Minimal pair: Vowel 6, /ɒ/, versus null, 46 pairs

As /0/ is a short vowel, it does not appear in an open syllable, which means that the contrast is either from a deleted initial, such as occult/cult or /fish, or from a closed syllable whose consonants permit clusterings, such as follow/floe or soppier/spear.

In both cases, an unstressed component moves up to acquire stress, so that the contrast is not strictly minimal.

There are 33 semantic contrasts in the list, giving a semantic loading of 71%.

      borage bridge
      chaos case
      colic click
      colleen clean
        colleens cleans
      collier clear
        colliers clears
      follow floe
        follows floes
      follow flow
        followed flowed
        following flowing
        follows flows
      forage fridge
        forages fridges
      foray fray
        forayed frayed
        foraying fraying
        forays frays
      forays phrase
      Nicole nickel
      occult cult
      oddity ditty
        oddities ditties
      offish fish
      olive live
        olives lives
      Oliver liver
      onyx nicks
      onyx nix
      opposition position
      orison risen
      oryx ricks
      oryx wricks
      Ossett sit
      otter to
      rayon rain
      rayon reign
      rayon rein
      repot reaped
      socket skit
        sockets skits
      solid slid
      Sonia sneer
      sonic snick
      soppier spear