grandpas grandmas 
grip grim 
group groom 
  grouped groomed
  grouping grooming 
  groups grooms
gyp gym
hap ham 
  happing hamming 
harp harm 
  harped harmed
  harping harming 
  harps harms
help helm 
  helps helms
hep hem 
hip him 
hip hymn
hoop whom 
hope home
  hoped homed
  hopes homes
  hoping homing 
lap lam 
  lapped lambed
  lapping lamming
  laps lams
lap lamb
  lapped lambed
  lapping lambing 
  laps lambs
lip limb
  lips limbs
lip limn
  lips limns
loop loom 
  looping looming 
lope loam 
map ma'am 
nape name
nope gnome 
outpost outmost
P me
P mi
pa ma 
pa mar
pace mace 
  paces maces 
pack mac 
  packs macs 
packs max
pad mad 
Paddy Maddy
pah ma
pah mar
paid made 
paid maid
pail mail 
  pails mails 
pail male
  pails males
pain main
  pains mains 
pain mane
  pains manes
pair mare 
  pairs mares 
pair mayor
  pairs mayors
palace malice
pale mail
  paled mailed 
  pales mails
  paling mailing
pale male
  pales males
palette mallet 
  palettes mallets 
pall maul
  palled mauled 
  palling mauling 
  palls mauls 
pallet mallet
  pallets mallets
palter Malta
Pam ma'am
pan man 
  panned manned 
  panning manning 
  pans mans
pane main
  panes mains
pane mane
  panes manes
panhandle manhandle
  panhandled manhandled
  panhandles manhandles
  panhandling manhandling
pannikin manikin
  pannikins manikins 
pap map 
pap Pam
papa mama 
  papas mamas 
papal maple 
par ma
par mar 
  pars mars
parch march
  parched marched 
  parches marches 
  parching marching 
pare mare
  pares mares
pare mayor
  pares mayors
park mark
  parked marked 
  parking marking 
  parks marks 
park marque
  parks marques
parka marker
  parkas markers
parker marker
  parkers markers 
parley Mali 
parr ma
parr mar
  parrs mars
parry marry 
  parried married 
  parries marries 
  parrying marrying 
parrs Mars 
parse mars
part mart 
  parts marts
partial marshal
partial martial
  partially martially 
passed mast 
passive massive 
  passively massively 
  passiveness massiveness 
past mast
  pasts masts 
pastor master 
  pastors masters 
pat mat
  patted matted
  patting matting
  pats mats
pat matt
patch match
  patched matched 
  patches matches 
  patching matching 
pate mate 
  pates mates 
paternal maternal 
  paternally maternally 
  paternity maternity 
patriarch matriarch 
  patriarchal matriarchal 
  patriarchies matriarchies 
  patriarchs matriarchs 
  patriarchy matriarchy 
patricide matricide 
  patricides matricides 
patrimony matrimony 
  patrimonial matrimonial 
patron matron 
  patrons matrons 
patter matter
  pattered mattered 
  pattering mattering 
  patters matters 
Paul maul
pause maws 
paw maw 
  paws maws
paw more
pawed Maud 
pawl maul
  pawls mauls
pawn morn
  pawns morns
pawn mourn 
  pawned mourned
  pawning mourning 
  pawns mourns 
pax macs
pax max
pay may 
  payday mayday 
  paydays maydays 
pays maize
pays Mays
pays maze
pea me
pea mi
peak meek 
peal meal
  peals meals
pear mare
  pears mares
pear mayor
  pears mayors
peat meat
peat meet
peat mete
peaty meaty 
  peatier meatier 
  peatiest meatiest 
peatier meteor
pecker Mecca
pedal medal 
  pedals medals 
pedal meddle
  pedalled meddled 
  pedals meddles
peddle medal
  peddles medals
peddle meddle
  peddled meddled
  peddling meddling 
  peddles meddles
peddler meddler 
  peddlers meddlers 
peddler medlar
  peddlers medlars
pedlar meddler
  pedlars meddlers
pedlar medlar
  pedlars medlars
pee me
pee mi
peed mead
peed meed
peek meek
peel meal
  peels meals
peer mere 
  peers meres 
peg Meg 
peke meek
pelt melt 
  pelted melted 
  pelting melting 
  pelts melts 
pen men 
pending mending 
penned mend 
penny many
pension mention 
  pensioned mentioned 
  pensioning mentioning 
  pensions mentions 
per myrrh
Percy mercy
perjure merger 
  perjures mergers 
perk murk
perky murky
  perkier murkier
  perkiest murkiest
  perkily murkily
perry merry 
Perth mirth
pest messed 
pet met 
petal metal 
  petaled metalled 
  petals metals 
petal mettle
Pete meat
Pete meet
Pete mete
peter meter
  peters meters 
peter metre
  peters metres
pets Metz
pew mew 
  pews mews 
pews muse
pi my
pica mica 
pick Mick
pickle mickle 
picks mix
piddle middle 
  piddles middles 
  piddling middling 
pie my
pier mere
  piers meres
pike mike 
  pikes mikes 
pile mile
  piles miles 
piled mild 
pilfered Milford 
pill mill
  pills mills
pillar miller
  pillars millers
pillion million 
  pillions millions 
pimento memento 
  pimentos mementoes 
pincer mincer 
  pincers mincers 
pine mine 
  pined mined
  pines mines 
  pining mining 
pined mind 
pinion minion 
  pinions minions 
pink mink 
  pinks minks 
pinks minx
pique meek
piss miss
  pissed missed
  pisses misses
  pissing missing
pissed mist
pisses missis
pit mitt
  pits mitts
pith myth
pixies mixes
pock mock 
  pocked mocked 
  pocks mocks 
pod Mod 
  pods Mods 
poke moke 
  pokes mokes 
polar molar 
pole mole
  poles moles
poll mole
  polls moles
poll moll 
  polls molls 
polled mould 
Polly Molly 
pone moan 
  pones moans 
pone mown
pooh moo 
poor moor 
pop pom
pop mop
  popped mopped 
  popping mopping 
  pops mops 
Pope mope
  Popes mopes
poppy pommy
  poppies pommies
pore maw
  pores maws
pored Maud
pore more 
porn morn
porn mourn
portal mortal 
  portals mortals 
porter mortar 
  porters mortars 
pose mows
poses moseys 
posies moseys
posse mossy 
posses mosses
post most
posy mosey 
potion motion
  potions motions
pound mound
  pounds mounds
pour maw
  pours maws
pour more
poured Maud
pox mocks
prop prom
puck muck
  pucks mucks
puddle muddle
  puddled muddled
  puddles muddles
  puddling muddling
puff muff
  puffed muffed
  puffing muffing
  puffs muffs
puffin muffin
  puffins muffins
pug mug
  pugs mugs
pule mule
  pules mules
pumps mumps
punch munch
  punched munched
  punches munches
  punching munching
Punic Munich
punk monk 
  punks monks 
punster Munster
pupa puma
  pupas pumas
purdah murder
purge merge 
  purged merged 
  purges merges 
  purging merging 
purr myrrh
purser mercer 
  pursers mercers 
purses mercies 
pus muss
putt mutt
  putts mutts
putter mutter
  puttered muttered
  puttering muttering
  putters mutters
puzzle muzzle
  puzzled muzzled
  puzzles muzzles
  puzzling muzzling
Pyle mile
pyorrhoea mirier
pyre mire 
  pyres mires 
pyx mix
  pyxes mixes
rap ram
  rapped rammed
  rapping ramming
  raps rams
reap ream
  reaps reams
repined remind
rip rim
  ripped rimmed
  ripping rimming
  rips rims
ripe rhyme
ripe rime
rope Rome
rope roam
  roping roaming
sap Sam
sappy Sammy
scrap scram
  scrapped scrammed
  scrapping scramming
  scraps scrams
seep seam
  seeped seamed
  seeping seaming
  seeps seams
seep seem
  seeped seemed
  seeping seeming
  seeps seems
sepia seamier
shape shame
  shaped shamed
  shaping shaming
  shapes shames
shapeless shameless
  shapelessly shamelessly
  shapelessness shamelessness
shipper shimmer
  shippers shimmers
skip skim
  skipped skimmed
  skipping skimming
  skips skims
skipper skimmer
  skippers skimmers
slap slam
  slapped slammed
  slapping slamming
  slaps slams
slip slim
  slipped slimmed
  slipping slimming
  slips slims
slipper slimmer
Spartan smarten
  Spartans smartens
spattering smattering
spear smear
  speared smeared
  spearing smearing
  spears smears
spell smell
  spelled smelled
  spelling smelling
  spells smells
spelt smelt
spite smite
  spites smites
  spiting smiting
spoke smoke
  spokes smokes
steep steam
  steeped steamed
  steeping steaming
  steeps steams
steeper steamer
step stem
  stepped stemmed
  stepping stemming
  steps stems
steppe stem
  steppes stems
stipulate stimulate
  stipulates stimulates
  stipulated stimulated
  stipulating stimulating
stipulation stimulation
  stipulations stimulations
sup some  
sup sum
  supping summing
  sups sums
supper summer
  suppers summers
tape tame
  taped tamed
  taping taming
  tapes tames
tape Thame 
taper tamer
  tapers tamers
tapir tamer
  tapirs tamers
tip Tim
top Tom 
tope tome 
  topes tomes
trap tram 
  traps trams
trip trim 
  tripped trimmed
  tripping trimming
  trips trims
tripper trimmer
  trippers trimmers
type thyme 
type time
  typed timed
  typing timing
  types times
unpaid unmade 
warp warm
  warped warmed
  warping warming
  warps warms
whip whim 
  whips whims
whoop whom
wrap ram
  wrapped rammed
  wrapping ramming
  wraps rams
yap yam